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Steps towards carrying fiance over threshold goal?

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I am new to Nerd Fitness, started early September and trying to keep up the Beginner Body Workout 3 x weekly and have at least 2 x Paleo meals a day. 


With my first month almost down keeping up with these changes, I wanted to start setting up goals/quests/challenges and work towards leveling up.  


My main goal is to (Princess) carry my fiancé over the threshold to our home and rock a chainmail bikini


(For reference:  My fiancé is 6'4" and currently weighs 149 lbs, that's a foot taller and 10 lbs less than me - assuming he doesn't gain weight)


What quests should I look at to support that goal?  I understand I need strength/weight training, but not sure which workouts support a goal of actually lifting people....


I also need visualization, otherwise lifting weights gets very dull for me.  Lifting things is much more rewarding -- bricks, furniture, etc. -- so I like to gauge my strength but what I can lift in real life, not just how many reps & weights I can do.


I know it's pretty far off right now, but I get Dwarf tossed daily by skinny Elf boy and he needs to be taught a lesson.  I've seen lots of powerlifting ladies on this site so I know it's possible!



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Lifting weights need not feel like something arbitrary activity you do just for the heck of it. They carry over a lot to how you carry stuff in real life. For example:


  • My mom loves to garden, so I use something like a squat and deadlift to lift heavy plant pots and stuff all over the place.
  • We have a lot of chubby dogs. I like to toss them in the air. I typically look like overhead pressing them (or bench press if I'm lying down).
  • I lift jugs of water using a deep squat form when I have to refill our water dispenser.a
  • I did something like a power clean when I was lifting up a fence that fell down when a storm passed by us.

And etc etc. The weights and reps are simply there to help you progress your strength levels in a measurable and incremental fashion.


But if that's really not working for you, puppies, doggies, and babies are also good. Make sure to weigh them in first!

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Some comments


For carrying things

- squats/deadlift for back and legs

- curls for arms, particularly bar curls with your elbows pinned to your side so your arm makes a 90 degree angle with your body

- pullups/rows for back/shoulders

- Atlas stones if you have access to a Strongman gym


For carrying humans, princess style

It's tough.  Humans are much heavier at one end than at the other end.  So one arm is going to be holding more of the weight.  Additionally, humans are wide (ie, not just  a bar).  You have to carry the weight out away from your body.  All of this adds up to needing a lot of upper body and arm strength.  I'm 6', 245# male and can lift and carry my 5'2", 240# wife for very short distances, if I really want to.  When she was smaller, (<180#) I could carry her pretty easily.  I really doubt that I could princess carry SevenFootGeek who is 6'10" and over 200#.  


As to your specific situation, this is going to be really tough. How much can you carry now?  How long do you have to get ready?Have you tried carrying someone bigger than a toddler?   Got any grade schoolers around that you can grab to try out, say in the 70-80# range?  Specifically, controlling the torque is going to be tough once you have the actual strength.   Also, since a 149# guy is throwing  159# (you) around..ie, more than his body weight, I've got to think he has some mass in his shoulders, which is going to accentuate the torque/lopsided issue.


Have you thought about a fireman's carry instead?  I know catspaw (who is a 5'8"/160ish pound female) was able to carry SevenFootGeek in a fireman's carry.

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I like to pick people up.  I find it amusing to lift people to a level where they have never been before.  So I've done a lot of princess carries over the years.


I have a distorted perspective, though.  Since my arms are so long, I can wrap them around a torso fairly easily and compensate for the torque wildross was mentioning.  It's still there, but it's less of an issue for me since I my mass is generally significantly greater than the person I'm carrying.


It also makes a huge difference how the person you are picking up behaves, too.  A willing participant will drape their arm over your shoulders, bringing their mass closer to your center of balance, which allows you to bear their weight more with your back and legs.  They will also let their legs drape, for exactly the same reason.  I've picked up friends of mine who were super skinny but really difficult to princess carry because they kept their legs locked and stuck out.  Another problem is people keeping their back locked which creates the same problem as the legs, but worse because of all the mass carried in the torso.  They should be relaxed, but not limp.  To be fair, most people are scared of being dropped, so I'd recommend that you try to workout when you fiance can see what you move, as that will increase his confidence in you and make him more relaxed.


Like so many other lifting related things, form is pretty important to be able to move another person.  Squats and deadlifts will give you excellent practice in maintaining a neutral spine posture while lifting the weight of another person.  That is super important right out of the gate.  They'll also build significant strength and confidence as you are planning to bear a mass that is greater than your own.  


The actual lift is fairly simple, though a bit of a shocker for the weight.  

