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Phytomancer and the Impending Storm


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The Storm was coming.


The grey stretch of storm clouds gathered and moved forward, threatened to wash away anything the people of Urbanos held dear. Varuna was another breath closer to the dark side.


Phytomancer looked at the sky. His brown eyes stared upward, and only he could see Varuna’s glowing form, pulsing blue and silver. Tears ran down Varuna’s face, and once they fell from his chin, another storm cloud funneled into the herd of dark stretch over Urbanos.


“It’s cold.†Flashwolf, Phytomancer’s companion said. His beard ran with water. “And look!â€


A cluster of venti, storm spirits, appeared on the horizon. They looked very mean, and they were approaching quickly. On the west, magicians with the scrolls flashed their lighting magic as golden letters floated around them.


“Eat… this… cup… cakes…†Phytomancer’s mind whispered. “Or… cheesecakes… “


That couldn’t be! He had been using much magic, and without training and focus, he would lose to the power of the gods and become a potbelly monster.


Phytomancer must fight.




Food: Keep the greens, cut most grains, and limit non-fresh fruit desserts

-          Eat green leaves everyday

-          7 Grainless meals (except rice) per week

-          3 desserts per week, and only when it’s social


Fitness: Keep the training schedule

-          3 cardios a week

-          3 strength trainings a week

-          Keep tracks of everything


Magic: Catch up with everything

-          20 hours of research  a week


Mini Quests:


Playing soccer against the venti

                Thai Student Associations around Illinois are having a soccer match next week. I will

                participate in many physical activities and limit my food.


Keep the fire going

                I will keep my creative fire burning by write creatively—at least 10,000 words will be written

                within this challenge.


Stick with Ranger Mini-Challenges

                This one needs no explanation.


And go Phytomancer!!

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Found you! Good to see you're going down hard on the desserts, they were an issue last challenge.


Hey, Dark_Raider! Glad to see you this challenge. I am trying hard on those sweet things!


Monday Sep 15: A slow start.



B- Banana

L-Boiled eggs, spinach-carrot-sprout stirfry, potato

D- Chipotle's chicken burrito bowl


Exercise: none; rest day


Magic: 1 hr


Writing: 702/10000


Week 1 Progress    Green: 0/7 | Grainless 2/7Dessert 0/3 | Magic: 1/20 | Cardio: 0/3 | Strenght 0/3 

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"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself" -- Tolstoy

Not sure if it was buzz or woody that said it though.


Spartan double trifecta progess:


Tough Mudder "10 x Legionnaire":

"Run ALL the things or die tryin'"

fitocracy Ogre Magi Lvl 16 Ranger STR: 38|DEX: 58|STA: 59|baCON: 34|WIS: 30|CHA: 30


Previously Completed: Spartan Trifecta, Enough TM Headbands to make a ski mask

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Thanks, Maledictus.



I seem to remember you have an "evil" roommate who is a good baker. Any strategies on that one?


Hope you have lots of fun with soccer!

He seems a little too busy this semester to bake. Ha!!



Tues Sep 16: 



B- Banana

L- Chicken with mustard sauce (with celery and carrots)

S- Peanut butter chessecake (social lunch- strike 1)

D- Left over chicken



- Chest and triceps 

- 2.5 hours of soccer practice. I learned a lot more techniques this time, and they promoted my from a benchwarmer to a third midfield!



2.5 hour



Week 1 Progress    Green: 2/7 | Grainless 3/7 | Dessert 1/3 | Magic: 3.5/20 | Cardio: 0/3 | Strenght 0/3 | Word: 1325/10000

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Hey Phyto :-)  The soccer will be a fun extra activity!


Hey Teirin. Soccer is awesome!!


Wed- Sep 17: Crazy nerd day


Phytomancer learned about a [research 'pragmatic' paradigm] magical dark energy today and rejected everything it represents. Spent a few minutes debating with the elder mage [professor] while other apprentices looked at him funny. Its premise just made him angry. Strange how a person can be passionate about the thing so useless to him. But hey, he's a crazed magician after all. 


Anyways-- nice rest day and great time to get work done.



B-Banana-Collard-Apple smoothie

L-Chicken and mustard sauce

D-Korean mackerel and kimchi stew, brown rice


Excercise: None- rest day to catch up with work.


Magic: 5.5 hour


Week 1 Progress    Green: 3/7 | Grainless 4/7 | Dessert 1/3 | Magic: 9/20 | Cardio: 1/3 | Strenght 1/3 | Word: 1325/10000



Go minion!

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The storm pressed on. Phytomancer had to prepare for the venti, and he finally faced them. However, the venti drained Phytomancer's power!





Just today, I forgot my bike and a meeting, so I ran 2 mi in my jammies to meet a possible collaborator who turned out to be a very attractive woman. I felt very embarrassed, but I also made a new stat for 2 mi (16.20 min.) So it's a mixed feeling.


