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J-mans First time scout challenge. "the try for a tri"


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My first challenge with the scouts! I look forward to it!

I recently decided to challenge a friend on a Triathlon next summer. That gives me alittle less than a year to get in the best shape Ive ever been (and kick his as on the race).

At the moment I have some knee problems on my right knee. I hope it will get better soon so I can resume my training.

This challenge will focus on getting started will all three sports. I've already been doing some running so for that I will focus on building endurance and speed.

For bicycle I just need to get started and get some long bike rides done. So endurance and to built on my overall fitness, is my main goal here.

Swimwise: I know how to crawl. Or I kind of did... 10 years ago. So for the swim its only about technique. Get the breathong working. Work on my arms and so on. Swimming is not a priority at the moment (might be if my knee isnt getting better)

Main quest: Do a triathlon (500m swim, 20 km bike and 4,2k run) in about a year. My goals are first to finnish it in under 70 minutes. And "super" goal is to do it under 60 minutes.

Quest 1: "Just get it over with"

Ok, first quest is obviously to fix the hurting knee. I have met with a doctor and a psysical therapist. I also just had an x-ray done. Hopefully I know more how to fox it in a week or so!

Quest 2: "run J-man, run!"

My best running time is currently 23.36 on a 5k run. I want this under 23 during this challenge (third try on this) I will do atleast one run every week, alternating intervals one week with 5k - 10k run the next. If I do more than one run in a week the extra one will always be intervalls or a attempt for 5k under 23 minutes

Quest 3: "bicycle races are comming for me"

Bike to and from work everyday, thats 8k in total. Also have one longer bile ride every week in training gear. Atleast 10k.

During this challenge I shpuld also do atleast one try in a spinning class.

Quest 4: "Its all about the breathing"

For this challenge I have to go and take a swim atleast twice. Focus is on technique. The goal is to be able to do half of the race distance, 250meters, without interuptions and with ok crawl form. Breathing technique is the key!

Life quest:

Im a teacher. I teach math and physical education. My life quest for this challenge is to have all my classes organised and in total order by the end of this challenge. I also have to step out of my comfort zone and prepare my self as a instructor in some group training activities like bodypump, core, yoga and boxercise. For this challenge I should take a class of each AND atleast make my own program for the bodypump.

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Triathletes everywhere I look! Best of luck to you! I hope that next summer I'll be competing in a tri, too, so I'll be following along to see what you're doing and such!

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Hi, and glad you're here!

I too hope the docs give you the go-ahead for training the knee. I really like how you spaced out your goals. So, not maxing out on all aspects of the Tri at once. Smart.

We're here for you and like blkhole said, lots of Tri challenges this time around.


Best of luck, I'll be back!

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So many triathletes recently, love it!

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Thanks for all your comments. Its fun that there are more people here thats giving triathlon a try. We should share everything we learn and finds out with eachother. Ill keep posting on whats happening.

This weekend Im looking at borrowing a racer bike from my brother. Hopefully Ill be able to get it down to where I live in a couple of weeks.


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I for one am definitely up to sharing what I learn as I go and hearing what others learn.  There's so much to it I need all the tips I can get. When I first started I was like it's just swimming, biking, and jogging, how hard could it be, but now I'm realizing I need to learn things like changing bike tires and such. Haven't had a flat yet, but I know it'll happen and I don't want it to be in the middle of my race! :P

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Ok, here we go!!!

First day:

Bicycle to and back from work 2×4km.

Running 6×600m intervalls 40 sek rest. Absolutely exhausted. :-)

Also got a response from the x-ray of the knee. Nothing obvious but another doctor is going to take a look at the x-rays aswell. So alittle more wait for me!

In the meantime... gogogo :-)

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Wednesday: was out testing the knee alittle. Did a bike and run brick with 9k biking in 24 minutes and after that a 2k run in about 10 minutes. Lets see tomorrow how the knee feels.

The traning felt great I felt strong and could have easily run the double distance in the same pace... ðŸ˜

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@kailer: thank you! Im glad I can hold my regular speed in training. The knee feels ok today, I do feel alittle but its still ok. I always get quite soar in my legs a day or two after biking, much more than after running. So maybe thats also a reason why I feel abit in the knee aswell.

AND of course!!?? I have alittle tingeling feeling in my throat again so that might be another cold commming up. Ive got tons of these colds that only lasts a couple of days.

I hope its better by sunday, im planning on trying some swimming :-)

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hello new scoutling! Im loving the influx to triathletes right now!

Im a former tri-fan (got up to half Iron man distance a few years back) but currently focusing on swimming.  But have heaps of tri advice if you need any.


How is the knee? Do you have any strength training plans or just going to see what physio you need for it? 

Great work on the running speed of your 5km 


Getting goggles is an awesome first step for swimming :)

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@kiwi thanks I might contact you if I have questions, if thats ok with you?

My knee is pretty much the same today. I do have a strenght program I got from my physical therapist. I did it for two weeks but it got worse when I followed it. I havent used it for a week and it feels better again (as it was beforw I started) so I think I need to talk to him and see what he sais. Or maybe I should give it another try again. Its very simple its only sort of exentric pistols squats, standing on a tilted board. 3x15 twice a day.

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Ok. Tried some swimming today.

Wow, it was along time since last time. Im struggeling with breathing, or actually more with pace. I tend to rush it and not glide enough on each stroke, and therefore I dont have enough time on each breath to really get enough air. I will work primary on finding a good pace and getting the breathing to work. Just doing short 25m laps with full focus on tecnique. Any advice on finding a good pace and breathing is welcome. 😊

It felt great to be in the water again though.


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Ok... the cold beat up with me again! So Im taking it easy for a couple of days. Instead Im focusing on my life quest. So today Ive started working with all my classes. Im not completely done but everything is planned for the comming months atleast. So Im happy!

Hopefully I'll be feeling better by around thursday or friday so I can take a run and maybe something more.

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Just caught up on your posts.  Hope the knee is feeling better and that you were able to find some exercised that worked for you with the physical therapist. I know breathing was one of the most difficult things to figure out when I started my swimming lessons.  From what I've learnt it just takes lots of practice, but that you'll manage to sort it out the more you swim. 

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Hi everybody!

Nothing to worry about. Ive just been down with a cold. I have had it for more than a week now. Ive taken it really slow so I dont make it worse. Last week I didnt even take the bike to work.

My classes are going well sofar, though. Even if Im abit nervous about instructing bodypump and all that but I think Ill manage it.

The knee has been better for a while but the last two days Ive felt it again. I think Its because I need to get started with the training again.

Thank you all for checking in, hopefully Ill be back in the end of the week with atleast a shorter run. Being sick sucks!


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