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Anaticula: Fish on a Bicycle


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The camp photo of everyone. This was right before the Rubix Cube party.



Photos I took


My local airport sells voodoo dolls, so I picked this one up because I thought it was cute.  Ended up attaching it to my bag so that I could tell it apart from everyone else's.


We each received a swag bag full of things.






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I'm not posting the photos that are blurry as there are much better ones out there.


This is the Friday morning bootcamp.  I went on the hike to the waterfall instead, but did take a few photos of the bootcamp.



In the background the sword fighting class is going on, up front is ultimate Frisbee.



Friday night was the hero party.  I was Toadette, and I ran into Mario and Luigi. It was hard to take photos as it was dark out, but you can make out some of the costumes in the photo of everyone. Also, a photo of Hermione and myself. Was fun to meet so many characters from books and video games.  Also had a blast trying to guess who everyone was.  Some costumes were easy to figure out, but a few I still have no clue who they were.




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Saturday I hiked back to the waterfall and got a few more photos.



Again I got to watch the end of bootcamp.  The photos don't show it very well, but they were doing flying push ups and handstand burpees, which I never even knew were possible.




The parkour class involved crawling on hands and feet forwards and backwards, so I moved on to something else.



The slackline was so much fun.  Next year I want to attend for the full class instead of just the bit I made it to.







And that's pretty much all the photos I took.  There is a facebook group where everyone is posting their photos if you want to see more. :)

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I'm feeling very blah today.  I know it's a factor of a lot of things, but coming back from such an awesome time at camp to feel this way is making it hard. Because I've been feeling bad I'm not watching what I eat or logging my food, and I suspect that because I was eating so well at camp and now I'm eating so bad, that the changes in food is making me feel worse.  I'm on new medication from the doctor, and one of the side effects is depression, so even though I've only been on it for two days, I'm now worried that I'm feeling side effects.  It's also that time of the month, which always makes my emotions go out of whack, and on top of all that I can't swim for the next few days which is making me even more depressed because I miss it. AND now it's got me worried about this weekend because I'm missing out on my training. Gah. Why does everything always happen at once?! 


Okay, so now that I've got my frustration out, I'm going to try to think about what I can actually do to make myself feel better.


As to the medicine, I doubt it is actually causing depression, I suspect it's everything else that is making me sad.  I only have to be on it for the next 6 weeks though, so even if it is making me sad, it'll be over soon.


Food wise, I need to start eating better. I felt great at camp, and full of energy, while I have no plans to go full paleo at this point I need to really clean up my diet. I've had soda the past couple days even though I went without it so long.  I've also had a ton of take out because I've not gone grocery shopping and bought food yet. I have bought myself a copy of Nom Nom Paleo, and I brought it to work with me today so I can mark some of the recipes and cook tonight and the rest of the week. I'll pick up a few things on my way home from work today. 


I love swimming, and I'll miss my early morning workouts, but I can still go walking/jogging or bike ridding this afternoon.  I know logically that exercise will make me feel better, both physically and mentally, it's just making myself go after work.


Also, as I had to catch up on all my class work from while I was gone, I know that added stress I don't usually have. Now that I'm caught up, the stress from that will ease up. Which in turn will make me feel better.


Finally, now that I've figured out my astronauts in Spacebase DF9 need reactors to provide electricity to run things I'll stop killing them on accident.  Went through 17 astronauts before I figured out that the game had updated.


As to my triathlon. I'm getting nervous. I'll stay that way until it's over. I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm so worried that I'll end up doing something dumb like running into a sign on my bike and messing up that I won't be able to finish even though I know the likelihood of anything like that actually happening is pretty slim. My trainer is having a morning session tomorrow for everyone on his team and he's told me to join them so I can talk to some of his team members and get a better idea of what to expect. I think that'll help me feel a little better prepared for it.  


Anyways, it's starting off a rough day, but I know that most of the reason I'm feeling bad is because I'm eating wrong and worrying about things I don't actually need to worry about.  Now if I can just convince myself to stop worrying I should be fine, :lol:.

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Thanks for all the pics of camp.  Looks amazing.  I definitely need to plan to go next year. 


Good analysis if your anxiety/depression state.  Taking an objective look at all the possible contributing factors and addressing them one at a time is a great way to gain some control when you feel like you don't have any. 


I have so much faith in your for your tri coming up.  I'm sure you'll still be nervous but we're totally rooting for you. 

