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Mera emerges from the sea


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Sunday, Day 28


3 sets of the Subzero workout and 12 kettlebell one arm presses (each arm).


That was good fun. Although I'm sure I didn't look as badass as I felt :D


LOL That's awesome! Excellent gif choice as well.


Nah, I'm sure you looked killer.;)

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Hey! Hey! Another week to go for you, or will you take a break before the next challenge? :)

I'm a re-watching spn from the start (I only ever watched it sporadically...), how do you not freak out when you're alone? After sundown I just can't watch it even though I enjoy it so much xD


I hope you're doing well! Hugs!


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Hi gang. sorry for going AWOL there. Went home to Germany for a visit and had no interwebs. To no surprise that trip left a bit of a dent in my challenge record in the end, but am already looking forward to the next one. I'll be seeing you there.


So don't worry, you won't get rid of me that easily.. ;)



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