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A little late but here goes...

So tomorrow marks my 1 year NF anniversary. And while I wish I could say my life has drasitically improved or changed since then, it hasn't. This doesn't have anything to do with NF, it has to do with me and how I've been approaching this journey... my brain has certainly changed dramatically in the way that I look at the world and what I do with and put in my body. But somehow everything I've been working on just hasn't stuck. I've had bouts of sucess and bouts of failure over the year, but nothing really consistent. Going over my past challenges (excluding my most recent) I notice a trend of doing really well in the beginning, and falling off towards the end. Or doing well all the way through only to lose a lot of my progress during the zero weeks. Essentially, habits have not been formed as I had hoped. Basically I've been having some trouble getting through the every day stuff.


Even after my vacation I came back and instead of feeling refreshed and jumping back into things I have kind of just been sitting around for 2 weeks and doing not much at all. So now I am switching everything up. Instead of assigning myself specific tasks, I am going to just make sure I do a few things every single day. I have gotten into the habit of meeting my goals on a weekly basis instead of a daily one. I'll cram in 3 different work outs in one day (morning, afternoon, evening) or do extra sets to make up for a missed work out. But, shockingly, my body doesn't respond well to that and I'm really just playing mind games with myself pretending I'm doing what I've asked myself to do.

I've also been struggling with how to eat healthily. Mostly because the restrictions I've put on myself (which really do make my tummy feel awesome) my boyfriend has a hard time enjoying. Even if I make something that I think is delicious, he still wants pizza or cheese fries or something of that nature. And it's hard to have to try to stick to my guns and eat what I made and try to convince him to eat it too nearly every day. So I end up giving in a lot and we eat something terrible. So I'm going to back off on some of the restrictions I've had in place and see how I feel and will possibly work them back in at a later date, this is in the interest of cooking healthy things that hopefully the boyfriend will want to eat, and that we can enjoy together. I'll be not considering gluten a failure anymore, as long as it is in whole grain form. I will also not be so picky about dairy, since I have learned I can't not eat pizza, I just need to think more when I eat things that are "bad". If I don't think of it as bad it will hopefully be easier for me to eat a normal human amount instead of like 20 slices. More on this down in my food mission.

So. I will do small things. Or big things. Or medium things. My choice depending on how I'm feeling as long as I do something from each category every day. Every day I will focus on myself and improve myself a little bit. Even if I'm exhausted and it's something super tiny, it's still something better than yesterday.

Every Day Missions

1) Move. This can be running, yoga, strength work out, swimming, or going for a walk. Or even hopping onto my mini stepper for a bit if I'm super busy. Even stretching and foam rolling counts here if it's a rest day or I'm super sore or sick. Just do something every day. Especially if it's capoeira.


2) Meditate. I started using Headspace before I went away and continued to use it on vacation but I kind of lost track of it since. It's small little meditation sessions that build up over time in length and intensity (ie - become less and less guided) and eventually begin to branch out into different aspects of life that I can focus on. I absolutely love it, so I'm going to make a commitment and really start doing this every day again.

3) Make Healthy Choices. Try to avoid gluten, but when neccessary make sure it is whole grain. Also portion control is key. Don't over eat. I know when I've screwed up, if it's one thing I've gained over the year it's knowledge of what's good and what's bad to put into my body. Actually following through with this hasn't been super sucessfull but I do know. So this is kind of subjective but that's also kind of the point. I want an overall feeling of making healthy choices and really thinking about what I put into my body every day. I'm not too worried about the nitty gritty.


4) Improve My Space. Clean something, or organize something, or make something look a little nicer in my space every day. Even if it's tiny, even if it's just scooping the cat litter. If I'm not home for a day, this can be as simple as organizing my purse, throwing receipts out of my wallet or cleaning my hair brush. Just something.

5) Sleep. Get at least 7.5+ hours a day. This can be supplamented with naps in extenuating circumstances. No excuses.


6) Be accountable. I have tapatalk, I have access to it everywhere. I can get on here every day even if I'm not at a computer. Even if all I say is something like "Today: 1235" beecause I everything on this list except for number 4 sort of thing. It's not that hard. I can do it. This doesn't count towards grading but I'd really like to keep on top of it.