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Went for a walk when I got off work yesterday. It made me feel a bit better.  I am still very worried about this weekend. My stomach is in knots.  I know that there is nothing to worry about, but for some reason I just worry that I'll mess up.  I think I'm so nervous because there will be people waiting on me to finish. My mom is coming, and my coach will be there, and there will be several other people he coaches there.  I suppose I'm so nervous because I know it's going to take me a long time to finish and they will have to wait on me.  I think I'd feel better if it was just me. I met some of the other team members this morning. R had a transition training session for us.  There were about 6 of us there for R to go over things with, two guys, myself, and three other ladies. Everyone seems really nice. Two of the other ladies will be doing this as their first triathlon too. I should feel better about this because it means I won't be the only one not 100% sure of what I'm doing, but I'm still nervous. I suppose part of my nervousness is because I'm so much more out of shape and slower than everyone else, I know no one cares, but I just can't put it out of my mind.  I felt out of place at practice. It's crazy how even though I know no one is judging me and that they are all supportive of me joining them because they started out without being in shape too, I still feel this way.  I think once I just get this weekend over with I'll feel so much better because I'll know that I can do this. Sorry for being so down this week! I'm not normally like this, I'll feel so much better once this is all over. 


Also, R loves taking photos of everyone, so here we all are at practice this morning.


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Having some nerves is normal and okay to have! As long as they don't paralyze you from following through, which I know they won't. You won't let them. :) 


And don't worry so much about the people waiting for you at the finish line. Use them as motivation to push yourself a little faster, or think about them when you're going through a rough patch, but always remember that #1 is YOU, your goals, and how you are in the moment. You'll rock the tri!!

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Nerves are understandable but you have worked incredibly hard.  You can do all the distances.  Comparing yourself to others or being self conscious is a hard one not to do but this event, all this work you have put in, and all this time...remember this is about you and this magnificent accomplishment. Everyone has to start from somewhere.  I have to remind myself that not everyone doing this started out as zippy as they are now.  I can not wait to hear about your experience!

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I second Blkhole - Nerves are to be expected, it may even make you feel like you accomplished that much more to have overcome them.  And definitely don't worry about the people cheering you on.  I'm sure they will be proud no matter what your time is.  Just focus on you and on finishing. 

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I've gone off track for pretty much this whole week. I haven't logged hardly any of my food, let alone note why I eat, plus I've eaten foods that I know are bad for me. I've only done the bare minimum of exercise and what I have done was only so that I could check it off on my workout app.  Really I've been going through the motions at best. But today I finally got back into the pool, and it was so nice. I've missed swimming this week. I think I might swim again after work. I had my lesson with R this morning, and it was okay.  With three of us out there his attention is divided, so some times I just continue on with whatever the last thing he told me to do instead of waiting around to see what he wants me to do next. Mostly the things he tells me are things he already told me that I still need to work on. Today he had a pair of hand fins for me to try.  He said he would normally wait until after the triathlon to let me try them, but as I wanted to go ahead and try them he let me today.  Evidently you aren't supposed to try new stuff this close to a race, but I told him that I doubted it would have an effect on me at this point.  They were difficult to use, but they finally made the point he has been trying to tell me about my elbows for the past few weeks. Having the fins keeping me from pulling my arms up wrong is a great help, although they do make me flounder a bit as I get myself tangled up sometimes when I try to move my arm wrong.  I wish I had been able to practice with these for the past few weeks, but he just got them in.  He sells stuff like this on the side, so I went ahead and had him order me a pair. We then talked about the triathlon some, and he offered to let me borrow his wife's bike Sunday as she isn't planning to compete in this one (it's much lighter than mine, which he said makes it easier to ride in races), but it has hand breaks and I don't know how to use hand breaks and figure learning at the race is a bad idea. :lol: My mom is planning to go with me, so depending on how early she wants to leave Saturday we may go watch the guys race, or we may just relax at home and not go to New Orleans until the evening.  I'm going to call her tonight and ask what she wants to do. I'd like to watch the guys race simply because it'll give me a better idea of what I'm supposed to do Sunday. Today was officially my last lesson, but I plan to purchase a new set.  Coaching is expensive, but I find it to be worth it.  He offers coaching both through the gym and through his team, so I'm going to compare prices to decide what to go with for my next set of lessons.  The lessons through the gym is $300 for 10 lessons at 30 minutes each.  For the team you have to pay $80 to join for the year, then $80 per month. So for a year of lessons, going through the gym is $1,500, going through the team is $1,040. But I need to find out if coaching through the team means just having a lesson when the whole team meets or if I'll still have my Friday morning lessons every week.  I know both include the weekly online training plan, but I want the in person coaching as well, because without it I can't tell if I'm doing things correctly or not. :P 


At any rate, I'm feeling better at last, even though I'm still plenty nervous about the triathlon. :)

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You can do it!! It is so awesome that you are putting yourself into the things you want to do and not letting anything hold you back. So you had a bad week, it happens. What's important is that you didn't let it stop you. You got back up on that horse.


