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blkhole24601 Relocates to Amaranthine!


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Introduction: Hello! I'm blkhole24601, or Vicki if you prefer, here for my first challenge as a full-fledged Scout! I was an avid runner a few years ago, and then I fell off the wagon and my multiple attempts to get back on it have all ended the same way: in failure. Until a friend (@starsapart of the Assassins Guild) recommended Nerd Fitness to me anyway. Now I'm here and eager to continue leveling up! I do have added challenges this time around though: I am in rehearsals (and, later, performances) for a play and I'll be moving throughout these six weeks, which in the past provided me with the excuses I ate up. Not anymore! So, without further ado...



Main Quest: Run the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon on October 19, 2014!


With the Blight defeated, it's time to rebuild the Ferelden Grey Warden order. The new monarch(s) has granted me the arl of Amaranthine to do this, so it's time to get to it!



Quest #1: Keep Up the Grey Warden Training! [+4 STA, +3 STR]

A Grey Warden has to run around. A lot. Everywhere. And keeping up with matters in Amaranthine is no exception! Have to keep my stamina strong!

  • Run 3x/week, inc. weekend long run (Hal Higdon's Novice 1 Half Marathon Plan)
    • 100% = 3x/week inc. long run / 75% = 3x/week no long run / 50% = 2x/week / 25% = 1x/week / 0% = 0x/week

What good is a Warden who doesn't have strength enough to kill darkspawn? I don't have magic, so I have to be strong enough to take them down. Also, this will help with all. the. running.

  • Strength training 3x/week (New Rules of Lifting for Women: Stage 1)
    • 100% = 3x/week / 67% = 2x/week / 33% = 1x/week / 0% = 0x/week


Quest #2: Avoid Injury! [+3 DEX]

An injured Warden Commander is an unhappy Warden Commander because that means she has to play politics instead of saving the world. She hates politics. Need to make sure I take care of my muscles and also gain better flexibility!

  • Flexibility work (stretching, yoga, etc.) 6x/week
    • 100% = 6x/week / 83% = 5x/week / 67% = 4x/week / 50% = 3x/week / 33% = 2x/week / 17% = 1x/week / 0% = 0x/week


Quest #3: Fuel Up! [+3 CON]

The one good thing about Vigil's Keep is the food. Actually, that's a lie. The food is barely tolerable. But all the same, I need to make sure I eat plenty enough to keep up my training and my energy, and to make sure I don't get grumpy at my fellow Wardens. Except for Velanna, I'll always be grumpy at her. That said, I can't eat everything in sight, either!

  • Eat 1400 (gross) - 1600 (net) calories a day (net OR gross!)
    • 100% = 6x/week / 83% = 5x/week / 67% = 4x/week / 50% = 3x/week / 33% = 2x/week / 17% = 1x/week / 0% = 0x/week


Life Quest: Completely Move In [+1 WIS, +1 CHA]

Nathaniel is the last reminder that this place once belonged to the Howe family that's allowed to stay. Plus, I have my own stuff to get into its new place. Need to have a respectable looking base for the Grey Wardens, after all!

  • Be completely unpacked at the end of the 6 weeks. For the love of everything, don't leave those last two boxes alone for months on end. Get them taken care of before October 26!


Rewards for Saving the Day. Again.

Average 90% or more: Hot Springs Episode! Because I'll have deserved it. (A trip to the hot springs.)

Average 80% or more: Shiny Baubles GET! (Buy something from either Activate Apparel or the Zombies, Run! store)

Average 70% or more: New Useful Armor! (Buy a new pair of winter running pants.)






If you're interested in an overview of my progress without sifting through my posts, here is a gdoc where I'll keep things as up-to-date as I can. My plan is extremely flexible because of my crazy busy schedule, so there may be days when I double up on workouts or move things around, but I'll do my best not to strength train twice in a row, etc. But I'll update here every day, too! "Before" measurements to come this weekend!


Also, I'm super into the story and especially characters of Zombies, Run! I will put spoilers behind a cut, but I'll move my babbling about from my battle log to here in case others want to partake. I'll note what episode I'm on as I go along, too. ^_^


Excited to be here and DO DIS!!!




Scouts Mini Challenges

#1: Captain America - Hygiene: COMPLETE (+1 CHA)

#2: The Hulk - Anger Management: COMPLETE (+1 WIS)

#3: Thor - Strength of Will: COMPLETE (+1 WIS)

#4: Iron Man - Charity: COMPLETE (+1 CHA)

#5: Black Widow - Flexibility: COMPLETE (+1 DEX)

#6: Agent Coulson - Get 'er Done: In Progress

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Looks like a great challenge, can't wait to hear how it goes!


Thanks!! I'm excited to get started on all of this. Well, I mean, I'm technically started since I'm still running and strength training but I'm sure you know what I mean. ;;;;;



Welcome, Vicki of the grey wardens. Good luck on your race prep!


Thank you!! Having these challenges and these forums are a BIG part of how I got to this point so far, and I know these things and all you fine people are what will help me keep going to get to the race! :)

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stalked  subbed


Woo!! \o/





Also, Zombies, Run! has a store??? :0 Thanks in advance for hiding the spoilers - I'm only partway through season 1! ^-^


Yup, right over here: http://zombiesrun.entripy.com/  I'm debating between the tank top, the moisture wicking shirt because I do not work out in cotton, or the hoodie. Maybe even the water bottle, too. So many choices!! Not to mention all the cool things at Activate Apparel. But I have just over 6 weeks to figure it out when/if I get there!


And np on the spoilers! Not everything I post will be spoilers, but most might be. There might be general flailing over the ships I have (yes, I have ships for a running app shuuuuuuush) but I'll keep myself under control. ;)

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Nice looking challenge.  I might have to run one of those rock n roll type races here.  I know they had some in San Francisco a couple of months ago.


They're so much fun! Granted, I've only ever done the ones in Denver, but someday I hope to get out to Vegas or LA or New Orleans for them, too, even San Francisco! There are bands playing every 1-2 miles or so and usually a headliner at the finish line, too. I love live music when I'm running! 





Feeling a bit of déjà vu over here. Half-marathon training during a move, strength training, and flexibility...I feel right at home. Good luck with all of it from someone who has been there!


I'll definitely be looking to you for advice and inspiration!! Not that I haven't been already, stalking your previous challenge thread. ;)  And thank you!!

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Hey there! Subbing! 



Zombies, Run! fans... I cackled while watching this. A typical mission~



That video is great! I like when he picks up the bra! That always makes me laugh when I'm out for a Zombie run and it tells me I've picked up a bra! I guess we'll still need sports bras when the zombies arrive!

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Hey there! Subbing! 




That video is great! I like when he picks up the bra! That always makes me laugh when I'm out for a Zombie run and it tells me I've picked up a bra! I guess we'll still need sports bras when the zombies arrive!


Yay! Thanks! :)


I haven't done a mental roster of all the Abel runners yet, but there does seem to be a lot of women so uh... maybe that's why we keep picking up sports bras??? XD

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