Bonus Activities

These will make sense once I get to the grading portion.

1) Brain Train. I don't expect to do this every day, but I do want to do it a few times a week. I have a free Luminosity account and also a brain exercise thing on my DS. So either one will work. (MAX 5 POINTS/WEEK)

2) Snake Love. Not sure if I've mentioned this before here but I own 4 snakes. I completely love them but sometimes I don't play with them as much as I probably should/want to. So once a week or so I'll try to take them out and handle them. (MAX 1 POINT/WEEK)


3) Pamper. Take a bath. Give myself a face mask. Get a manicure or a pedicure (or do it myself). Do something nice just for me. (MAX 1 POINT/WEEK)

4) Boyfriend Time. Do something romantic with the boyfriend. We have been living together for 3 years now so the romance is starting to be more like let's lay on the couch all night in our PJs and order in as opposed to going out for a nice dinner or see a movie. I feel the opportunities to be healthy are much better in going-out situations too. Plus I enjoy dressing up and looking/feeling nice. (MAX 1 POINT/EVERY 2 WEEKS)

5) Volunteer. I've been volunteering on occasion with HRC, if the opportunity arises during this challenge I want to volunteer more! (MAX 2 POINTS/CHALLENGE)

6) Duolingo. This is basically a free version of Rosetta Stone. I've been on and off using it for Spanish for about a year now. Hopefully I can find the time to work on this a bit. (MAX 5 POINTS/WEEK)


I will start off with 175 points. If I miss an every day task, I lose one point. If I do a bonus activity, I gain one point. But I can't get more than the max points per week from the bonus activities listed under each bonus activity (so I can't just take 20 baths in one week and get 20 points haha) At the end of the challenge I will grade myself based on my end total points. 175 is 35 (days left in the challenge) times 5 (number of daily tasks). So I can't actually get below 0.

210+ points: A (15 stat points)
190-209: B (11 stat points)
175-189: C (8 stat points)
125-174: D (5 stat points)
100-124: F  (1 stat point)

0-99: F- (0 stat points)

I will award myself the above number of stat points. Since my end grade isn't broken up into how well I did in each category, I will decide at the end what kind of stat points I get depending on what I feel I improved upon the most during this challenge.

And I'm off!


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Happy Nerdversity, Raxie!  Looking forward to following you and cheering you on.  



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Wow I'm in the same boat with a bunch of what you're saying here.  Feeling like the challenges were two steps forward, two steps back.  Spinning my wheels, etc.  I think you've got a good approach for getting going again.


Thanks! I certainly hope so.  All I know is my previous approach clearly isn't working so I've got to try something else.


You got this, chica.


Habits are hard to break and you have to break habits to make new ones.


The habits I've created are basically ways to subvert the habits I want to make.  This ends this challenge!


Happy anniversary! :D


I can definitely relate to feeling stuck, but you have a great approach this challenge and you'll do amazing!


Thank you! :D I really think this approach gets me out of my rut.



Happy Nerdversity, Raxie!  Looking forward to following you and cheering you on.  




Thanksss :D




Ok, I know this is a small part of the big picture, but it's awesome that you have a snake handling goal! It's so cool to see the many very different ways people choose to make a difference.


Thank you!  They're really awesome pets.  I can just chill out with them while watching TV and stuff which is awesome.  I've just got to be careful not to fall asleep hahah.  They're ball python's and one is a woma python so they're quite small (all stay under 4 feet) so I hope you guys aren't imagining me with like 4 giant burmese pythons or anacondas or something haha. :)

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Yesterday was quite successful!


Move. I spent 17:27 minutes (829 steps) on my mini stepper while watching the season premiere of Gotham.   Maybe I'll actually be able to finish the Ranger mini challenge tonight!  If I can do 1091 this evening that's approximately 60 flights total & if I count the 10 flights I inadvertantly climbed last week that's the goal of 70!


