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KaylaM - Better late than never!


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Hey guys!

I've been reading NF on and off for a while, but never really looked into the forums since i'm a total forum newbie but I finally did and love the energy over here! :)

I've always been in pretty good shape because I love activities! I'm the girl who wants to try everything :) I went to a tennis academy when I was in 7th grade and played tennis in high school.  Ive been dancing since i could walk (dancing is my happy space! especially if there's live music involved!) and I've tried almost all different kinds!  I played soccer for many years!  I absolutely LOVE to ski (learned so young i don't remember learning).  I got over my fear of running in high school when ran cross country for 2 seasons! (i'd been terrified by the mile before that! :tongue:) I've always lived in places that have a very significant adventure and sport culture because my dad is an adventure/adrenaline junkie so staying fit was never too hard. 

Now i moved to France on my own and no longer have my dojo around or the mountains 5 minutes away and i need motivation.  Especially since I now reside in the wine, bread and cheese capital of the world :tongue:

I'm really excited to motivate myself to be more active and find activities to do in my new environment!!!


I just signed up of a beginner parkour class on Monday!!!  I'm stoked!  I've been walking around sore for the last two days!


so on to goals....



Main Goal!

Find ways to move my body every day. and try to fit into those jeans that I brought that only fit me when I'm at my best! because that's where i wanna get back to!



Quest 1:

Go to Parkour 3 times a week! (only miss if its super important!)


Quest 2:

Ride my bike to school at least 3x per week! (Its a 40 min bike ride! :))


Quest 3:

Cook one meal a day for myself!  I eat out too much!  When I cook I become more aware of exactly what I'm consuming in general!


Life Quest!:

Understand a full hour and a half Political Economics lecture given by the teacher that even the french kids say speaks too fast!



I honestly feel 10x more amazing when i'm eating well and exercising!  I feel less foggy-brained, and more awake!  Bring it on!!!!



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Ah fantastic you found the guidebook and posted your challenge.


You might notice that someone has added an Assassins' tag to your thread.  This isn't to pigeonhole you into particular guild, but rather to bring one of their ambassadors here to offer you encouragement, support or advice.  Your goals this challenge fit well with the overall spirit of their guild and you are more than welcome to pop into their Den and introduce yourself to them.  You are also more than welcome to pop me a message anytime. 


Good Luck

AB xx

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You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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Welcome Kayla! I'm Lullaby, one of the Assassins' Ambassadors. I see you're starting a parkour class on Monday. There are some Assassins that are working on parkour as well. You can find them by using our Assassin Phonebook. It lists the skills of us Assassins.

We also have a Q&A chat thread for Level 1's where you can stop by and ask any questions you might have. As well as a chat thread called the Assassins' Den where we hang out and chat. If you have any questions, I as well as the other Assassins are happy to help you out. You can reach me by using the private messenger system (click the envelope at the top right of the screen) or you can post on my thread.
Can't wait to see how your first challenge goes. I'll be checking with you regularly to make sure you stick with us.   :)

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Hey! Still here! thanks for checking up on me!

My internet was down for 2 weeks, and the french being the way they are took 2 weeks to come fix it.  ANYWAY.


I got sick for about a week and a half so it was really hard to find the right balance between moving my body and overexerting myself.  But gettin sick was a direct result of bad diet so that renewed my desire to be really good about what I eat, and a lot less lazy!


I've gone to Parkour 3 times so far, which is a perfect mix of cardio and  bodyweight exercise!!  I also went on a run the other day which felt glorious! :)

I tried on the jeans i'm trying to fit into yesterday!  They came on a lot easier and I was actually able to button them! not comfortably, but its a huge improvement!! :)

This was a really big motivator!! 




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i've been eating pretty great this last week making more meals and went to 3 hours worth of parkour! starting to feel the change! especially since on top of that i walk alot!

even better! I fit in those pants!! they're tight, but not so tight I can't wear them around!!! wore them all day this afternoon!!  the big leap was going to my parkour groups strength training sesh friday!!! body feels completely changed after that! plan on going every week if possible now! :) feelin like a winner!  but still have a long way to go! :)


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Awesome job!!


even better! I fit in those pants!! they're tight, but not so tight I can't wear them around!!! wore them all day this afternoon!!  



Happy to see you back and excited! 


Keep up with all the awesome parkour lessons.

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Major Respawn in Progress


Previous Challenges: 1 2 3 4 4.1 5 6

"Each of you is perfect the way you are ... and you can use a little improvement." - Shunryu Suzuki 

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So. i did pretty darn good i feel like!  i spent a quality amount of these last 6 weeks extremely sore from parkour and their intensive weekly strength training classes! i conquered my fear of losing control when  i jump over things, and i'm gradually losing my fear of heights!!  I also successfully fit into those great jeans i wanted to fit in, and all of my friends can't stop commenting on how fit I look! thats fun!

On the other hand, my health doesn't feel as fantastic as the other transformations.  I'm still extremely lazy about diet even though most of my friends would consider me a saint.  It's mostly that i spent too much time these last few weeks in bed sick, especially since i know perfectly well that it's 95% diet related.  That's definitely something i need to get better at next time!!

Fortunately! i now have a great motivator!!! my parents just bought a boat in the caribbean and want to spend my xmas break learning the ropes, sailing around, swimming, and learning how to kite surf! :)  talk about a motivator to get into great shape!

so anyway, thanks so much for the support you guys!! i know i'm not very talkative on forums cause they still feel a little foreign to me, but your support helped! especially when i needed to get my butt out of bed when i was on my last sick day to move my body so i wouldn't get sick again!


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