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Phytomancer and the Impending Storm


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I think you're being a bit hard on  yourself, you're doing pretty well! :D


Thanks. I didn't spend as much time on research, and I overloaded the dessert, but overall was okay. I'll be more positive! :)



Excellent work! Have fun at the conference [emoji1]

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Thanks Teirin!



It looks pretty spot-on but hope you have a great week 3!

I surely will.


Mon Sep 29

Phytomacer met several super powerful wizards today; he was intimidated and exhausted by the day's end.



B- Biscuit with eggs and bacon

L- Greens, chicken kebab

S- Fruits

D- Chicken pra ram, rice, broccoli


Workout- 200 push ups, 100 squats.


Magic: 2 hours.


Week 3 Progress    Green: 1/7 | Grainless 1/7 | Dessert 1/3 | Magic: 3/20 | Cardio: 0/3 | Strenght 1/3 | Word: 5587/10000

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I know it's easy to say, but try not to be too intimidated. Most people (even super powerful wizards) like to talk about their research and are flattered if you are interested.


They also all started where you are now :-)


Thank you, you both! I'll keep that in mind. Today was easier, but I have a few academic crushes here in the venture, and I just felt like I lost my tongue whenever I had a chance to speak with them. I'm not even 15 anymore!!


Tues, Sep 30.


More work day at the magic venture for Phytomancer. Super confusing time. He didn't know what he was doing there, but he was not backing down. They're not asking him to shut up or leave yet, so maybe he was doing okay.



B- Egg sandwich

S- Baked snack

L- Beef sandwich, salad, soda

D- Indian food


Workout: running along water front, 30 min. Annapolis is beautiful!


Magic: Finished a methodology section, polished a pilot study - 2 hours


Bonus: doing a beta reading for a writer's fella. His writing is very intriguing!!


Week 3 Progress    Green: 2/7 | Grainless 2/7 | Dessert 2/3 | Magic: 5/20 | Cardio: 1/3 | Strenght 1/3 | Word: 5829/10000

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Wed Sep 30



B: Fruits

S: Baked snacks

L: Chicken, salad, green beans

D: Thai spicy vegetable soup, beer


Exercise: Shoulder routine


Magic: 1 hr


Thur Oct 1



B: Fruits

S: Cookies (I couldn't stop myself when I'm stressed!)

L: arugula pizza

D: Chile Verde


Exercise: rest day


Magic: 1 hr


Week 3 Progress    Green: 4/7 | Grainless 4/7 | Dessert 4/3 | Magic: 6/20 | Cardio: 1/3 | Strenght 2/3 | Word: 5829/10000

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Awww, what's the stress?

Oh, just talking to a lot of people and working hard. I was learning about the topic I didn't understand well. But now I'm getting better!



Note to self: Create recipe plan based on the stuff Phytomancer eats (minus desserts, of course)


He does always have really yummy sounding food.


Haha. Having foodie friends have its perk! (unless they start whipping out dessert)


Phytomancer flew through the storm back to his land of cornfield and started working on the magic that may calm the rain god. The wizard convention was scary, but inspiring, and now Phytomancer can work harder!


Aside from readily provided dessert, Phytomancer exercised a lot and had a happy time. Another soccer match came by and he improved.


Friday Oct 4

B- Cranberry bread

L- Miso noodle, onion, cilantro

D- Korean ham soup, rice


Exercise: 2 hour of Muay Thai


Magic: 1 hour


Saturday Oct 5

B- Spicy fish soup with cabbage, potato

S- Roommate's homemade banana-chocolate chip bread

D- Tom Kha Gai, brown rice


Exercise: 2 hour of soccer. Improved a lot!!


Magic: 3.5 hour


Week 3 Progress    Green: 6/7 | Grainless 6/7 | Dessert 5/3 | Magic: 10.5/20 | Cardio: 3/3 | Strenght 2/3 | Word: 5829/10000

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Sorry, guys, for skipping too long. Catching up with work after the conference. A lot of magic and emailing. 