Kick that triathlon's butt!

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Hey Anaticula. Sounds like you were able to turn around last week's slump. That's great and it's really hard to do. You are doing well at posting your difficulties and that, I believe, is really an important part of getting your emotions out, having them be more 'visible' and not stuck inside creating all kinds of scenarios in secret.


By chance, did you want your Tri on the Scout calendar?


Hope your weekend has started off well. Cheers.

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Quick post as I'm on my phone. My triathlon is tomorrow. I'm both excited and nervous. Went today to watch the guys compete. My trainer received second in his age group by one second. Another received first in his age group. There were five guys from our group competing today, so two of five is pretty good. Eight of us ladies tomorrow, four of us will be doing out first triathlon. R gave me a team shirt today as he says that even though I never officially joined the team he considered me to be on the team. 400 ladies will be in the triathlon tomorrow. My number is 291. Had a chance to meet with the guy who runs things as he took all of us who wanted on a tour/explanation if things. He had us laughing pretty good, and given that this is the first triathlon for about 2/3ds of the women I'm feeling like I won't make a fool of myself. Had some funny stuff happen at the male session today that I will share when I'm on my computer. Going to bed early tonight as I'll likely wake up supper early from nerves.

Tell you all about it tomorrow! Keep you fingers crossed for me tomorrow!

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It's a little after 4 am and I simply cannot sleep anymore. Things don't get started until 6. Yesterday I watched the guys race. I spent most of my time at the pool as it's the only spot you can really see everyone. I'm glad I did because it gave me a good idea of how things will go today. You sorted yourself into groups. First was swimmers who could do it in under 4 minutes. Then 4-6; 6-8; 8-10; and over 10 minutes. They then had everyone line up along the edge of the pool while the guy who runs things and the DJ (not sure what the correct word wold be for a sport even, announcer?) spoke. The guy who runs things also organized the half iron man that will be in Nee Orleans next Spring and because he wants people to run in it he's giving everyone who competes in this race a code for$75 off the ironman this spring. He also did a drawing and one guy will get to enter every event this group hosts for free. He'll do the same for us today.

Eventually the guys got started. My trainer was about 4th or 5th in line. The guy who was first was amazingly fast. He lapped everyone. For a while everyone was swimming very fast, one or two people managed to pass. Thing things got very amusing as the average and slow swimmers entered the water. First, a guy finished but though he had to do more and began swimming the wrong way in the lane. Then a few people belly flopped into the water. Some people walked the water instead of swimming. A couple of people simply pulled themselves along in the ropes. People were using backstroke and running into others. Some people just hung out at the end of the lanes. One guy was swimming in his boxers. One in shorts. One was using a snorkel. Eventually the water cleared out and the really slow swimmers entered. There was now a long wait between people finishing. I stayed at the pool until the last guy finished, a full two minutes behind everyone else. Then I headed out to where the bike and run transition areas were. About a minute later the first of the runners began to arrive. It took them only 45 minutes. My mom and I grabbed a pair of seats near the finish line and cheered everyone as they arrived. At about two hours and five minutes the last runner finished.

I was glad I watched the swimming. It made me feel better about my swim. I won't have to walk the pool or pull myself along on the ropes. I may not do well with the bike or run, but I'll do great on my swim. :)

One thing that did worry me though is that all the swimmers jumped into the pool. No one used the ladder. I've never jumped into the pool before. When I got back to my hotel I headed down and stood on the edge. It was scary. I then climbed down the stairs to the bottom step and jumped. After doing this a bit I moved to the second step, then the top step. I managed to sit on the edge of the pool and slide in. I couldn't jump though. :( about this time an eight year old and her sister came to the pool. The kid was excited to have someone else swimming and chatte to me nonstop while her sister kept a towel over her head to text on her phone. (Glare from the lamps I suppose?) the kid asked why I was skidding into the pool and I explained about the race and how I was scared to jump. She gave me pointers that involved Vampires and Unicorns. I didn't really understand all of it, but it worked because I finally managed to do sort of a half crouch jump into the pool with one hand on the edge. Still not great, but better than having to sit on the edge and wiggle forward until I fell in. So, Thanks random kid. :D I'm feeling better about things this morning even though I'm still nervous. At least now it's an excited nervous instead of an Ill make a fool of myself nervous. :)

About I go ahead and attempt to eat some breakfast. Will post again after the race!