 Thursday Sep 18- The last before war


B- Banana

L- Chicken salad, roasted carrots, peanut butter bar, grapes

D- Tomato-potato soup with brown rice


E- Soccer 2 hr/ shoulder work out





B- Banana and collard smoothie

L- Potato soup with brown rice, bacon, and greens

S- chocolate bar

D-Bibimbab (Korean beef, rice, eggs, veggies)


E- 2 hr of Muay Thai [strength session] 

M- 2 hr


Saturday- Sports day!!


B- Banana


D-Burgers, fries

I know. It's horrible, but there are not many choices


E- Dodgeball, soccer, frisbee, tug of war, etc.




B- Noodle and eggs with cilantro pesto and fresh cilantro

D-Bacon, broccoli, carrots stirfry, rice, almond milk, roasted almonds


M-6 hr


Week 1 Progress    Green: 6/7 | Grainless 7/7 | Dessert 3/3 | Magic: 21/20 | Cardio: 3/3 | Strenght 3/3 | Word: 2356/10000


Monday Sep 22


B-Banana, apple

L- Bacon, broccoli, carrots stirfry, eggs

D- Pasta, greens, tofu, acorn squash sauce


E-2mi run (16:30 min)

M-1 hr


Week 2 Progress    Green: 1/7 | Grainless 1/7 | Dessert 0/3 | Magic: 1/20 | Cardio: 1/3 | Strenght 0/3 | Word: 2356/10000

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Sounds like things are going well if you're arguing with the professors. Happens more and more as you become the expert magician!


I guess, but I feel like people are looking at me funny. Maybe I should stay quiet and have further conversation privately?



Seems like you're doing great! How did your weekend go?

It was awesome!!



And to stick with the storm theme. Here's the downtime music.


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Just today, I forgot my bike and a meeting, so I ran 2 mi in my jammies to meet a possible collaborator who turned out to be a very attractive woman. I felt very embarrassed, but I also made a new stat for 2 mi (16.20 min.) So it's a mixed feeling.

If she proposed to go running together, she'd be the one. Otherwise, don't bother :P

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Lvl 54 Multitasker

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If she proposed to go running together, she'd be the one. Otherwise, don't bother :tongue:

No, but she proposed we work on a bike share project together-- which might be as well. I am training myself as a behavior analyst. :)



Excellent Week 1 and it looks like the sports day was a success :-)

Yep. Moving into week 2 :)


Tuesday Sep 23


Normal day. Phytomancer got a chance to see a master plant user. His magic was very similar to Phyto's turning rainwater and plants into something wonderful. He let Phytomancer talked to his students and critic the work.


It was draining, but super fun!


He also got his ride powered up. Now his bicycle can brake again!



B- Banana, apple, almond milk.

L- Noodle with miso, tofu, and kale

S- Peanut butter bar

D- Japanese curry with carrots and celery, brown rice, almonds



Chest regime


Magic: 2 hours.


Week 2 Progress    Green: 2/7 | Grainless 2/7 | Dessert 1/3 | Magic: 3/20 | Cardio: 1/3 | Strenght 1/3 | Word: 4033/10000

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Glad your bike is fixed!!  Do you ride it to work or just to workout?  


Chris, I like your new avatar!! I ride everywhere-- work, shopping, social. I don't have a car. :)


Wed Sep 24: A slip, but it's okay


Phytomancer experienced much drama in the academy he taught. An apprentice skipped a midterm presentation and acted like he did nothing wrong. That drove the master crazy, and I was sandwiched between them. Another apprentice accused a friend of stealing his idea, which was to put an accessible ramp in a design. Yup. 



B- Banana, apples, almonds

L- Brussel sprouts, boiled eggs, Japanese curry

S- Lemon cake

D- Pizza


Exercise: Rest day


Magic: 1 hr


Week 2 Progress    Green: 3/7 | Grainless 3/7 | Dessert 2/3 | Magic: 4/20 | Cardio: 1/3 | Strenght 1/3 | Word: 4921/10000

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Extra content: A story from a writing group.


     Dan never knew that silence had so many sounds.


The cicada chirped somewhere in the dewy grass. Birds called. The breeze carried in the smell of mountain. Trees dotted further in the landscape. He turned around and looked at Sarah. The sky above them was so blue and clear, round like a dome, stretching over them.


It had only been twenty minutes walk from the car. Just Dan and Sarah, with two backpacks and each other.  


“How did you even know about this place?†He asked her.


“I read your book.â€


“But I never said where it was. How did you find out it’s here?â€


“In the book, you said it was a few hours drive from your childhood home. You were born in Illinois; there aren’t many mountains around here to search for.â€


“I’m impressed.†He smiled. This first year anniversary was going to be much better than he thought.


“I said I was a fan of your work, didn’t I?â€


Dan remembered the first time he met Sarah-- just a year ago. She was at his autograph session. Dan was surprised to see a young, pleasant looking girl there-- among all the people who seeked the thrill of vicious gore that he wrote, she stood out like a beacon of innocence. The smelled of clover blossom was at her wrist when she handed him the book.


