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Hello rebels! Congratulations to all of you and the great steps you're taking on your fitness journeys, I'm glad to join you in the challenge. I'm a gaming nerd, and I love leveling up and competing with friends. NF is perfect for me, I'm logging in!


Background & Motivation:

My life is great. I am going through a wonderful time in family (I have a wife and toddler), career, spiritual life and graduate school. I am healthy but do not have a regularly structured exercise routine. I miss it and am ready to start a new physical adventure. I do best when I set goals and get in a routine, so here I am!



To get the "in the pocket" feeling back. This is when I feel healthy, strong, and full of energy. I've been there before and I'll be back soon!


Goal 1:

Get those points! I am currently a level 6 on fitocracy, I want to reach at least level 11 in the next six weeks. If you're on fitocracy please friend me! (I'm Zzx there too.)


I will predominately achieve these points in two ways. The first is bodyweight exercises in my home workout space for approximately 30 mins before work in the morning. I'll do the beginner's bodyweight workouts and some short-distance running. If I stick with it, I would like to purchase a floor mat and basic freeweights for CrossFit-style exercises as a reward.


I'll also do at least a day a week in the gym (I have free access through work). I do the major lifts (squat, press, etc) from Starting Strength, the book recommended by NF. I genuinely enjoy it, and they score massive points on Fitocracy.


Goal 2:

Get those points again! I have a pedometer provided by my health insurance company, and I get money back if I reach certain goals. My second goal is to reach 7k steps 6x a week.


Goal 3:

Track those points! I know from experience (and NF posts) that tracking what goes into my body is the best way to get results. I have a decent diet at the moment, my main goal is to track what I eat and let that data inform how things are going. Success for this is a daily log of what I eat.



I'm excited to be here! Again, if you're on Fitocracy I would love to join you. Friend me!






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Ooo, getting money back for reaching goals?  Sounds like a win-win situation!! ;)


WELCOME and good luck staying active!  It's so tough with busy schedules sometimes, but so worth it!

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i am not waiting for a hero.  i saved myself long ago.

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...But that's the way things are. The choice is yours."

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Day One: Baseline Fitness Test


Every item was as-many-reps-as-possible in 60 seconds. The run was measured via steps on my pedo. Done in this order, so I was wiped by the end!


Chin-ups: 6

Push-ups: 19

Simple burpees: 18 (these are vertical stand to arm-extended plank only. No pushup, no jump.)

Sit-ups: 24

Toyotas: 20

Run: 178 steps (approx. .1048 miles based on a gps app)


Okay, so now I know where I am. Let's do this!

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Look like you hit the ground running! I'd be proud if I was able to do 6 chin ups in a row. I never heard of Toyotas before, had to ask youtube.

Kepp it up!

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Current Challenge


"If you don't know what you want, you end up with a lot you don't" - Chuck Palahniuk

100 pushups


200 squats

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Sounds like a good start. Is that going to be the circuit you'll be doing for a while?

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It's great to read a challenge from someone with a really positive mindset, so thank you for that :) some great goals there, that bodyweight workout is a fantastic way to keep yourself balanced in terms of what you're exercising. Subbed for motivation flag-waving! 

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Hey good looking challenge and looks like a pretty great baseline you've got today! I so wish I got a refund for steps, I might actually want to go for a walk or run then!

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Sounds like a good start. Is that going to be the circuit you'll be doing for a while?

I think so. My biggest goal is to be really, really full of energy. I used to be an endurance athlete, and while that was fun, I think it's time for something different. I love the attitude and ethos behind CrossFit, I think I am trying to take my favorite parts and fit them to my life.

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My apologies something,has come up and I will be unable to continue the take the red pill thread. They will be doing mini's this time in level one that will be very similar to what I was going to do this time so make sure to check them out. Please understand how sorry I am. There are plenty of groups out there for support and you guys can keep checking on each other's threads.

It has been a pleasure meeting all of you and good luck with your challenge!

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Current challenge 




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Hey there!!  I noticed your ranger-y goals and want to be sure to stop by and encourage you to check out the Ranger's Tent and get to know some people in the guild.  We're a VERY diverse bunch, and you'll probably find many people with similar goals to yours.


If you have any questions, drop me a line or stop by my thread!  

Some kind of Jedi .....

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