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There and back again: TourdeForce preps for Mt Kenya

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I didn't fall off the Earth I promise!! Things have been really busy finishing up at work, so so much going on. I also finished up my last month at the gym, so haven't been doing any BW workouts. BUt, I did go hiking the Ngong Hills, which were insanely hard! 6 hillls, VERY VERy steep, I would say we did maybe 10kms in total. It was great practice, and very beautiful. Also been keeping up with weekend walks in the forest, so not too bad. I did give up on the running though as it was hurting my knees. Maybe when I've lost more weight I can try again. Luckily Cape Town has beautiful hikes all over the place so when I get home I will continue with all the walking!


We leave for Mt Kenya on Saturday morning....eeeeeek! But hopefully will be ok. Mostly packed, my folks arrive today- yippee! Tomorrow is my last day at work, and then that's it. 


Will post pictures when we get back.


Thanks to everyone for coming along on this slightly wobbly journey! As I will be doing a lot of travelling/holidaying/moving I will be skipping the next challenge, but back in the new year and getting settled into new Nerdfitness life at home.



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