Meditate. Day 1 of Headspace's Take 10 program.  Felt really good afterwards.  I find if I do it right when I get home it helps me get focused and want to do what I planned on doing.  This is probably one of the biggest issues I have, that I have all these grand plans but then I get home from work and feel exhausted and just want to do nothing and order in and have a beer.  But just these few minutes of meditating help center me and get ready to do everything I want to.  I hope this continues to be the case.


Make Healthy ChoicesI had leftover healthy enchiladas for lunch, and my grandma's leftover lentil/pasta e fagioli soup (because her soup is basically like these two soups had a baby. SO GOOD) and salad for dinner. I don't know exactly what was in the soup, but it's broth and beans and veggies and home made so I can't imagine it being unhealthy. I also put some stuff in the fridge to marinate over night per this morroccan chicken recipe. So that's what I'll be eating tonight. Hopefully it's nom-alicious. Then again, anything that marintes for 24 hours in 6 cloves of garlic (and other things not as important as garlic) has got to be amazing.


Improve My Space. I organized my desk at work and scooped the cat litter.


Sleep. 7 hours and 20 minutes of sleep at night, 15 minute nap after work = 7:35 coming in 5 minutes above my goal.


Bonus Activities. Lumosity and Duolingo! I am pleasantly surprised with how much Spanish I remember on Duolingo.


TLDR. Hit all my daily goals and got in 2 bonus activities for +2 points. 



Total current points: 177

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I like that you're making a point of boyfriend time. My partner and I have been together 6 years and sometimes you just forget how important that kind of thing is. Looks like a great challenge set up! 


I feel like living together made a huge difference for us as well.  It's just so easy to come home and cuddle and not do anything when you have the same home hahah.  But yes, it's definitely something we need to work on, quantity and quality aren't the same thing.

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Move. 20 minutes (1091 steps) on my mini stepper and completed the Ranger mini challenge (albeit a bit late). Also I started doing a squat/ab/push up 30 day challenge. I'm not putting any pressure on myself to finish it since the whole point of this NF challenge is to do what I feel comfortable with each day. But right now I feel comfortable starting this so we'll see how it goes. I am still seriously struggling with even doing 1 "real" push up, but I hate doing the half push ups because I feel like it doesn't prepare me well for having proper form, so I'm assisting the push ups with resistance bands. I think it's the first time since high school I've felt what a real proper form push up feels like. It really is so much different from a half push up so I'm glad I'm going this route.


Meditate. Day 2 of Headspace's Take 10 program. It was a little easier than the day before, I seem to be getting back into the groove quickly with this.


Make Healthy Choices. Finished that Moroccan recipe that was marinating over night and had it with garlic lemon spinach. It was pretty good, the recipe definitely called for way too much salt (in fact I used half of what it called for and it was still overly salty) so next time I'll tone it down. But the flavours were great. Breakfast was a banana and lunch was a chickn tomato avocado salsa sandwich on whole wheat ciabatta.


Improve My Space. Cleaned off and reorganized the top of my dresser and my night stand. Organized some nice candles and knick knacks so it looks purdy.


Sleep. 7.5 hours of sleep almost exactly last night.


Bonus Activities. Lumosity and Duolingo again (2/5 bonus points from both of these this week so far)


TLDR. Hit all my daily goals (again!) and got in 2 bonus activities for +2 points.


Total current points: 179

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Boyfriend time is a great goal.  Let us know about your hot date!

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Move. Day 2 of the Squats & Abs, and the Easy Push Ups 30 Day Challenges. Semi embarassed to say my arms are sore after 4 band assisted push ups.  My upper body strength is non existant.  No where to go but up from here I suppose!


Meditate. Day 3 of Headspace's Take 10 program. Had a hard time staying calm and clearing my mind yesterday, but I was all over the place because of work and also the ridiculous amount of cleaning I was doing.  But, I did it, and I still felt slightly calmer and more clearheaded afterwards.  And that's the point.


