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Ninja needs a change

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So I felt a change was in order so started browsing the interwebs and found Nerd Fitness. Now while I'm normally not one to jump into a group this seems like my kinda speed so to speak. I don't know really where to begin or what to say so I just gonna give a brief background.


I am a 6' 3" male and while I may not look it I am around the 250 lbs mark.  Mainly thanks to my heavy consumption of soda and junk food. But I'm gonna change that. I have kinda tried before but never really had the motivation, kept using excuses. Well I'm personally tired of it and now that I have a job and a new place to live I can't and won't use it any excuses anymore. Now I don't really have an "end" goal so to speak. I guess I just want to jump in and leave the end as a surprise. 


I do have a starting game plan at least. I want to go Paleo, as much as possible, and get ride of all the calorific beverages. As well as start a modified routine from the provided beginners bodywieght exercise. If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them, be it diet, workout, where to start, or whatever. 


*** I know my name is MasterNinja62 and yall may be thinking a 6' 3" ninja is counter-intuitive. Well it is, but that is how I roll. 



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#1 tip: Patience. Seems obvious but having only just come from where you are and finally having a clear vision of my healthy future, I would assure anyone that constantly reminding yourself to be patient is essential. The problem I have had- and many others, I gather- is that they suddenly get overzealous and pile on a huge list of goals for themselves all at once. Unless you have an infinite supply of motivation, I don't believe this will work. The only reason I can honestly say that what I'm doing is working is because I stopped making goals and started making changes. 


One relevant example: I work at a place that gives me access to all the free soda I want, any time, which I took full advantage of for a while. The way I got off of that is by filling the cup only half-way each time I filled it and drank it in sips rather than gulps, then I started drinking a soda that I didn't like as much, then I focused on the times I usually drank soda. I used to fill my cup for the road when I clocked off, so I stopped doing that. I waited at least an hour into my shift before filling my cup. I would fill my cup half way for my break, then dump whatever was left out when the break was over, even if it was just a tiny sip. And so on... This is all over the duration of several weeks, which is where the patience comes in. It's hard to choose just one seemingly inconsequential change that feels like something you should be able to make in a day, then drag it out over weeks. You'll feel the urge to think that a goal that takes so long should be much bigger, but it's not true. As you've probably heard continuously in your life, EVERY little bit counts. Our minds get comfortable with vices to the point where a sudden removal of them causes too much stress, usually ending up in a more powerful vice. You can't just stop feeding a baby milk and expect it to start eating solid foods without a problem. You've got to ween it. So treat yourself like a baby :]


Using your new environments is super helpful, too. We unconsciously make associations between our environment and our habits, and they only get stronger the more you do them. Be extra aware of the choices you make while in your new home and job and try not to let your old environmental habits infect your new habitats. 


The coolest part about eating healthily is that eventually you start to crave it, the same way you crave eating unhealthily. I used to crave soda and pizza, but as I transitioned away from it I started feeling the same kind of craving but for tea and salad.  Just witnessing this change in myself boosted the shit out of my motivation and confidence and made it way easier to make other changes. Don't expect yourself to never have cravings for bad stuff, though. What I do when I get those cravings is... I indulge them! I don't rationalize doing it by saying it's a "reward" for doing so well or by assuring myself "just one time" won't hurt. I simply think, "I want this, and so I will have it." The more you rationalize the better you get at it, just like anything else. Indulge consciously and be mindful of the fact that it's not a great thing to do. And when you're done, pay really close attention to how you feel, physically and mentally.


Here's another example! I make brownies for work every day, and sometimes one or two of them aren't up to standards so they can't be sold. For a while, I would always keep them for myself for later then pig out while re-watching Seinfeld. I have since trained myself to just throw the defect brownies in the compost or offer them to other employees, but a little bit ago I suddenly felt like eating one. And this is after weeks or months of not. So I ate it! I didn't feel any shame or regret, I enjoyed the flavor and texture and went about my day. Shortly afterwards I felt uncomfortable in my stomach and got a very slight, but sharp headache. This only lasted about twenty minutes, but I was grateful for it. My body was like, "WHOA HEY what the hedge are you doing?!" which created a useful association in my mind. Like an animal that eats a delicious berry it's never had before and gets sick right after, every time it sees the berry from that point on it will know instinctively not to eat it again.


As for workouts, I'm much less experienced in that field. I've begun basic strength training and have been riding my bike for commuting purposes which has shown obvious results. I say keep reading Nerd Fitness articles, they've been pretty inspiring for me. Also get yourself some basic workout equipment. I just recently got some 5lb dumbbells and a resistance band that I'm making the most out of.


And keep using counter-intuitiveness to your advantage :D There's a lot of that in fitness, I have noticed.

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I can't pretend like I know much about how this weight loss and healthy eating thing works, but what Sqthreer said makes a heck of a lot of sense. Especially that bit about patience. The small changes are the most difficult because even though they don't seem like much, they build healthy habits and will be the beginning of bigger changes down the road.


The beginner bodyweight workout is always a good place to start. I also encourage you to be active on the forums and don't be afraid to reach out, I know what it's like to silently slip back into bad habits when you don't stay accountable.


I wish you the best of luck on your journey! :)

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I think I get where you're coming from there. I had unlimited patience with other people, but almost none for myself. Now it's sorta reversed, hah. I'm patient with people in various situations, but only if it's useful. 


Anywax... all the virtues that are needed for self-betterment are learned through the process of self-betterment (paradoxical hehe). Patience, discipline, confidence, vigilance, etc. all accrue alongside the positive changes you make, and will make those positive changes easier to achieve. Here's an appropriate analogy: you need your muscles in order to do things that burn fat, but while you're doing those things, not only are you burning fat, you're strengthening your muscles (keep in mind that there are a number of variables present in this principle but hey... it's an analogy :tongue:). I'm sure you get it. 


I've even taken it so far as to intentionally do things that test my patience, just for the sake of practicing patience. It helps to get over the weird delusion that many people have of feeling like there's not enough time for anything. In a world of deadlines and schedules and responsibilities it's hard to justify taking your time with some things. The urge to hurry and rush and to accept convenience over quality is a powerful force. Just take it easy maaaaan. 

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Well I kinda got side tracked this past week so sorry for not being on, definitely need to pop on here and check things more often. But yeah I know what your saying.


But on a health note I can say that I have am slowly getting off soda, except for an occasional one every other couple days. I got a nice squeeze water bottle that I really wanted as encouragement. I keep it full of water and always have it nearby, this includes at work. So now if I am thirsty I just grab the bottle instead of getting up and finding a soda. I also and have kept no soda at my place so no temptation there either. 


This alone is a big jump IMO as my record was around 2-4 liters of soda a day.


Sadly though, I have just been distracted and haven't been working out, and that's purely on me no excuses there. But intent is jump right back to it starting tomorrow. 


Lastly, I am about to do grocery run. So are there any Paleo dishes/necessary ingredients you all would recommended for a beginner, I know there are threads in the forum and I will be browsing there I just felt like asking here as it pertains to post.



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I think this would apply to a 6ft+ ninja too.


Dishes and ingredients...depends on whether or not you did much cooking before and whether or not you plan to do a lot of cooking now. If no to the first and yes to the second, then olive oil, garlic, and onions to go along with the fresh veggies. If yes to the first question then I imagine you already have them around.

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