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Workout suggestions for strengthening grip/forearms

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You don't want baby powder. It will absorb moisture like chalk but it's actually more of a dry lubricant, which is bad for obvious reasons.

and thank you for that!! Could have been an painful mistake!

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I am pretty pumped to try the towel pullups but I'm trying to find store that carries chalk balls because ordering one would take awhile to get here. Any ideas guys?

are there stores with the blocks of chalk? you can just get those and put them in a ziploc bag...

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Bring two hand towels. Drape them over the chinning bar and grasp them to do towel pullups.

Towel chins will own your hands. They make your forearms their own personal bitches. They will force your wrists to cosplay, and then make them dance for their own amusement.

If your gym has a thick barbell bar, do thick-bar deadlifts with double overhand grip. This will make towel chins seem like an act of mercy.

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