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Breakthrough, may the odds be EVER in your favor!

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First, it's very important that you pick a wall that you won't stick your foot through. I have seen so many videos of people's feet going through drywall. While they are funny to watch, I seriously doubt it's fun to do. Second, pick a spot on the wall about waist height or a little higher. That is where you will put your foot. Any lower and your foot will slip and you will face plant into the wall. Third, if you are right-handed, take a step back from the wall in such a way that your left foot is about two feet away from the wall. What you want to do is jump up to the wall from your left foot and place your right foot on the wall on the spot your originally chose. You need to push into the wall. That transfers your forward momentum up rather than forward. When you can get some height without sliding down the wall, you need to take another step back in order to get more speed. The more speed you have the higher you go. Just remember to keep your hands in front of you. It is very possible to smash your face into the wall if your not careful. YouTube has several videos which demonstrate this move quite well.

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