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Rebels Report! How'd you do?


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My overall goal is simply the Missouri Warrior Dash on Saturday, October 15th.

Fitness Goals

  • Run 3x a week - ramping up the distances so I'll be prepared to run the 5k+
  • Strength train 2x a week - focusing on body weight exercises like push-ups, inverted rows, etc so I can get myself up and over the obstacles.
Oh yeah...and I'm not going to shave until after the Warrior Dash.

Life Goals

  • Donate all of the stuff I've sorted in the past few months to clear out my basement
  • Sell at least 3 things on Craiglist

Warrior Dash was completed and I powered through all of the obstacles. It was a lot of fun, except for the wiping out after tripping on a tree root and standing around at the obstacles waiting for my turn. You can see the writeup and a couple of pics here: Part 1 Part 2.

I completed the other fitness goals - I ran 3x a week, and mixed in some trails and hills. I started out running .5 miles, and worked up to a 3.1 mile run. I did bodyweight training, and the last week, I was running to a playground (~1 mile away) and then wrangling around the equipment. I learned at the Warrior Dash that I didn't train correctly, so I plan to make a post with some training tips.

I didn't shave for the 6 weeks, and 3 days before the dash, I sculpted my facial hair in the Sabretooth style you can see in my avatar.

I still have stuff in the basement, but I did sell 12 pairs of pants on craigslist and didn't get murdered in the exchange!

Grade: B

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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First Goal: 90% paleo... i'd guess on average throughout the whole challenge i was probably 80-85% (i did pretty well the first 4 the n went off the rails a bit in the last 2) i'll gimme a B+

Second Goal: 180kg deadlift and 100kg clean, these 2 where very ambitious, unfortunately my hip went a bit in the second week so i had to go a lot steadier than i was planning, i managed a 155kg deadlift for 3 today (wearing a belt and with a spotter for getting it up did 150kg RAW) and 2 weeks ago i did a 87.5kg clean, though i only managed an 85kg one today, C+ (shouldn't of set such a high target)

Third Goal: do Sprint Intervals at least once a week, again due to my hip this one failed but i swapped it for doing tabata squats/bike at least once a week which i mostly managed (some weeks i did 2/3 a week one i did none) so A-

Life Goal: Read a lot (full booklist on my thread) got about a third of Primal Blueprint left and am about a fifth of the way into 'Game of Thrones' and i've finished all the rest so i give me an A- for that

Bonus Challenge: only managed 1 visit to a farmers market due to my shift rota and the short time that they stayed open

Overall i think i'm on a solid B+ not bad for my first challenge

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I'd have to give myself.... a C.

Conclusions & Notes:

- I need to learn to be tougher on myself. Too many goodies and treats. Too many excuses.

- But I did my first 5K, and I did it faster than I thought I could. And I did make a lot of good choices.

- I didn't see any physical results (weight, measurements, BF%) from the work I did for the last 6 weeks. Proof that I just didn't try hard enough.

- I cut my challenge a week early, due to spending the last week doing a big move

I consider this a learning challenge, and I think I'll be able to set and maintain my goals a lot better during the next one!

Either way, it was really great to have the support of the Nerd Fitness community! I've learned so much! :) Thank you all!

Mmm... kaik.

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I'll have to go with a C also, but some interesting things came out of this challenge.

1. Didn't count calories, but ended up reworking diet. I'm switching to paleo.

2. Do my Crossfit workouts - 100% (except being too sick to go last week which I'm not counting - I really was sick)

3. Iaijutsu - 100% it's fun and awesome

4. Budget - 50% I could have done better, I could have done worse.


5. Work on Blog/Be Creative - 0% I'm stuck for ideas. I've not been doing well on this.

6. Riding my bike to work - 100% I got a new bicycle this month and I took the chance to ride to work unless I needed my car for an errand. Its nice and not that much slower than going by car.


I did a handstand! I never thought I'd do this!

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This was my challenge.

This is my workout log.

In the last 6 weeks I did over 30 workouts, including over 1000 reps of pushing exercises (mostly push ups and dips) and over 500 reps of pulling exercises (mostly L-sit pull ups and inverted rows). I've gotten a good amount stronger and my friends are starting to notice the difference ("appearance is a consequence of fitness", right?) and I'm pretty happy with my progress, but I still have a long way to go.


