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25/100 miles covered so far!


I'm glad I have this 100 mile challenge going because it definitely got me out of the door this morning. I even did some hill work, mostly walking up a very big mile-long hill near my house and then running down to help build quad strength. I've been feeling very inspired about my running lately which is a great place to be in.


I'm looking at an awesome 2015 season with some big new events and the plan to really focus on running, and specifically ultra-marathon distance running. I'll need a solid action plan for this as well as a really mapped out training schedule. I know I'll need:


1) Big Mileage with a focus on building aerobic capacity.

2) Strength training tailored to endurance more than pure 1-5rep strength, and especially focusing on core/low back work.

3) Minimizing other obligations, for this reason I'll be stepping away from soccer for at least the spring 2015 season.


Nothing is solidified yet, but once I start putting down money for races I'll post them here.


However, it's fair to say that the off season is coming to a close.

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However, on my 5 mile run I received no less that three cat-calls. Dudes, what makes you think this is ok? Also, it's far more prevalent then most people believe, hence why I'm mentioning it here. I'm not sure which is more distressing: the knowledge that I will get cat-called at least once every time I run on the streets (as opposed to trails), or that it's become so frequent that I no longer am bothered by it. To be a woman in public, dressed any way and participating in any activity is to be subject to potential street harassment. So thanks for that men.


I don't even understand.  Seriously.  That's a bunch of shit.


But, Spartan!  Arrroooo!


And, Off Season coming to a close!  Huzzah!

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Current Challenge || Previous:: 2020 Reset

There are a ton of previous challenges that I'm not linking


"Freaking pansies. Go work out!" - The Art of Clineliness

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Four more miles today, bringing the monthly total to 37/100.


I had wanted to go for more, but I kept catching my toes on rocks and realized that I was actually pretty tired (maybe that's cuz I woke up at 5am) so I went just for 4 miles and walked a good portion of it.


LA is experiencing some torrential rain right now so soccer is likely going to be canceled tomorrow (YAY!) so I'm going to hit up a 15-17mile loop trail out in the Santa Monica mountains. We'll call today an active rest day and get ready for a running adventure tomorrow!

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Got in a solid 10miles on Saturday! Bringing the monthly total to 47/100 miles.


Been feeling a bit off since and have been sleeping a ton, so I had to scrap my morning 3 miler. I really wanted to be at 50 miles on the 15th, but no such luck. Luckily I can get lots of miles in over the weekends so I think I'll be ok.

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Well, I spent the last week sick. As in the sickest I've been in recent memory so that's thrown off my mileage count for this month quite a bit.


But I got a 2miler (this was brutally hard feeling - and then I got sick so solved that)

A shitty 5 miler in which I learned that my lungs are not fully healed.

A slow and boring 4 mile walk which i'm counting b/c reasons.


Current monthly total 58/100 miles. That means I only have 11 days to cover 42 miles. Cooooool.


But who doesn't like a challenge?

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Last week I was sick, this weekend I went to Palm Springs with my boyfriend and just chilled by the pool, we were lazy and walked around and generally did a whole lot of not much. I finally got back into eating normally (aka eating much at all) and was feeling pretty good.


Today I woke up with no appetite again, my throat is sore and swollen and it hurts to swallow anything, including water. WTF?!?!?! I've had these symptoms before, it's just a bacterial throat infection that's happened about once a year the last two years (this being my third time). Only once has it gotten so bad I needed antibiotics. I'm annoyed because I'm falling off my goals. I haven't been to the gym in three weeks (although I was running a lot before I got sick) and I feel like my mental game is going to shit.

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"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself" -- Tolstoy

Not sure if it was buzz or woody that said it though.


Spartan double trifecta progess:


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"Run ALL the things or die tryin'"

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