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week 6 EVERYONE challenge: with your powers combined!


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only a few days left!

since we start challenges on wednesdays, you have until next wednesday to complete this.

the challenge is simple:

take two skills learned, and figure out a way to combine them.

reminder, challenges were:

1) make friends

2) jump rope

3) handstands

4) learn about food

5) help someone out

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go!

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Dude, I got this! Awesome! My friend needs help with her nutrition so Saturday we're looking at her food diary AND we're going to swing by the store post workout to look at some food ingredients so I can school her on a few things.

"I'm just going to remember to not eat like an asshole most of the time" - MoC

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Haha, I just realized that I think I've got this challenge. I taught yoga this morning and since I've recently been able to do a supported headstand (thanks to week three's challenge!) I decided to incorporate it and some preparatory poses into the class. Several people were able to get up into the headstand, and I saw a bunch of nodding heads and looks of "oooooh, so that's how you're supposed to do it" when I was explaining some of the finer points. So, I think I was able to help some people. :)


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