Strength: B+

For the "pushing exercises", I managed to hit 3 sets of 10 dips and 3 sets of

(the FIRST exercise in this video's progression towards full planche push ups), but I'm nowhere close to 10 handstand push ups against the wall; that goal was a bit ambitious. For the "pulling exercises", I managed to hit 3 sets of 10 L-sit pull ups, but I haven't tested myself on L-sit chin ups or wide pull ups yet.

Flexibility: D

I was definitely not very gung ho about stretching; I was basically just going through the motions whenever it occurred to me that I should stretch. I did improve my standing pike a bit (no that's definitely not me in the picture), but I probably lost whatever gains I had in the last week or two. Hopefully I'll be more successful with flexibility for the next challenge.

Life: F

Okay... research just straight up didn't happen, and I dropped out of the poster presentation. For now I'm just going to concentrate on my classes (I'm a university student); that'll probably be the focus for the "Life" part of my next challenge.

Overall: C-


Level 2 Assassin


STR: 7.0 | DEX: 7.0 | STA: 1.0

CON: 2.0 | WIS: 4.1 | CHA: 2.0


Current Challenge | Battle Log

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Health & Fitness

1. Quit Smoking: FAIL

I did manage to stints of seven consecutive days without a single puff, but both times I caved to social pressures and lit up again. I thought I had this, but I was wrong.

2(a). Eat Paleo for more than 90% of the challenge. FAIL.

I was doing great and was on track to meet this goal until this past weekend. I'm not really sure why I buckled, but did I ever. Nonetheless, I managed just over 80% for the duration of the challenge. Still pretty respectable, and I feel pretty comfortable at this level of paleo-ness. Since that's a good indicator of sustainability, I think I'll hang out in this range for a while. It's restrictive enough that I really enjoy my treats, but not so much that I'm going insane.

2(B). Discover and prepare at least 1 new paleo meal for each week of the challenge, for six new meals in total: PASS. I crushed this one. I stopped counting at around ten meals. I even re-made several of the good ones.

3. Be able to do at least one pull-up, from a dead hang, with no cheating: PASS. Oddly enough, I thought this would be my toughest challenge. I can now do 1-2 pull-ups reliably, and 3 sets of 3 chins.


1. Save up enough cash to pay for my next chest tattoo session, book it, and git 'er done. FAIL. Stupid Stove picked a bad time to break.

2. Finish at least two more books on the Time 100 Best Novels list: FAIL. I came really close, but I'm about 60 pages short on The Adventures of Augie March (Bellow). A also read Money (Amis) in it's entirety.

3. Automate my bill payments in order to maximize the travel miles that I collect each month. PASS. This one was easy.

Despite the abundance of fail above, There was a good deal of non-goal success:

- I didn't miss a single workout, even on thanksgiving (Canada) weekend

- two weeks before the challenge, when I started working out I tipped the scales at 203lbs+. At the start of the challenge, I weighed about 193lbs, and presently weigh 182lbs.

- at the start of the challenge, my BF% (calliper) was 18% give or take. Now it's 13%.

- at the start of the challenge I could barely move 70lbs for bench press, overhead press, and a little bit more for deadlifts and squats. I could not do a pull-up. Now I can do that pull-up (and more), bench 130, deadlift 220, squat 170, and overhead press 95lbs. I can also do sets of pushups with my feet elevated to 28" off the ground.

All in all, I feel pretty good about things. I'll stay on top of the smoking efforts, and maintain the diet. Otherwise, I'm pumped for the next challenge which will involve a slight change of direction for me...

Now for the evidence. I'm pretty sure that I added some muscle, not sure exactly how much though. I'm guessing that the majority of the lost weight was water and excess fat?


Posted Image


Posted Image

OVERALL GRADE: C. I failed on a lot of stated goals, but not by much. I also accomplished a lot of other things that I didn't expect to, hence a middle of the road final assessment.

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Here's an abbreviation of how I did.

You can read the longer summary in my challenge thread.

Objective: Decrease body fat, preserve muscle: Score: B

Since my weight on the scale didn't budge, at all, given the body fat % loss, I'm estimating my results are:

2.8 lbs fat lost and 2.8 lbs muscle gained.

It's not an extreme change, but I'll take what I can get. I'll admit to being slightly disappointed, but I'm gonna channel that into energy for the next challenge. :)

Objective: Run the Nike Women's half marathon: Score: A+


I ran over 100 training miles, finished two audiobooks and boatloads of podcasts. Raised nearly $2000 for charity and I feel great about it.

Objective: Transition to Paleo: Score: A

While I count on average one cheat per week, I'm still giving myself a great score on this front. I went from a total paleo noob to having paleo be the easy default for myself.