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Didn't post yesterday because I was exhausted afterwards, and other than a few facebook posts I spent most of the afternoon asleep on my sofa. :lol:


As stated above, I woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep.  I eventually managed to eat a banana and some yogurt.  Mom woke up and I got ready. Went ahead and put on my swimsuit with my shorts and shirt for the bike/run over it.  Packed a small bag with my helmet and all, then filled my water bottle from camp. It felt like it took mom (my mom joined me as she wanted to cheer me on) ages to get ready.  Finally we left the hotel.  Arrived at the site not to long after. I was really nervous, but it was too late to think about backing out.  I headed over to the tent to check in while mom left to get coffee and breakfast as the race didn't start for over an hour.  At the check in tent I got my time chip, and someone wrote my age and race number on me. They looked over my bike real quick and informed me that I would have to have the kick stand removed for safety reasons.  I then headed over to the bike shop tent where mechanics from a local bike shop were airing tires, changing inter tubes, and basically ensuring all of the bikes would make it through the race. The guy there was really nice and encouraging. Next I headed off to find my spot on the bike rack.  Because my bike wasn't built for racing it was difficult to hang it up like everyone else's but I eventually got it on there! I then set up my helmet and shoes, but decided to keep my clothing on over my swim suit for now.  I have to admit, I was quite jealous of the ladies who had actual triathlon suits! I headed over to my team tent. (We were the only team who had set up an actual tent there so it was easy to find! :lol: I chatted with R and his wife B for a while and a few of the other team mates came over.  They were all as nervous as I was, so I knew that at least I wasn't alone. At about 30 minutes before race time they opened the pool to practice, so I dropped off my shorts and shirt at my bike and headed to the pool. It looked really deep. I lined up with the people warming up, and made sure I was at the spot where we had to jump in to start as I wanted to get practice on that more than on the swim.  I managed to do a half jump half slide into the pool. It was cold. And not nearly as deep as I expected.  Only 5 feet on this end.  When you got to the other end it was 8 feet. It was also 50 meters instead of 20 yards, so swimming across it was much longer that what I'd been practicing! After warm up I headed to the 10 minute plus section, knowing I'd need all the time I could get to make my swim.


Once everyone was out of the pool and in our designated areas things began.  First there was a moment of silence for a woman who didn't finish last year.  She had a heart attack during the triathlon. :( It was a sad way to get started, but very respectful. Next was a pray for the safety of everyone and the national anthem.  Then a lot of announcements. The guy who runs this race also runs the half ironman coming up in the spring in New Orleans, so he is giving everyone who entered the triathlon a $75 off code if they enter the half ironman.  Pretty cool. Eventually the announcements finished and the first racer began. I was last in line, so I knew it would be quite a while before I started, so I chatted with the people next to me.  They were a mother and daughter who were both doing their first triathlon too. We joked around for a while and chatted with the life guard at our end.  The pool was pretty crowded for a while, with people trying to pass one another. One lady got tired halfway through her swim and got out of the pool.  She decided she didn't want to finish it. Eventually we began to head towards the starting point.  Another lady joined us at the end of the line and said she wanted to be last as she was going to be pulling herself along on the buoys. (We were told that this would be fine.) I spotted a few of my team mates swimming past and cheered them on.  Then we received the news that the first person had finished the race! :lol: We hadn't even made it to the front of the line yet! About 10 minutes after that we made it to the front.  The crowd had thinned out a lot, and I realized my coach was still in the stand waiting for me to swim. That was a pretty good feeling. :) One of the guys on our team who had raced the day before came over to wish me luck as I approached the starting line.  Told me to stay calm and I'd do fine. Finally I made it to the starting line (I later found out that by this time several of my teammates were already finished and had received 1,2,or 3 in their age groups!) I managed to jump/slide into the pool with no problems.  My swim started out well, but by the time I was halfway across I had swallowed enough water while trying to breath that I could have filled a small pool. :P I decided to give up on form and concentrate on survival, so I started swimming with my head up.  Even then every time another swimmer passed I'd get a mouthful of water, but it wasn't as bad. I passed the lady in front of me just before we reached the end and managed to dive under the buoys. Then it took ages to get back to the other side. Each lap seemed longer than the one before, but somehow I managed to pass more people.  Finally I made it to the end of the swim.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to get up the ladder, but I did.  Two of the race officials were helping pull people out as they climbed because they wanted to make sure non of us fell back in. I nearly ran smack into my coach as my legs weren't sure which way I was supposed to be going and my goggles didn't want to come off. Also he was standing on the path I was supposed to be following telling me that I'd done great and passed four people.  Eventually I found my way to the door and the path to the bikes.