  • Make sure that you begin with your arm around your fiance and tucked tight under this armpit.  The higher up his back you can be, the less of his mass will be born directly by your arms.  
  • He should have his arm draped across your shoulders at this point.
  • Stay close to him.  The closer you are, the easier it will be.
  • Drop low as if you were squatting until you can comfortably get your other arm behind his knees.
  • Here's where a compliant victim partner makes a difference.  A compliant individual will buckle their own knees as you sweep them into a horizontal position.  This is the hardest part as you have to torque your partner from a vertical to a horizontal position very quickly.
  • You are now bearing their weight across your arms and chest in a near-squat position.
  • Maintain that neutral back position practiced from squats and deadlifts and stand up.
  • Walk across the threshold.


The first couple times you do this, you'll feel a tendency to hold your arms out as much as possible.  Don't.  Keep whoever/whatever you are lifting tight to your chest to minimize the strain on your arms.  


A fireman's carry is significantly easier, but it is much less dignified and doesn't really suit the idea of carrying your new husband across the threshold.  But catspaw certainly knows more about those than I do.

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Very helpful answers -- thank you!!  Time is not of the essence, as we'll likely be too broke for a wedding for at least another couple years and we're in no rush.  We technically already have our home together so the lift is more just ceremonial rite of passage idea (with a little revenge, not gonna lie - I hate getting picked up).  This would be more like a master goal/quest with lots of little quests building up to it I just need to plan that part out.


- I could maybe structure my mini quests as lifting different size kids (baby, toddler, elementary school kid/50 to 60 lbs, middle schooled/70 to 80 lbs, etc.) if I can find enough volunteers.


- Right now I can carry our 30 pound Corgi (chubby dog lifts for the win, amen!) for about 10 min on hikes when she gets tired / she's particular about being carried "Queen" style directly under her legs with my arms at a 90 degree angle while keeping her back straight.  I can still carry a 10 pound backpack while doing that, but lifting on my back is always easier


- Fireman carry might work, the Princess carry was an icing idea (hence parenthesis) but I don't think he'd be too un-compliant either way / the foot height difference is pretty daunting, even if I could try Princess carry it'd look more like Scooby-Doo/Shaggy carry


- Form = Must Practice, yes, thank you / I hurt my back long time ago in high school trying to lift something the wrong way so I try really hard to watch now whenever I lift anything if I'm doing it right

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"For all your days be prepared, and meet them ever alike.  When you are the anvil, bear - when you are the hammer, strike.". - Edward Markham

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Big-ass sandbag. I like the one from Mountain Athlete as it is bombproof. Get used to picking it up & walking it in a bear hug. Add sand over the months until it's at or over your fiancé's weight. The bag will be WAY harder  to manage than your fiancé, which will help a ton. When I was carrying a 150# sandbag around my house as a finisher I could pretty easily cary people who were 200# +.

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Just go to Bunnings (or if you're not in Australia, a Bunnings equivalent... Home Depot maybe?) and start lugging around their bags of dry cement or soil. I once had a hilarious conversation with a guy that had never been to a gym in his life, but literally went to a garden centre every other day and moved bags of compost from one side to the other. He said it took months before any of the staff caught on.

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Just go to Bunnings (or if you're not in Australia, a Bunnings equivalent... Home Depot maybe?) and start lugging around their bags of dry cement or soil. I once had a hilarious conversation with a guy that had never been to a gym in his life, but literally went to a garden centre every other day and moved bags of compost from one side to the other. He said it took months before any of the staff caught on.

That was close to my other suggestion, which was 'go get a job in a lumberyard'. :)

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I don't have too much to add, but when I was around 16 and was still boxing I was able to princess carry my boyfriend at time. I did it on a bet the first time. Our friend claimed that my ex could pick me up, I said he couldn't but I could definitely lift him. I wound up carrying him about the room for a few feet to prove my point and that was that. At the time I was 5'9" and 160lbs (with a lot of upper body strength). He was near half a foot taller than me so I'm guessing maybe 6'4" around about? I'm pretty sure he only weighed around 140lbs but I could be wrong. He was basically a stick and he could never lift me up... a bit of a weak one. I used to do a lot of training with handstands and sandbags. My trainer would have me carry a 50lb sandbag (at the beginning, he would add 10lbs every few days until I hit close to my body weight) all around our gym when I was gearing up for a fight (it'll take a while but it builds a lot of muscle). I think the hardest part might be the height difference (aside from the time to build up the muscle mass). 


...I'm definitely following this and a challenge if (when?) you make one. This is hilarious. xD

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