Objective: Be more awesome! Score: A

This was my goal to branch out and do things that scared me. Here's what I did:

  • Took circus school classes
  • Took up sewing lessons (and knit a sackboy), totally out of my comfort zone
  • Jumped out of a frackin' plane!!!
  • Said no to a $100k+ job because it would've made me unhappy
  • Brewed (and drank!) my own Kombucha and didn't die or vomit -- it's actually pretty good!
  • Stopped counting calories for a week (eep!)

I really wish I'd done better on the first goal, but I think the other goals in summary (esp the paleo transition) really really worked out for me.

Up next? Getting stronger...

You gotta experiment to find out what works for you.
PM me with any questions about, well, anything! :)
Current challenge: Catspaw Starts Strong

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I don't want to type everything out again, so here's a link to the hard notes: The Results are in.

I'd have to go with a B+ for my first challenge. I met 3/5 of my weight goals. Did great on my diet. And kicked ass financially and socially. Digging the backing of the community and the progress that we all get to watch in each other. Scotticus, you looked toned dude. Grats!

You ever see those guys who look like they totally used to be in shape?
I'm working to get back to that...

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Hiking/Walking Excursions (5/5): I rocked these and had fun doing them. Score - A+

Healthy Meals: I achieved 8 meals throughout the whole challenge, although 2 a week wasn't consistent sometimes. It did get me back into cooking at home and I'm excited to keep going. Score - A

Added Bodyweight Exercises: I was not consistent with this, and at the end of the challenge I can't say I was as dedicated as I could have been. I missed one week altogether. I did make progress though and here are my Angry Bird Bodyweight levels so far: Squats - 5.2, Push-ups - 3, Plank - 3, Back Exercises - 2. I did one headstand with assistance from my brother. Score - C+

Meditation and Visualizations: I started out so strong with this and then it totally petered out... : / I think I need to find a way to incorporate mindfulness into my day, either through yoga, or listening to a quick meditation, or even just deep breaths. Score - D

Side quest: When I hit 30 real push-ups I can start working on one pull-up *snort* yeah right, not even close. I am already planning some more attainable side quests for next challenge.

Overall? I'd give myself a B- probably. I did good at some things, not so good at others. I am TOTALLY psyched for the next challenge to build on what worked and tweak what didn't.

~Miranda (aka Farax K)


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Well I will give myself an F (50-60%, not 0%), I did improve and got many workouts in, but i should have gotten more. I was trying to follow a schedule but had trouble keeping up with it. My workouts were kinda spread out whenever and i procrastinated them a lot, so for the next one i want to simplify and condense into about 30 minutes - stretching everyday which i can accomplish in a single block of time. As for my life, as it has been since forever i need to study more and goof off less but hey, next challenge maybe ill finally get it under control, no i WILL get it under control!

"Civilize the Mind, but make Savage the Body."  

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it's been a too-short trip, friends. looking forward to the next one!


Do wheel pose for at least 10 seconds

** DONE: 9/22/11 A

Deadlift 100-120 lbs.

** DONE: 10/16/11 A

Complete Level 2 to work my way to a pull-up

** yeah, this is done, pretty much. i can do 3 sets of 8 body weight rows. Still a ways to go to a pull-up, but i'm onto the assisted/body weight row combo. A

Eat more.

** this was hit or miss. some weeks i was great at it, and others, not so much. i think i've finally found a groove, though, and plan to keep it up, and maybe even add some new recipes in. so B-

Limit drinks to one or two a week.

** ehhh... i was about half and half with this. Two drinks a week is tough, honestly, not because i lurve drinking, but because a lot of social things are based around it, and i haven't quite figured out how to deal with those. the main objective was to not drink excessively or unnecessarily, so in that aspect, i won. i guess that'd be 50%, so big ol F.


Do 20 good form squats in a row

** DONE: 9/19/22 A

Do the .25 mile burpee

** DONE: 10/13/11 A


Study for ACSM test 5-7 hours a week

** i had good intentions, really. i probably only did this about 3 or 4 weeks out of the challenge. grad school comes first, and that's seriously sucking up all of my time, so this got the back burner. which is a shame, because i actually enjoy studying. So, i guess, F? :(

Get all As in grad class homework

** I have a B. dammit. the grade will go up as i get more used to her grading style, but still. F.

so, overall... i guess my grade would be a C or something.

but really? dontcare.com. just because i didn't get a perfect on everything does not mean i didn't level up. it was so fun stepping out of my comfort zone, discovering the awesome feeling of lifting, and getting to know a ton of awesome, highly motivating people along the way. shout out to Team Powerthirst! onward, rebels!