“You were.†He said.


“I don’t know why you picked this place as your latest murder scene. It’s so beautiful.â€


Dan didn’t either. It kind of appeared in his mind--a death in pure nature, written by a childhood version of himself.


“What’s the book’s name going to be?†Sarah asked. Her white dress billowed in the wind. Her red hair outlined her impish face.


“A Room Without Walls.â€


Sarah crinkled her nose. Dots of freckles danced across her face. “What the hell of a name is that? Sounds exciting, but it makes no senseâ€


Dan chuckled. “It’s symbolic, you know.†He sat down on the wet grass. Cool dew seeped through his pants. “Like the nature, the murder scene, it has no walls at all. It’s a room for everyone. There is no secrets, if someone search long enough, in time, they can find everything.â€


“Even the answer of the universe?â€


“Even that, yes.â€


“Talking about answer. I always have had a question…†Sarah sat down next to Dan. Her petite body leaned against him. Clover blossoms filled his nose, but he couldn’t tell if it was hers or the blossoms in the grass.


“Go on.†Dan said.


“You know… It’s been a year. You have never told me hold you feel about me.â€


What did Dan feel about Sarah?


In the moment. In the room without walls, Dan felt her existence-- her frame against his hands, her lips against his tongue, the suffocating smell of clover blossom with a small hint of metal-- the sight of her. Her red hair and brown, freckled spots. He felt everything.


“I-- uh.†He said, after he kissed. “You know how I feel.â€


“I might be wrong.†She said and looked at his lips. Her tiny hand at his chest. Her breathing was quick, and a flame sparkled in her eyes.


“I-- I like you.â€


The flame died. “Dan?†She said.


“I like you, like, a lot?†Dan tried.


In a room without wall, in the silence with sounds, they looked at each other. Then Sarah turned to her backpack.




“The night had fallen. The last flame of the sky left golden orange hues against the blue horizon. The insects sang the song and dance the dance of the primal, and the birds tucked their eggs safely at their nests.


On the grass that turned as blue as the starless sky laid a body. The puddle of sticky liquid around him reflected the gentle golden light, the last power of day. His neck gashed open. He breathed no longer.


In a room without walls, chances are, someone will see him-- someone who cared.


But being in a room without walls, the question was only when.â€

(Daniel Wachir, “A Room without Wallâ€, 2013)

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Caught up and subbing...that extra story blew me away...but I'm a bit confused about the running in pajamas??

RES...and I want to live days worth dying for

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Caught up and subbing...that extra story blew me away...but I'm a bit confused about the running in pajamas??



Thanks! That day, I woke up late for a meeting, so I ran with whatever I had on, which was just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt :)



Thanks for sharing your story! Are you working on it as part of something bigger?


It did sound awkward to be in the middle of all that drama, but sometimes it's nice to just witness and know for sure that you aren't the crazy one in the room.


I am working in a bigger project, but that piece finishes in itself. It's a creativity exercise.


I am teaching a design studio class. EVERYONE in the room is crazy, including me. It's a part of the job description.



Thursday: Sep 25 Typical workday




L-Chicken salad, black bean soup

D-canape, veggies, cookies


Workout: Shoulder and leg routine.


Magic: 3 hours


Week 2 Progress    Green: 4/7 | Grainless 4/7 | Dessert 3/3 | Magic: 7/20 | Cardio: 1/3 | Strenght 2/3 | Word: 4921/10000

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Design class/studio is definitely crazy-making for all concerned.  




Okay, sorry to be missing again. For some reasons, I skip posting a lot on Thursdays. 

Anyways, hello from Annapolis, Maryland! I'm whisked away for another conference!


Thursday Sep 25:

B- Banana, apple, almond milk

L- Chicken salad

D- Pear and goat cheese sandwich, veggies, cookies (departmental party)


Workout- Shoulder routine


Magic- 4 hour


Friday Sep 26

B-Banana, apple, almond milk

L-Veggies stolen from party, grilled fish

D-Beef noodles


Workout- Muay Thai-2 hour, focusing on kicking


Magic - 2 hr


Saturday Sep 27

B-Omelette, veggies, almond milk, banana

D- [Juice party] Veggie juice+apple juice, mushroom tom yum soup, Tomato soup, ginger-apple cake and ice cream. (Awesome, homebaked and made by roommate. Ugh! So delicious but guilty!)


Workout: Back routine


Magic: 0 hour 


Sunday- Annapolis!

B-Noodle with homemade pesto and eggs, cilantro, leftover pastry

L+D- Chicken wrap


Workout: 30 minute of eliptical at hotel's gym


Magic: 3 hour on the bus



Week 2 Progress    Green: 7/7 | Grainless 6/7 | Dessert 5/3 | Magic: 13/20 | Cardio: 3/3 | Strenght 3/3 | Word: 4921/10000


I am not doing well these two weeks, but it's about to get better!!

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