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Advice on my lifting program


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I'm looking for advice on things I should be doing to improve my current routine that won't be too diffiuclt.  I'm a creature of habit and I need about 6 weeks of a change before it becomes routine, so anything too drastic tends to cause me to find excuses.


Fitness Goals


- Gain muscle mass until I reach 160 lbs, then lose some fat, then set a new muscle mass goal depending on how much fat I lose.

- Get my benchpress max to 170 lbs (almost there)

- Get my squat max to 230 lbs (nowhere close)

- Get my deadlift max to 270 lbs (nowhere close)

Exercise Preference


- I'm working on GPP but I incorporate power lifting into my routine


Current Physical Stats

  • Gender - Male
  • Age - 34
  • Height - 5'11"
  • Weight - 154 lbs

Previous Training History

All kinds of random stuff, most recently doing 3x10 of 6 different exercises each day, 3 "arms" days and 2 "legs" days a week.

Current Training


3x3 routine for the last 3 months.  Start with one warmup set of 3 reps of ~70% max for each exercise.  Then, do each exercise 3 reps at ~90% resting 90 seconds in between, rest a few minutes in between, and repeat twice more.


I do the same warmup every day: 2 minute walk, 3.5 minute jog, 1.5 minute sprint.  I change speed an incline for variety.


Monday - Squat (145lbs), Weighted Side Plank (42 lbs), Deadlift (185 lbs)

Tuesday - Bench Press (140 lbs), Bent-Over Row (57 lbs), Dumbell Overhead Press (37 lbs each arm)

Wednesday - Squat (145 lbs), Calf Raises (145 lbs - 3 w/parallel feet, 3 angled inward, 3 angled outward), Walking Lunges (42 lbs each arm)

Thursday - Weighted Pull Up (17 lbs), Standing Tricep Extension (52 lbs), Rope Cable Curl (100 lbs)

Friday - Squat (145 lbs), Plank (90 seconds), Deadlift (185 lbs)


I increase one set of each exercise by 5 lbs every time I do it, if possible.  So day 1 is 50 lbs x3, day 2 is 50 lbs x2 and 55 lbs, day 3 is 50 lbs and 55 lbs x2, and so on.


The Calf Raises are mostly because they are fast and relatively low energy; I have limited time on Wednesdays.

Current Diet

  • Normal/Paleo/Vegatarian - Normal, with a protein/calorie shake after each workout
  • Daily Calories - Between 2500-3000 on weekdays, 2000-2500 on weekends
  • Daily Macros - No idea, didn't even know what this was until I just looked it up!  I get around 90 grams of protein a day

Current Resources/Limitations

  • Gym Access - Daily after work.  The gym is in use by highschool students in the morning, I'd probably get fired for working out with them.
  • Work/School Schedule - I go straight from work to the gym Monday- Friday, starting at 5PM
  • Time Allowed - 45 minutes on wednesdays (weekly Dungeons and Dragons night), 1.5 hours the rest of the week but that includes stretching and rolling time.


I've added 9 lbs of mostly muscle over the last 6 months of lifting and consuming extra calories and protein.  I lift twice or more what I was lifting 6 months ago for each exercise (except for pullups).

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I won't comment on your program, as I'm still too much of a newbie to comment, but I do want to mention a few things about your diet.


1: Your calories seem low for bulking. 2500 calories is probably quite a lot below your maintenance calories on work out days, and 2000 calories is certainly too low for off days. I'm under the impression that your muscles still grow the day after your work out. Consider checking out different calculators online. Have you tried counting your calories for a few days? "Eyeballing" calories is really hard.


2: 90 grams of protein is a bit low as well. Most people recommend eating your number of pounds of lean muscle weight in grams of protein, so for you it is probably like 120g.

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I'll just leave these resources here:


http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator/ - Great resource for calculating your calorie and macro goals

http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ - This is an awesome way to track your intake

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I'd recommend reading through this article and trying the 5-3-1 program. It's simple and doesn't involve anything too crazy. I would just add some finishers to the end of each lift day like pullups, sprints, med ball slams, etc. After you complete that you can start a different program depending on what you want to focus on. I always recommend trying an intense squat program to anyone who hasnt tried one if they want big gains.



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