My bike was easy to spot as most of them were gone. :P About a third of the people were already back and putting their bikes up! Socks are very difficult to get on over wet feet.  Also, it's difficult to get shoes on over damp socks while standing when your arms and legs are feeling weak. I managed somehow though.  I them pushed my bike over to the starting area and headed out for the bike ride.  First we had to go over a huge bridge that felt like it was a million miles straight up even though it wasn't really much of a hill. The way down was easy, but I was quite relieved I was on my bike with the breaks I knew how to use as at the bottom of the hill was a turn to the right, and straight ahead was the lake. if I had been on the bike with the hand breaks I'd have likely been going for my second swim of the day. :lol: The wind was blowing hard.  Really hard. It felt good though even though it was difficult to ride against.  Three people passed me. The course had lots of bridges. I had to walk up the first one, but felt better about it as the lady in front of me did too.  She and I chatted about the swim as we walked up it.  Then we got to start down the other side where we turned around and made our way back.  The course passed the hill to the start and finish lines and went on for forever. Everyone pulled ahead of me, and I could hear a car driving behind me.  It made me nervous as I had been told the course was closed to traffic.  When I made it to the next bridge and looked back I saw it was a cop car with the lights going.  I was the last racer, so he was following me to make sure I finished. As I kept going people passed me on their way back (including one of my teammates) each one would yell out as we passed to keep going, that I could do this.  The support was amazing.  Even a few joggers and random people biking past would yell to keep going. I rode on, over three more bridges (I walked up every one), and 4 miles later I finally made it to the turn around point.  As I turned I saw I was leading my own parade as I was being followed by three more cop cars and an ambulance. They waved as I passed them and headed back. The way back was just as difficult, but now as I passed each cop car blocking traffic they would yell out how few miles I had left and to keep going.  With about two miles left I caught up with the lady in front of me.  She stopped to use the bathroom at a park.  I kept going. The ambulance and cops waited for her.  Eventually I made my way back towards the starting hill where I saw my trainer and a couple teammates waiting for me.  They walked up the hill with me and told me I was doing great then followed me down the other side.  I made it back to the bike rack, but it was crowded and I was too tired to pick up my bike so I just dropped it on the ground.  Not the best choice, but as I was second to last I didn't think it would matter.  


I made my way to the water table and grabbed a glass before starting my run.  I was exhausted and just walked. My teammates joined me and told me they would walk with me. As we walked the two miles they filled me in on everyone's races and encouraged me to finish. It was pretty fun. Some of them had stayed for the award ceremonies, but one chose to join me for my last two miles instead of collecting her trophy.  It was her first triathlon too, and she had won 1st in her age group, but said that having the whole team finish was more important to her. As we made it to the one mile mark the lady from before was closing in on me.  They encouraged me to try jogging, so I wouldn't be last, but I was just too tired to do so. With 1/2 a mile to go the other lady passed me and managed to move into a jog (she had been walking too).  I did manage to jog the last turn to the finish line. It was awesome. 


I may have been the last one to finish, but it felt great. I did something I never thought I could do.  And it's even more impressive when i remember that I only started learning to swim 10 weeks ago and hadn't ridden a bike but a few times as an adult. I'm pretty happy with my times too.  I finished the 300 meter swim in 13:04; the 10 mile bike in 1:16:36; the 2 mile run in 36:23 and the whole race in 2:13:20. I've got my metal with me now and plan to keep it with me for a while as a reminder that I can do anything I really want to even if it is difficult. 


I also went ahead and entered another triathlon.  I figured why wait until October 18th to do it again when there is one I can do this weekend? So Sunday I'll be in the Sugar Man triathlon. It's longer, a 500 meter swim; 15 mile bike; and a 3.1 mile run; and I will likely be in last place again, but I can't wait to try it. :D

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Congrats on finishing -- that's incredible! And now you caught the bug, too! Careful, or you're going to pass it on to the rest of us. I hear it's contagious. :P


Loved reading your race recap! Sounds like you had a blast!! And it sounds like you had an incredible teammate, too!

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