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Will our way through it everyday and i dont really care to stop


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i got drunk and had maccas last night. sorry not sorry. 


Well....at least you're openly honest about it!


i once hooked up with a guy who said something very similar as he took off his pants.


i disagreed :tongue:

:highly_amused: :highly_amused: :highly_amused: :highly_amused: 


STR: 8   STA: 10

AGI: 10   WIS: 5

CON: 7   CHA: 4

We must DARE to be GREAT;

and we must realize that GREATNESS is



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There was a kebab store across the road from the venue tonight. I bought a kebab after the set. I came home and did my bodyweight routine tho so that makes up for it (plus didnt have dinner before show plus played for an hour straight). On the road tomorrow and out of town for a few days with a bunch of vegans, so hopefully that helps the whole food issue.

Good news is hip lasted an hour set!

Other good news i got a babe'n new haircut :)

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It's the moose on the inside that counts.

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being on tour pretty much throws all health out the window. lucky it was only 4 days! def not complaining though, had the best time. wish i could be sleeping all day but instead its straight back to the office. fun times.


week 1 recap


mon - 30 min walk, bodyline, handstands, stretching

tue - 30 min walk, drumming

wed - little bit of dance practice, bodyline, handstands, rows, stretching, 

thu - 60min walk, drumming

fri - dancing, drumming

sat - swimming, bodyline, handstands, dancing, drumming

sun - dancing, drumming


got a few solid walks in this week, which really helped keep my spirits up. i was worried that the hip wouldn't last the tour but managed to come out feeling just fine. i think it's well on the path to recovery now. got another few walks lined up for this week, im thinking im at the stage where its more or less fine, but id rather take one more week to be sure than rush it out. going back on the road for the last show of tour on saturday also means another parkour class skipped, so may as well give myself as much rest as possible. 


eating wise, well tour basically shat on that. 5 hour drives fri and sun + free beer and pizza at shows. time to reign that in this week and cook some healthy meals! and more stretching. and dancing :D

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It's the moose on the inside that counts.

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went for a run this morning - 2.5k in ~12. little slow, but no pain in the hip. death in the lungs tho! guess two weeks of inactivity plus not giving a shit about this whole "diet" thing has a bigger impact on my fitness than i originally thought. ah well, lets begin the long haul back to gains town!

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It's the moose on the inside that counts.

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/me reads allll about Hitlionsoul wanting to eat good, then invites her for kebabs on Friday lunch.


I don't even feel bad :P


You gotta get better soon, lass, otherwise I'll have no-one to train with and that sucks giant balls.


How was the tour? :D Got any pics/videos?

Subbed because fuck yeah, its you.



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"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment"

- Marcus Aurelius

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another write-off week. touring is exhausting and takes up too much freaking time. 


week 2

mon - 30min walk, mobility work 

tue - mobility work, stretching

wed - 2.5k run, bodyline and bodyweight

thu - 2.5k run, bodyline

fri - 3-4 hours of parkour

sat - i guess i played a show?

sun -  nope


ok tour is over and done with, time to settle back into a routine, right? feeling sore and exhausted and i just want to curl up into a ball somewhere and sleep forever.

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It's the moose on the inside that counts.

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