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Ashenmasters Second Challenge - Time to step it up


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Ok so my first challenge came and went pretty successfully so it's time for the second one which it would be a privilege to take as a ranger. My goals are as follows:


Main Quest: Push Forward

My first quest was more to re-introduce my body to exercise after a long time of inactivity, now it's time to take what I learned and push forward with getting myself to a state of fitness where I can successfully join the Royal Air Force as a crewman. The fitness requirements are as follows:

2.4 Km Run: 11.11
20 Press-ups
35 Situps

Multi-stage Fitness test: Level 9.1


To that end I need to push my endurance and strength up so I think bodyweight + running is gonna be the way to go with me. So here's my quests


Quest 1: Fix Exercise Schedule - Strength & Stamina

One thing I noticed from my last quest is my schedule while good was trying to follow too many different plans and gimmicks with no real direction. So now seems a good as time as any to fix this. My fitness will be based around cardio (using the Run! Zombies 5K app on android) and Strength (Using the Sworkit Pro app along with some small workouts from NF). Each workout should last a minimum of 15 minutes. For me there will be some level of grading as that should make it easier for me to track the workouts. Also a workout will only count for me if there is a log of it linked on the battle report from fitocracy. Grading is as follows:


A - Workout 5 times a week (+4 STA & +4 STR)

B - Workout 4 times a week (+3 STA & +3 STR)

C - Workout 3 times a week (+2 STA & +2 STR)

D - Workout 2 times a week (+1 STA & +1 STR)

F - Workout once a week (+0 STA & +0 STR)


There is also a bonus quest here for the running element, 3 runs a week using the Run! Zombies 5K application.


1 Bonus STA point per day completed.


Quest 2: Eat Healthier - Constitution

I really need to work on my diet so this mean a much lower intake of crap and processed food and a much greater intake of greenery and the such. So my goal is to start cooking my meals from scratch ensuring that it contains at least one element of vegetable/fruit. Grading is as follows:


A - 5 Dinners + 5 Lunches (+4 CONS)

B - 4 Dinners + 4 Lunches (+3 CONS)

C - 3 Dinners + 3 Lunches (+2 CONS)

D - 2 Dinners + 2 Lunches (+1 CONS)

F - 1 Dinner + 1 Lunch (+0 CONS)


3 bonus CONS points available for having one portion of fruit extra.


Quest 3: Sleep better - Stamina

Exhaustion is bad for the body and bad for the mind and if I'm to join the RAF then both need to be in tip-top condition. So for this goal I need to ensure that I am in bed by 11:30 every night during the week. Grading as follows:


A - 5 nights (+4 STA)

B - 4 nights (+3 STA)

C - 3 nights (+2 STA)

D - 2 nights (+1 STA)

F - 1 night (+0 STA)


Life Quest: Set up a WordPress Maintenance Business - Wisdom + Charisma

My other passion is WordPress development so to that end I want to set up a WordPress maintenance business, the domain names are set up, the design begun and the copy written. I just actually need to get some clients. This is either pass or fail for me.


Pass - (+1 WIS & 3 CHA)

Fail - (0 WIS & 0 CHA).


Well those are my quests, battlelogs to follow later.

Ashenmaster the level 1 Lycan Ranger
STR 5 | STA 6 | DEX 0 | CON 2 | WIS 2 | CHA 0
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Yeah to be honest when I was writing the goals I had yours in mind, they seemed pretty good for my end goal. Subbed yours as well for support :D. Good luck to you as well


Oh that's awesome! Glad I could be of some help. :panda:

Level 2 - Wood Elf - Ranger 

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Challenges: #1, Current - #2

My Triathlon Training Logs: #1, #2


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First Day Workout Log




Also managed a run in the morning but Run Zombies played up and didn't record my distance, reckon it was around the 2.0 KM mark in 32 mins.


Lunch was a nice mix of veg + chicken as was tea

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Ashenmaster the level 1 Lycan Ranger
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Second day basically didn't happen, failed both my exercise challenge and the sleep challenge for that day


Third day went better and my log is below



Haven't managed a run yet but have managed two days of healthy dinners and lunches.

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Ashenmaster the level 1 Lycan Ranger
STR 5 | STA 6 | DEX 0 | CON 2 | WIS 2 | CHA 0
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Ok last week was pretty good, managed 4 workouts which I will link here later, also managed 2 runs which I'll link when I get a chance.


Eating was better than normal and I managed around 4 days of eating healthy for both dinner and lunch.


Sleeping not so good however, I managed only around 3 days of getting to bed before half 11.


The business is also coming along and should hopefully be released before the month is out.


Here is my run log for today:


Ashenmaster the level 1 Lycan Ranger
STR 5 | STA 6 | DEX 0 | CON 2 | WIS 2 | CHA 0
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Ok so checking afer disappearing for a while, this challenge was more a less a bugger up for me.


Had a good start but quickly went downhill. On the plus I know what went wrong.


I had absolutely no motivation to do anything, no matter what I couldn't perk myself up enough to actually get started on anything.


So I calling this one a fail but the next one will be a success.



Exercise - F

Just couldn't seem to get this going, I managed about 2 weeks that were good out of the entire challenge, plus side is I found a great fitness group in London which once finance sorts itself out I will definitely be joining.


Sleep - D

Not quite a fail but definitely not a success, unfortunately this month I decided to get mega motivated to work on my site meaning very late nights on several occasions.


Eat Well - C

Again better but definetly not good, managed to eat ok, minimal processed foods and only a handful of pizza but also not as much fruit and veg as I hoped.


Lessons learned:

One: I need more motivation than just friends and family, to that end I am going to aim to get in a good enough shape to run the Spitfire Scramble in London. Figure a goal will definitely help.

Two: I need to plan my work better so that I'm not pulling late nights unnessecarily.

Three: Planning my meals would have been much better than what I ended up doing.



Goal 1: 0 STA & 0 STR

Goal 2: +2 CONS

Goal 3: +1 STA


Ah well there's always the next challenge to improve on.

Ashenmaster the level 1 Lycan Ranger
STR 5 | STA 6 | DEX 0 | CON 2 | WIS 2 | CHA 0
My Battlelog So Far
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