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Okay, so I was going to put up my new challenge, but the new one isnt up yet cus extra long break? Oh well.

So, foot update. I'm totally off crutches (though I keep them in my car just in case) & I start physical therapy this week. Yay. The doctor didn't specifically SAY that my foot has started healing, but I'm assuming it has, or he wouldn't have told me to start PT, right? Anyways, my challenge this go around is going to be based on getting me back on the horse. Not necessarily to start riding again, but just to get all saddled and mounted. I think my three goals will be to keep up with my physical therapy, refocus my diet (I got all pity-party and have let my eating go to shit lately), and either to start studying every day again (again, pity party stupidity = slacking in school) or to do strength workouts (Crutches have given me some pretty decent guns, I'd like to keep them). Now that that's all typed up, it makes sense to make the studying my Life Goal. So that's that! Thoughts?


Side note - I'm going to be at BlizzCon this coming weekend! I'd love to meet up with some fellow Rebels if anybody else is going. Let me know :)

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