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Phylanx, cyborg


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Let's just get right to it...

Main quest

Adjust to my cybernetics

(automate myself)

Mission #1

Power up, power down

(movement or mobility before and after sleep)

Mission #2

Energize the elevator

(push-ups and squats every time I go up stairs)

Mission #3

Multi-threaded maintenance

(TV must be watched from the floor to do mobility or exercise stuff)

Mission #4

Autopilot anomaly

(walk in the front door, be productive)

My discipline needs more discipline. This will be my 17th nerd fitness challenge, but I've hardly developed any new good habits. This time I want to focus on the act of doing things at specific points in my day and not worry about quantity or quality, just bam, get a little done, because that's what I do. No willpower required. Automagically.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Super robot monkey team hyper Phylanx GO!!!

Oh, and some bonus items!

-weekly salad batch

-fill yard waste bin weekly

-clean out car

-remove a bush

-all dishes & laundry done weekly

-resume completed

Phy gets a reward for completed bonuses!

(only redeemable after an A week)

1 bonus - Rent Thor 2

2 - Rent Amazing Spiderman

3 - Rent Amazing Spiderman 2

4 - New sunglasses

5 - Fix bicycle

6 - Get a park pass

I opened my eyes and sat up.

Why did I feel so heavy?

That's right, the accident.

Two weeks to live.

But men in suits came in.

Big words and a huge stack of papers signed.

Something about cybernecics, tissue fusion, and reactive bio-synthetics.

Phylanx, the new cyborg begins his journey.

To find piece with myself
I must first find a piece of myself

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- Clarification post -

Mission #1 : as little as a two 15 sec stretches, or two easy sets of any exercise

Mission #2 : minimum of 10 incline stair push-ups for shoulder rehab and 2 slow squats trying to keep my knees from crackling

Mission #3 : I can get up off the floor if I feel that I've done some good work (30 min or so worth)

all missions will be pass/fail graded for the day, 75% compliance will pass and I can make up about half of the habits and still have them count (example : do 3 sets of push-ups & squats at the end of the day because I forgot, or was lazy, or whatever)

I'll start now, but start grading when the challenge officially starts.

To find piece with myself
I must first find a piece of myself

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Your goals will be assimilated and your rewards added to your distinctiveness.

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"I must not fear. / Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing......Only I will remain."
-Litany Against Fear

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Very cool theme, and awesome goals and I love how you're fitting it into your daily life like this. Go get 'em!

Thanks! I'm about due for a rockin' challenge.


Right down to the base need in life: healthy, steady habits. Very smart, indeed.

Why thank you oh queen of the creative pen


Your goals will be assimilated and your rewards added to your distinctiveness.

I feel like there should be a resistance is futile in there somewhere, although, not the same kind of cyborg I originally had in mind.

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To find piece with myself
I must first find a piece of myself

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Cyborg ent?  Sounds dangerous :)

tremble with fear....


er... maybe some upgrades are in order.


Monday is my official start, so no grading yet but I did some stretching and sit-ups while watching TV yesterday and I did most of my "going up stairs? Time for push-ups!" My 3 year old even joined in once :P 

I did forget to do my pre/post sleep movement/mobility so I'll have to be conscious about doing that the next 2 days to get some habit momentum. (habimentum?)


I tested my shoulder and tried to do a handstand push-up...still a big no. I can go up in a handstand and walk around for a few seconds without any issue but the act of lowering down made for some immediate stop now signals. Oh well, progress is still progress. I have no idea how my feet are doing though. I think I need a professional's opinion.


Here's a game for you guys to play. It's called - Go see a doctor already Phy Phy! -

Here are the rules: 

starting Monday, every new post in my thread with Go see a doctor already Phy Phy! in it will be replied to in song (text song, sorry, no music included)

if I haven't made a doctor's appointment by the end of Monday, I will do the same on Tuesday. This will continue until I . . . make a fracking doctor's appointment already! At which point, I finish up the day's songs and then game over, great job everybody! Oh, and why not? For every day I go past Monday I will have to take my shower without heat. Because... I really should have made that appointment 3 months ago.

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To find piece with myself
I must first find a piece of myself

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I love this dude!!


Hijacking story environment in progress...


Something about the way he moved just now. There's a motion unlike human motion that made her look again. Is it possible? Do they do experiments like this on the station? She didn't know, but curiosity is her downfall! Natum walks back to the med bay where she completed her physical and camped out near the entrance of the intensive care unit. Something was happening, she could feel it in the walls, and under her boots. Perhaps time away from my ship won't be boring after all?!

22nd level Wanderer

better is right here, right now

The Way

Here's to all the 1% increases in life!

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Hijacking story environment in progress...

I do love a good hijacking

A man came into my room. He said I'd be out of here in a day or so, that there'd be a big learning curve to my cybernetics but that I have access to anything I need to know. Then he left.

Access to anything I need to know? What does that mean? I don't see a manual anywhere. No one gave me a website to go to. I feel like I've missed something here.

Tomorrow starts the challenge! Good luck everybody!

To find piece with myself
I must first find a piece of myself

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Natum sits by the doors, looking distraught so no one will ask her why she's there. The doors were closed now so she couldn't see the bed where the odd movements had come from.

*A man, doctor? No. A man walks through the doors out into the hallway where Natum is sitting. He looks completely out of place.*

"Excuse me sir. Do you happen to know what I have to do to get a pass to get in and see my friend? I've been waiting forever, this is crap. I need to be in there." Would he buy it?

"Lady, I'm not the one to talk to. You should probably go to the nurses' station. Excuse me, I have to go." He heads off as though the 8 seconds it took to talk to Natum would make him late for chow.

Natum didn't mind, she got a few clues anyway. His papers were jumbles a bit, like he had gone through them quite recently. He's definitely a scientist of some kind. But why do his work in the ICU? Maybe a co-worker was hurt? But you wouldn't trouble a person in ICU with work! She peered into the doors as he left, snagging the door with her toe just long enough to find the room again. Unfortunately she wasn't certain. There were three rooms visible from the doorway. Two on starboard, and one on port side. They were nondescript. Too much so for the one by itself. She put her imaginary money on the port side room and let the door close on its own before someone noticed her interest.

22nd level Wanderer

better is right here, right now

The Way

Here's to all the 1% increases in life!

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So how'd day one go?

Power up, power down - pass

counter pushups, leg swings, shoulder stretches and more

Energize the elevator - pass

over achiever award, I did all my push-up and squat sets plus a few extra sets (for fun)

Multi-threaded maintenance - pass

sat criss cross while playing Clash of Clans, did sone straddle stretches during next master chef

Autopilot anomaly - pass

hooked up a printer after work

Good start. You won't hear much from me tomorrow, I work 16 hours

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To find piece with myself
I must first find a piece of myself

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Roosevelt: The entire outer skin will be like this.

Tyler: Its titanium, laminated with kevlar.

Roosevelt: Go ahead, shake his hand.

Bob Morton: [the robotic arm extends to shake Morton's hand, he cringes as the robot hand grips his hand hard] Ahhh, he's got a helluva grip!

Tyler: It's 400 foot-pounds. He could crush every bone in your hand.

Roosevelt: Alright, attach it to his shoulder.

Bob Morton: [Looks right into Phy's point of view] You're gonna be a bad motherfucker!

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still on track, not much time/energy (timergy) to post

So I am adapting well to the cybernetics. There are still plenty of systems that I have yet to figure out and there are a few bugs. Like how I sometimes end up blacking out and I wake up an hour later somewhere else.

Weird. I wonder what I'm doing in those hours...

To find piece with myself
I must first find a piece of myself

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