My challenge thread, if you feel so inclined...

...we, each of us, are responsible for our own fulfillment. Nobody else can provide it for us, and to believe otherwise is to delude ourselves dangerously and to program for eventual failure every relationship we enter. - Tom Robbins


Current Challenge: Life, man.

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PS - awesome job everybody. reading this thread is so fun and i can't wait to read more updates! kudos to you for taking the past six weeks to live your life, not just let it pass by.

and scotticus and catspaw - hottie totties with naughty bodies!! WOOT.

...we, each of us, are responsible for our own fulfillment. Nobody else can provide it for us, and to believe otherwise is to delude ourselves dangerously and to program for eventual failure every relationship we enter. - Tom Robbins


Current Challenge: Life, man.

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Did pretty well. This was a good challenge for me. Not only did I do well on almost all my goals, I got off my meds and officially went down a size in my pants. It's hip to be square (34x34 pants yo). In summation a solid B

Longish summary below


Lift weights 2-3 times a week - Work on proper form

I did pretty well on this goal. 3 times on average at the gym. My form for squats and deadlifts have improved, although the proper grip on the squat bar still gives me trouble at heavier weights, but I think that is more of a shoulder flexibility. Deadlifts are going good and I am very close to doing a greater than body weight dead lift.

Run 2 times a week - Be able to run a 5k without stopping by the end of the challenge

I think this is a might big A+. Ran more than a 5k twice in this challenge, although the last run was intense.

Get a tape measure and take measurements once a week.

So I took measurements once, but it was tedious and I never did get a tape measure. So big failure on this score.

A dead hang pull up.

Yup. Completed, although I did not get to my 2 in a row yet. I need to do more of these.

A good form TGU.

I can do a good form one without weight. It gets a lot more difficult when I added my 16lbs KB. I now appreciate those who can do this with huge weights and urge others to try it because it really is a BA move.


Continue my current path of eating.

Had ups and downs. Weight was maintained for the most part throughout this challenge. Started at 211lbs and ended 205lbs.


Read Starting Strength and compare form.

Done, lots of video was taken at gym and at home. Need to revisit this goal in a week or two to keep up the practice.

Survive work without stressing out.

Okay for the most part, although tomorrow is the big day and as always I will be anxious up until the moment I start talking.

"Pull the bar like you're ripping the head off a god-damned lion" - Donny Shankle

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I can't believe this challenge is over! I feel like I only just got started - I guess that's just a measure of how busy this month's been. Of all the challenges I've done since starting on tihs forum, I think that this one was the probably the hardest one to stick to. Anyhow, here's a recap of what I had planned:

Fitness Goals

1. Get to bed before 10pm at least 4 times per week - Pretty much a D on this one. The pace of the past month or so and the kids' distrupted sleep schedules made this nigh impossible...oh well, at least my average waking time was ~6am

2. Redo the Road Warrior plan from the RSG, 3 days per week - I changed this one a little way into the challenge after finding out about Convict Conditioning. I give myself an 'A' for this bit as I focused on perfecting my form and managed to pass the first progression for all the Big 6 (plus intermediate on 5 of the next levels)

3. Beat my co-workers in the Sydney Running Festival 9k race on September 18th (will need a pace of over 11.5 km/h to do this I think) -Beat my mate by 1 second with a personal best on a 32 degree day - 'A'

Non-Fitness Goals

1. Go to Fiji (this one will be easy) 'A' this was a great trip...well worth the price we paid in stress on the way home

2. Get quotes to have the floors done - 'A+' not just quoted for, but actually got them done!

3. Get quotes for painters - 'A++' Got a quote for $6000 to do a 2 Br flat (walls only), so decided to do it myself...2 weeks of sanding and painting and not only did I finish it, but I beat those damned Cobra Kai in the regional karate tournament!

4. Book the kid into pre-school already - N/A called up, but enrolment isn't until November

Long-Term Goals to chip away at

1. Sell the Flat - Put it on the market! It goes on sale on Saturday!!!

2. Buy a house

3. Visit the family in Vancouver


1. Lost 2kg and a belt loop

2. Started training for my first 10k barefoot race (I'm up to 7k with 3 weeks to go)


Scout Commander (ret.)

