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Packelly- Getting Lean


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New to the guild.  I’m still not sure where I fit in.


Main Goal: To lower bf to 18% before the end of the year


How I’m going to achieve it:


Strength Training: 4x week, with pull-up work 3x a week (STR3, DEX2) Wk1: A

Cardio: 10 minutes every day (STA3) WK:C

Nutrition: No alcohol or ice cream (CON3) Exception on 9/28-10/2/14 WK:B

Side Quest: Stretch for 15 minutes once a week (CON1) WK1:A

Life Quest:

                Finances: Track expenses every day (WIS2) Wk1:A

                Stop Procrastinating  (CHA1) Wk:B



  • Take truck to shop
  • Post everything I have for sale.
  • Solve problem with health insurance
  • Send out resumes
  • Buy new faucet and fix shower
  • Pack for cruise: Find passport
  • Fill out scholarship application
  • Hang pictures in the kid's room
  • Get the kid's Halloween costume finished by mid October



Last week was a crazy week. Seriously!!! So I'm really late to the wrap-up of my challenge. 

But here is what how I did. 


Strength Training: 4x week, with pull-up work 3x a week (STR3, DEX2) 


I got an A here. Every week I did a minimum of 4 workouts, some weeks doing more.  So full score on this one. 


Cardio: 10 minutes every day (STA3)


I did really terrible on this one. I did ok, the first couple of weeks and then I was lucky if I did  any cardio 3-4 times a week. But it got my son in the habit of going out for walks right after we get home which usually gets us in a great mood to tackle our evening chores.  And on the days where I didn't want to go out he would ask, and push me to go and walk or run.  I'm going to give myself a 1, because at least I'm doing more cardio than before. 


Nutrition: No alcohol or ice cream (CON3) Exception on 9/28-10/2/14


Hmm.... I did great on this one up until vacation.  Then I came back from vacation and I didn't do so well on the alcohol department. I did make a deal with myself to only drink when out with friends and only on the weekends my son was with his dad so every other weekend. So it ended up being pretty much every other Friday, and maybe a Sunday on the same weekend.  I only had ice cream twice, except when I was on vacation which didn't count.  :peaceful: 

So just a 1 here because again, I think I built better habits than where I was before. 



Side Quest: Stretch for 15 minutes once a week (CON1)

I did pretty good at this one. Full score on it.


Life Quest:

                Finances: Track expenses every day (WIS2) 

                I did great here.  Tracked every day and did a great job at keeping a budget.  Feeling a little deprived here but I'm making big strides to get back on track with my finances.  so no whining aloud.  Full Score. 

                Stop Procrastinating  (CHA1) 

                total Failed here.  I only managed to get 3 things off my list done. So 0 of this one. 


So that's that. Not too bad, considering all the issues I went through this past 6 weeks. I'm feeling much better on the depression front.  Like I'm starting to feel like myself again.  some goods are better than others.  

Now to the reason my week was crazy.  I was terminated from my job.  Which surprisingly gave me a sense or relief.  I'm not sure what the future holds, or how am I going to make ends meet, but I have a feeling that things are going to be better than they were.  And that feeling keeps me moving forward. 

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Sorry for the job, but it sounds like it might be good for you?  Solid work on a tough challenge!  Way to go!


This. =)

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subbing so I can be updated when you make a thread for the new Challenge.  :)

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