B-Banana, apple


D- Pad Se-ew 


Back routine


6 hours of magic

Week 3 Progress    Green:7/7 | Grainless 7/7 | Dessert  5/3 | Magic: 16.5/20 | Cardio: 3/3 | Strenght 3/3 | Word: 5829/10000

B-Banana, apple

L-Pad Se-ew with Chinese kale

D-Roasted chicken, greens, rice


2 hours of magic


B-Bean soup, banana

L-Pad-Se-ew with Chinese kale

D-Thai seafood sour soup with greens

Chest routine


2 hours of magic


B-Bean soup

L-Thai seafood sour soup with greens


S-toffee bar


1 hour of magic


B-Banana, orange

L-Orange, potato curry, omelette


D-Misoa with chive and shrimp, baked okra, banana


Shoulder routine


5 hours of magic


B-Banana, apple, and collard green smoothie. peanut-honey

L-Potato curry, chive and eggs

D-Spicy chicken, beans, shrimps, and mapo tofu, rice

S- cookies


Muay Thai


4 hours of magic

Week 3 Progress    Green:5/7 | Grainless 5/7 | Dessert  3/3 | Magic: 14/20 | Cardio: 1/3 | Strenght 2/3 | Word: 6534/10000
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Great video!



You've been busy and you're clearly keeping up with everything.  Go minion!

Thanks Teirin. I am doing all I can!


I learned that one of my students is the same age as I was, and the reason he had been causing troubles in class (verbally harassing his teammate, undermining other students' opinion publicly, bad mouthing other teams, had a mental breakdown when his computer freezes) was because he had a serious mental disorder. The professor and I incubated him today (we talked to him in private room.) That's how I found out.

Now I felt guilty because I had a hunch that he had a mild mental disadvantage, but I didn't think it went beyond ADD plus some personality issues. I feel like I judged him for the troubles that he made, but I also feel like I can't just let him disrupt a class like that. The conversation was emotional and heavy-- like I was thrown into the tornado of emotions. He said some disturbing stuffs, but I could see that he was trying to communicate honestly. 


I feel very drained. I don't know what to do to help him.



B- Leftover cookies, apples

L- Tofu with garlic chive

D- Eggplant, rice


Magic: 4 hr



-Porridge with shrimp and chive


-grilled chicken, rice, pork ribs, bean soup


-100 burpees


- 3 hr of magic


Week 3 Progress    Green:7/7 | Grainless 7/7 | Dessert  4/3 | Magic: 21/20 | Cardio: 2/3 | Strenght 3/3 | Word: 8898/10000



B- Oatmeal with honey

L- grilled chicken with honey mustard sauce, steamed chive, brown rice

D- Asada burrito, chips


- 2 hr of magic


Week 4 Progress    Green:1/7 | Grainless 1/7 | Dessert  0/3 | Magic: 2/20 | Cardio: 0/3 | Strenght 0/3 | Word: 8898/10000

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Measured my waistline-- and it's 34"! After all the slacking and all, I didn't think that it will drop another 0.5". I weighed myself, and now I weigh 153.8 lb (69 kg)!


I haven't been this light since 2010. This is exciting!

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Congrats on the progress!


Does your student have a doctor or psychiatrist they're seeing on a regular basis?  That's a condition that needs pro help.  You didn't know about this in advance and you are correct that you cannot allow someone to disrupt your classes this much.  Now you know and can factor that in to how you interact with the student BUT it is also not all on you to do so.

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Congrats on the progress!


Does your student have a doctor or psychiatrist they're seeing on a regular basis?  That's a condition that needs pro help.  You didn't know about this in advance and you are correct that you cannot allow someone to disrupt your classes this much.  Now you know and can factor that in to how you interact with the student BUT it is also not all on you to do so.


Thanks, Teirin. I had done some researches to understand the symptoms better, so I can learn to approach him and help him learn better while not interrupting others. He has a psychiatrist he works with, and he is trying hard to succeed. I hope he does too. He was one of my first American students.


 So... another day of work


B-Homebaked bread, apple, banana

L- Beef whiskey stew, rice

S-peanut butter cheesecake

D-Roasted chicken with honey mustard, Misoa with Chive, Gangbuad pumpkin


50 chin ups, 200 push ups


5 hrs of magic


Week 4 Progress    Green:2/7 | Grainless 2/7 | Dessert  1/3 | Magic: 7/20 | Cardio: 0/3 | Strenght 1/3 | Word: 8898/10000

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Wow - look at those chin up numbers!!  I am totally jealous.  In a good way.  

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Holy cow you're doing awesome!  And keeping quite busy too :)


I agree with what others have said, regardless of the situation you can't have someon distrupting the class all the time, but it is good you found out so you can potentially alter your future interactions with the student.  I hope the situation starts to improve a bit!


Also super extra congrats on the weight and size loss!! That's wonderful.

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