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My thesis is due towards the end of this challenge (10/10). So, thesis stuff is going to take precedence for most of it, but I am hoping to actually maintain a somewhat balanced life - I do not want to get to the point where I am doing multiple all-nighters, surviving on only junk food and stimulants, and "not having time to exercise or eat properly".


At the moment I am new to crossfit and am mostly just trying to work out my strengths/weaknesses and what I do and don't like, so I can work out what I really need to work on in the future...but I have (finally) managed to set myself a couple goals for this challenge.

- One unassisted pull up (can be either dead hang or kipping)

- Five double unders in a row


My diet needs a lot of work, but I know that for me it would be too great a risk to try to make much of a change to it at a very stressful time. So, to keep it simple, I have one diet goal for this challenge:

- No meal skipping.


- To spend some time working on my thesis every week day (I am allowed to have weekends off only if I have done this)

- To have my full draft ready for my supervisor by the end of September

- Seven hours sleep a night.

Fitness: A+

I got my unassisted pull up and have actually gotten up to 15 double unders in a row. And my fitness progress has just been awesome overall.

Diet: C-

My diet has definitely not been good, but my goal was just to stop skipping meals. I feel like I passed, but only just.

Life: C-

I did even come close to working on my thesis everyday and I did not have my full draft ready for my supervisor by the end of September. However, I was quite proud of how well I did overall at ensuring I had a reasonable amount of sleep most nights which I think brings the grade just up to a pass.

Overall: B-

I didn't maintain as balanced a life as I had hoped for, but overall I think I did a reasonable job.

Current Challenge!

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(Weight x Reps x Sets - all weights kg unless specified)

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1. get my first deadhang pullup. I've been working on negatives for the past bit, but I want to be able to actually do one.

- Fail. I'm really struggling with this one. I made it to doing approx 30lbs of assistance via my boyfriend (we did an inaccurate measure using a scale and the same pressure he uses to life me up) I will keep working on it. Some progress is better than none, and I can now bend my arms from a full deadhang, something I couldn't do when I started.

2. run! do couch to 5k three times a week. no quitting!

- Half success. (B-) I did run. I didn't quit. I just didn't always make it three times a week, due to a sickness that lasted two weeks, and a whole week of rain. I did however run at least once a week, and get lots of walking in when I couldn't run. I'm honestly proud of myself for making it this far with running, and am going to continue with it.

3. karate class = 3 times a week. or else!

- three quarters success. (B+) I did make it to at least two karate classes a week (except for one where I was sick all week and getting up made me dizzy). I tried to make it to three times each week, and I feel I did increase my karate skill. Even had my instructor tell me I'm definitely at least a green belt now. which made me feel great.

4. eat "good". 75% paleo. the 75% is for milk and cheese and all those tasty things.

I did good on this. (A-). Halfway through this I found out that I'm probably gluten intolerant, and I had a few breakdowns, but when I ate bad it was in small amounts, and never anything absolutely dreadful. So I'm cool with this.

5. life goal: get at least 70% on my first midterms. So we'll have to study lots!

I have my first midterm tonight. I'll tell you how this goes later, but I'm fairly confident *knocks on wood*

(in cm)

neck: 33.4 -> 32.6

chest: 89 -> 87.5

waist: 82.8 -> 82.9 (I blame this on inaccuracy measuring, my point was just above my belly button, but "just above" kept changing)

hips: 103 -> 99.3

thigh: 66 -> 65.4

bicep: 32.7 -> 33.7

weight 191lbs -> 178lbs (and haven't lost anything in performance. I'm happy with this)

not too shabby if I say so myself. I give it a B-. I'm happy with the ending of this. I know it could have been better, but with the sick for two weeks, I'm feeling this went well.

Level 0 Human Monk-Apprentice


My Current Challenge

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Here's my Challenge

Overall I'd give myself a solid B. I didn't reach level 10 but after awhile I just quit tracking levels because it took too much time. I didn't hit all my goals but I did improve so that is good. As usual there were some bumps in the road but I overcame these and kept going. I can now bench 185lbs, 105lbs military press and do 10 pull ups with perfect form. I have a 3.7GPA at midterms and haven't had time for a date but i'm working on it. This week I am going to run up a mountain to pain my school's M and cant wait! I had a blast in the strength squad and I'm sure if it wasnt for you guys I would not have had the motivation to finish. :) Bring on the next challenge!!

