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Any jugglers and/or poi people around?


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Are you a (contact) juggler, diabolo, hoola hoop, devil sticks or poi person? Where in the world are you? What kind of juggling do you like to do most?


I'm not the best juggler in the world, but I do like to juggle. I absolutely love doing poi and I spend waaaaaay too little time doing it. I've been doing poi for about five years now, been super active with it for about two years of it. I do it a lot once a year at a festival and I always rediscover my love for it. I can't do an awful lot of different moves but I love doing the moves I know. When I do it to some wonderful music, I can get into a flow that simply keeps me going and going and going until the music stops (and then I get sad and feel a little awkward because I kept my eyes closed all the time so I couldn't see who was or wasn't watching me :nevreness: ). 


Also, I feel kind of lonely in this. 


Here are some people who are pretty awesome at doing what they do. I'm not nearly as good as them, but I would love to learn those things some day. I don't have a video of myself doing poi on the internet yet, that's why you can enjoy someone else's awesomeness for now.





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