Make Healthy Choices. Banana for breakfast, scrambled egg, tomato and salsa verde corn tortilla tacos for lunch and ... taco bell for dinner (oops).  We were out doing errands and stuck in traffic for over an hour and were starving, so it was basically taco bell or mcdonalds and I think taco bell is the lesser of two evils?  BUT I did get probably the healthiest thing they had (veggie/bean cantina power bowl with none of their sketchy meat and 15g of protein) so I actually don't feel too bad about it, but I'm still definitely not giving myself a green for that, I won't deduct a full point though because I did make the healthiest choice I could. -0.5 points


Improve My Space. Massive massive cleaning.  I did 6 loads of laundry, rotated the mattress, vacuumed, and reorganized my shoes and straightened out everything on my closet floor so stuff isn't falling out everywhere, and even organized my little workout equipment nook.  I also put away the first 4 loads of laundry.  The other 2 I've got to put away tonight, as not putting away clean clothes is the clothes monster's favorite appetizer. But my room is so much less cluttered now.  I love that feeling.


Sleep. 7.25 hours of sleep last night.  I didn't fit in any naps yesterday.  It's not under 7 hours which is the bare minimum I need to not feel like death so I'm going to give myself an orange and not a red. -0.5 points


Bonus Activities. Lumosity and Duolingo again (3/5 bonus points from both of these this week so far). +2 points


TLDR. Hit most of my goals, sleep and eating I only hit half way, so that's -0.5 points each.  Bonus activities gave me +2 points for a total of +1 point for yesterday.


Total current points: 180

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Ah, there you are.  Looks like your goals are good and going well so far.  Keep it up. :)


Thanks :)


Self control and ordering healthy at ANY fast food joint is tough.  You did it though!!


I suppose you're right.  I did pretty good :D


I couldn't do any pushups when I started on this site...I'm now "massively strong" :playful: and can do 5!


Once I got fairly good at the knee pushups, it made a big difference for me to start doing negatives. You do a "real" pushup on the way down and then drop your knees for pushing back up.


Oooh 5!  That's 5 more than I can do :)  I tried negatives the other day and I fell on my face hahaha, so I don't think I'm even there yet unfortunately.  Once I get my strength back up a bit I'll definitely be adding them to my routine though.

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Move. Warmed up with jumping jacks then Day 3 of the Squats & Abs, and the Easy Push Ups 30 Day Challenges. Still sore from the push ups but today's a rest day for that one.


Meditate. Day 4 of Headspace's Take 10 program. I relaxed a little too easy this time and fell asleep.  -sigh- I'll get a nice balance one day.


Make Healthy Choices. Banana for breakfast, chickn and tomato on whole wheat for lunch, and fish and cactus tacos for dinner. I was tempted by beer but resisted.  Woot!  (Also I just had bean tacos for lunch.  I think I'm eating too many tacos. They're all filled with veggies and protein and healthies though, and the corn tortillas are gluten free and soft so they aren't fried soooo I guess I'm OK with it)


Improve My Space. I had every intention of putting the rest of my laundry away, but I didn't.  Boo. -1 points


Sleep. 12 hours.  What?  Yeah.  I don't know how that happened.  I woke up after 8 hours and was relaxing with my cat and just passed back out again and didn't even realize until 4 hours later.  I guess I needed it.


Bonus Activities. Just Lumosity. +1 point (4/5 Lumosity bonus points for the week)


TLDR. Hit my goals, except for the cleaning/organizing one, but did a bonus activity so that's a draw for yesterday. 


Other News. I'm looking forward to the next 5ish days.  I've got a girls night tonight with my two best friends, tomorrow I'm going to a local Irish Festival with my boyfriend and his coworkers, and possibly a nice dinner with the boyfriend afterwards followed by Singing in the Rain (MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALLTIME) that is playing at a local theatre for a special event (yay hot date!).  Then Tuesday I'm volunteering with HRC to help check people in to one of their events.  I know it's going to be hard to keep up with my goals with all this going on, but I think I got this for the most part.


Total current points: 180

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Quick update because today is nuts. 8 hours of sleep last night, cleaned the bathroom, had a good meditation, did the 30 day challenges and got both lumosity and Duolingo. Drank a lot of wine at girls night time bit that was planned. +2 points over all

Total Points: 182

Sent by TARDIS delivery service. Apologies for typos caused by interactions with the time vortex.

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Tagging so it shows up in my feed, will catch up soon.  LOL.  A week away from the computer = ZOMG POSTS EVERYWHERE!

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