Semper Gumby-Always FlexiblePain is weakness leaving the body.FITOCRACY

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This was my first challenge and I think I did pretty good. Had a few wins, a few fails... Let's take a look:


-Keep on doing bodyweight training/doing sport, five times a week

Done. A.

-Boxing (with a punchback) at least twice a week

Done, but... on some days, my heart just wasn't in it. B-

-5x20 chin-ups (I'm already close)

Done. A.

-5x20 pull-ups (not so close)

Done. A

-Doing more for my abs - they really could be more defined

Hmn, I did a lot of crunches, leg raises and toe to bars. I can't see progress tough. C?

-Doing 1000 dips during the next 6 weeks. The real ones, between 2 bars.

Done. With constantly increasing weight. And it was fun! A+ :]

-Doing 40 diamond push-ups in a row (ugh)

Done. A.

So, fitness overall: A


-Drawing. I want to get back to the drawing table and do something everyday. Even if it's just a doodle.

Done. A.

-Writing. I want to finish a story I've been working on for a long time now. 30... mabye 40 pages are still missing. That should be doable.

Ugh. Totally failed that. Granted, I wrote a few pages here and there during the first two weeks, but then, I kind of dropped it totally. F :(

Hobby overall: C


-Keep a log of everything I eat

Hmn, I only did that every now and then, to check, if I'm eating enough. So... C-?

-Gain more weight/muscles

I gained 1,5Kg. That's probably no big deal for others. Most people seem to gain weight much faster than me. However, I'm happy. I'm on the right way, and as long as the scale is going up, everything is fine. B+

-Um... eat even more?

I'm trying 8[

Diet overall: C+

Anything else:

-Post daily

Done. A

-Improve my english

I don't think my english has improved much. No idea what grade would be appropriate

-Convince at least one friend to participate in the next 6 week challenge

Hmn, that's another fail. I had a very specific friend in mind. He seemed to be ready to change some things in his life for the better. But he's still to much in love with his crosstrainer. All I can do now is lead by example. F

All in all, that's maybe a solid B. Not bad. Sometimes I impress even myself. And I think I proved, that I'm not a dayfly. A very big thank you goes to Denny and Laura :)

Pictures (sorry for the bad quality):

Posted Image

Posted Image

I'm getting closer :)

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This was my first challenge, and despite breaking my ankle and not being able to workout for most of it, I think I did pretty well.

Diet Goal: Eat (nearly) completely Paleo B+

This was surprisingly easy! Looking back over my food diary, I'd say I wound up eating roughly 75-80% Paleo. For the next challenge, I'd like to see if I can't raise that percentage to 85-90%.

Fitness Goal: Finish the last two weeks of the Bodyweight Brigade and then begin barbell training D

This did not happen. I started strong, but after a hiking mishap landed me with a broken ankle, training had to go by the wayside. I was on crutches for the first 3 weeks though, and now my upper body strength and overall endurance is a lot better than it was at the beginning. I've never been on crutches before, and was shocked at how hard it was to schlep my weight across campus weighed down by books and my laptop. With any luck, I should be out of the cast and have the go ahead to start working out at the end of next week!

Life Goals: Finish grad school applications and read 2 fun books (Pass/fail) FAIL

The fun book reading didn't happen at all (they're still sitting on my bedside table berating me), and I'm so close to finishing my application! I'm putting the final touches on my personal statement today and will be sending it out for editing tomorrow. So close!


I'm pretty happy with the results of this challenge. Despite some major stumbling blocks (broken ankle, dead computer, family business), I still managed to stay on target with my diet and life goals. I can't wait to get my ok to work out from my doctor and start the next challenge!

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This was my first challenge and I think I did pretty good. Had a few wins, a few fails... Let's take a look:


-Keep on doing bodyweight training/doing sport, five times a week

Done. A.

-Boxing (with a punchback) at least twice a week

Done, but... on some days, my heart just wasn't in it. B-

-5x20 chin-ups (I'm already close)

Done. A.

-5x20 pull-ups (not so close)

Done. A

-Doing more for my abs - they really could be more defined

Hmn, I did a lot of crunches, leg raises and toe to bars. I can't see progress tough. C?

-Doing 1000 dips during the next 6 weeks. The real ones, between 2 bars.

Done. With constantly increasing weight. And it was fun! A+ :]

-Doing 40 diamond push-ups in a row (ugh)

Done. A.

So, fitness overall: A

I'm getting closer :)

It's hard to tell because of the different poses, but it looks like you gained quite a bit of mass on the shoulder/bicep - nice work!

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