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3rd time is the charm


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I am new here. I have been gained and lost weight twice, now I am trying to loose for round 3. This time I want to make a permanent change so I am trying a new goal: loose 10-15 lbs of fat, and then gain some muscle. I have started eating 1500-1700 cals per day. I already worked out 5 times a week for years & now I am doing 6 and more intense weight lifting. I have also started taking pre-work out supplement & protein. Also take multivitamin.


My thinking is I can put on muscle instead of just loosing the weight, maybe I can keep it off because I would be more motivated to maintain the muscle. Right now I am skinny fat, 6'1 176, M. My scale says 12% BF but that is BS I think I am more around 15-18%. I am pushing a size 34-35 waist and that's the largest I have been in years. I hope to be around 155-160, 10% BF, and more muscular, with a size 32-33 waist


What I was hoping for is any advice for anyone who has done something similar. In particular what food to eat? I think I am on the right track but I haven't really seen the results in 2 weeks.

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You're on the right track- packing on the muscle will not only motivate you to keep it but it will improve your fat burning capacity. As far as diet goes, just try and eat as many vegetables as possible- they're going to give you the best bang for your back nutritionally while being low calorie when compared to manufactured foods. Good quality protein sauces include grassfed meats, pastured chickens (and their eggs) and wild fish. Remember to include good fats (macadamias, avocados, grassfed butter) to create a hormonal environment in your body conducive to muscle gain. Some people here will tell you grains and dairy are the devil, I personally avoid grains and limit dairy, but I also regularly spend time with really fit people who eat both so don't get caught up in the minutia. If the majority of your food is natural and well sourced, you'll be fine!

"No-one tells a T-Rex when to go to sleep".

- Jim Wendler

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