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Nol won't be a damsel in distress anymore!


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Awesome job, Nol!!  You crushed this challenge.  I am so very proud of what we have all accomplished these past 6 weeks!


Thank you so much Pasha! We're staying strong!!



OH YESS! BEST. LEVEL UP. EVER! I knew you could do it, fraaaand! Keep on beating those monsters!


Oh, yes!! Beating the monsters is exactly what my next challenge is about!!




Congratulations on a great challenge!!




Haha!! I love this, it's so bright and happy, and in your face in the best way possible :D Thank you!



Wow great job, Nol!! Congratulations!!


Thanks Cat, welcome to NF!! I'm subbed to your challenge now :)

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"E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle" - We came forth, and once more saw the stars, Dante

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