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Nightcrawler_Bamff's Flight

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Challenge Review:





The villagers were relentless!  Even Nightcrawler's natural ability to meld with the shadows did not allow him much respite.  Multiple times they nearly caught him, forcing him to teleport to safety.  Rather than giving him a lead on his pursuers, teleporting left him just as fatigued as running that distance or more and had to use the head start to recover.  

Teleporting again, Nighcrawler knew he would not be able to repeat the feat and was losing hope.  He didn't even know where he could go to escape.  Seeing the church in the village, Kurt headed that direction, hoping to find some solace in the house of God.  


Mr. Wagner...


Nightcrawler jumped!  He must have been even more exhausted than he thought.  How could they have caught up already?  He spun, searching the darkness and finding himself alone.  




The voice was in his head!

"Gott?  Sind Sie Das?


The voice chuckled.

No Kurt, I am not God, but I do wish to help you out of this unfortunate predicament.  I am a mutant, like you.  The villagers have set up an ambush at the edge of town.  If you continue in your current direction, you will be overtaken.  Their thoughts are...not peaceful.  I have a jet just over the hill.  Head there.  


Kurt wasn't sure he could trust this man, but what did he have to lose.  If he was right and there was a trap laid, he would not have the energy to escape again.  Just as he made his decision and changed course toward the hill, the mob burst out of the forest behind him and another appeared from the village near the church he had been aiming for.  Both groups were quickly gaining on him.  He wasn't going to make it!

Just as he crested the hill, the angry shouts suddenly stopped and the night became silent.  Turning around, Nighcrawler could see the giant mob stopped frozen in their tracks, mid yell!


I cannot hold them long!  You must hurry!


Turning his attention ahead, Nightcrawler sees a small, two person jet, engines running, with a bald man holding two fingers to his temple in the cockpit.  It takes off as Nightcrawler scrambles aboard and the villagers simultaneously became reanimated, returning to their chase as if no time had passed, confused as their target had disappeared and a fleeing jet took its place.  Nightcrawler finally had some time to rest and recover.  Though he was on a jet with a strange man possessing incredible powers and no idea of where he was being taken or why this man had showed such interest in rescuing him, Nighcrawler somehow felt safe.  He would have time to ask questions later.  Now was time to sleep.



Main Goal:

Gymnastics - No new skills mastered, but progress on several!  Still working round off-back handspring-back tucks on the trampoline to make sure they are consistent, recently got back handsprings back onto the floor, and definite progress with aerials!


Specific Missions:

Running - Missed a few runs and, ended up changing the goals, and nearly lost motivation a couple weeks into the challenge, but got it back.  Downloaded the Zombies Run app and have run 37.5km over 4hrs 18mins since downloading it!  Love that it gives me a story in between my normal workout music and keeps me motivated to get out there and run to find out what happens next!  Its like an tv show, but I have to be working out for it!  The random zombie chases turn it into interval training!  Ended up having a great time on my runs and excited to go out again!  Knee only bothered me really that first run.  Was fine the rest of the challenge.

Splits - Did most of the sets required, though no discernible progress.  Maybe I need to start taking progress pics again.  This will definitely continue to the next challenge.

No Popcorn - 100% successful!  Saved time, money, and calories by not going to the movies frequently just to eat popcorn!  Still difficult for me though.  Probably not going to continue this one next challenge...I miss it too much, haha!


Life goals:

So much accomplished these last six weeks!

1.  Nightcrawler costume finished


3.  Costume for friend's mythical woodland creature party

4.  Giant baby shower cake

5.  Threw an early Halloween party with friends from Comic Con and one from gymnastics, didn't get a noise complaint, and now I'm excited to have parties/game nights at my apartment more frequently!

6.  Joined my friend's church's Christmas choir and have been practicing those songs...Non stop Christmas music BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!  UUUUGGGGHHH!  Haha!  I love Christmas music, but it is not allowed to start until Black Friday!  Haha!  This feels different though, since I am trying to learn these songs and my parts rather than just enjoying the music.  

7.  Finished my gymnastics Halloween costume!



Wasn't as strict on goals as I maybe should have been, but got a TON of stuff done!  I say this challenge was a success!  

Stopped counting Weight Watchers points a couple weeks in and never started up again...Stopped watching what I was eating at all at that point as well.  Tried starting a couple times, but didn't even make it through the day each time.  Gonna have to make that part of my goals again next challenge.  Still haven't accomplished the splits, so that goal will carry over.  Thought of doing running for next challenge again, but weather is starting to change, so I will have to think on that.

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You were so busy! I think the Nightwing would work well as a costume for Halloween AND gymnastics. Or you can always just throw together something out of your closet. Definitely return to taking progress pictures if you can -- they help so much for those slow, slow skills like splits. 


Man, such an exciting six weeks. I'm sure the next six will be just as crazy and interesting. :)

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Raptron, alot assassin

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Hell yea! Nightwing! Looks great. I'll be posting my Two-face later this evening

Awesome! Can't wait!
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Awesome! Happy Halloween indeed!

Went to gymnastics and got a new-ish skill on camera...IN MY GYMNASTICS COSTUME! Then went downtown to people watch and look at costumes and made friends with a Green Arrow, who was excited about my costume and invited me into his group of friends, dancing and such! Very fun Halloween! Main Halloween party tonight! Always fun there...lots of alcohol, food, and debauchery!


Coach Nick said they're getting consistent and almost ready to move out to the floor!!

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Hahah, yes! Awesome!

Raptron, alot assassin

6564636261605958 575655545352515049484746454443424140393837363534333231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1

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