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Muscles don't burn fat around them. You metabolize fat stores when in a caloric deficit from wherever your body happens to pull them from. You can't do crunches for a six pack any more than you can do squats to lose cellulite. Eat less than you need, and the fat goes away. It's that simple. If training like an animal got you lean then powerlifters and strongmen would look like bodybuilders.

My training log




Hudson Valley Strongman presents Lift for Autism (USS), April 16th Contest report


Hudson Valley Strongman presents Lift for Autism (NAS), April 18th Contest report

Eighth Annual Vis Vires Outdoor Strongman Competition (Unsanctioned), August 1st Contest report


"What's the difference between an injury that you train around and an injury that you train through?"

"A trip to the hospital"

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I think what the OP is playing at is that having defined muscles makes them visible earlier/at all once fat will be removed, which can give the illusion that training a certain part of the body helps remove fat there.

How about a glass of purgatory with a splash of heaven?

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