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llw becomes otterly determined


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llw becomes otterly determined to:


  • Eat 130g of protein per day.

  • Go to gym 3x/week
    • Got a yearly plan mostly sorted out for myself, for now it's just the first couple months.
    • Also plan on doing this quick mobility routine before all workouts, if not every day, since it pretty much focuses on all the joints I wanna work on
  • Focus on school work at least 2 hours each day outside of class
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I bear say I have the necessary koalafications not to be ashamed of my puns.



That's the sealiest thing I've ever heard. With due respect, your koalafications are completely irrelephant.


Either way, your challenge seems great. Nice to see someone else is focusing on academics in their challenge too. =D

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SugarRay Lycan - Monk

Level 4 - STR : 5 | DEX : 8 | STA : 3 | CON : 5 | WIS : 8 | CHA : 1


Challenges: No. 1 - No.2 - No.3 - No.3: SugarRay's Comeback Match.


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