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Here is my final challenge update:


Quest 1: Increase reps by at least +1


3/3     3/3     3/3     2/3     = 11/12 (missed this one because I hurt my arm exercising)


Quest 2: Workout 3 times a week


3/3     3/3     3/3     3/3     = 12/12


Quest 3: Track what I am eating


Install a program for tracking food intake      --->     Complete!

Set up program with common foods I eat   ---->     MFP tracks the foods I have eaten most recently. Complete!

Start tracking food intake regardless of where  ----->  Started using MFP. Wondering if it is worthwhile to keep using it as me and the wife are eating fairly healthily anyways... Seems like I'm spending a fair bit of time on it just to have it say "you're eating the right stuff." Having said that I was tracking my food up until Friday so.... Complete!


Meals tracked:

3/3   7/7   = 10/10



Life Quest: Daily devotional and prayer (own not group)


2/3     6/7     6/7     7/7     = 21/24


I don't gain the rewards I suggested in the beginning since I am a level 0 but I did reward myself with 3 dumbells (5, 7, 10 lbs) a warhammer army book and some models. I went a bit overboard with that but I'll just tone that down next challenge if I use physical rewards.


I raised what I consider to be a huge army for my Warhammer PvP and I got into the habit of exercising 3 times a week. Since I hurt myself towards the end I won't be continuing to push the number of reps I do but will be focusing on doing everything accurately and maintaining my habits until the next challenge starts. Since I started the challenge late this is especially important for me as I didn't get the full 6 weeks to make everything habit so I will do another post-challenge update to let people know how I did over the break as well.


I did not get to the point where I can do a pull-up but this challenge was more about habits and what I can do for the PvP with the over all goal that I am working towards being the one pull-up. I don't know how long of a time frame is realistic for me to work towards this so it may be a theme for a few challenges before I get there.


Thoughts for next challenge:


Life goals: guitar practice or flossing and rinsing 2x daily.


One Freaking Pull-up:

Possibilities for goals: Follow the guide page more closely for this, look into getting a pull-up bar for the house (worried about breaking the one at school >_<), get a gym membership and go twice a week to the gym to use the equipment there that might help.


I can't do side quests yet as I am only progressing to level 1, and not even really a full level 1 yet. I'll leave this for my third challenge.


If anyone has any suggestions for the next challenge please let me know.

Okri Kadrinsson ~ Level 1 Dwarf Adventurer


Str 2  Dex 1   Sta 1   Con 3   Wis 2   Cha 1


Challenge Commander Kidd's first adventurer challenge


“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.†

― J.R.R. TolkienThe Hobbit

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Hey, looking really great there, seems like you had a good challenge! The dumbbells as a reward are pretty cool, anything that brings you further towards your goals (like sports equipment) is a fine reward. I also get the warhammer figurines, as I am a huge warhammer (especially 40k) fan myself, but find the tabletop too expensive, so I am only reading the books, but those I gulp down ;)). What army are you playing?


Regarding the pull-up: Don't push yourself too hard, if you weren't able to do a pushup just yet. I have been training and trying for quite some time now (ok, I am a woman, so for me it's more difficult), and 3x30 push ups aren't a problem, but I still can only do pull ups with assistance (like those cross-fit rubber bands). I would suggest, you just stick to the NF-training routine you mentioned, just stay at it, be patient and don't get frustrated and you'll get to it sooner or later.

The gym membership is a really good thing, you should definitely try that out. I don't feel like I had a real workout when I hadn't been at the gym with the barbells ;). I had real problems going there at first cause I felt so intimidated, but then I just put on my earphones, did my workouts and ignored my surroundings and it worked - now I feel great going there. Just try it out, just do it, and you will see, that fighting your fear there will really bring benefits for your fitness.


Hope to see you next challenge!

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Keep going on the pull up but take it slow, as the good warrior says.  There's lots of small muscles involved that take time to strengthen but can tear in an eye blink. My gym has an assisted pullup machine, and I love it because I am doing the exercise and using all of the muscles involved - so eventually, I'll just be doing a pullup.  But I've plateaued and just have to be patient while I get to the point where I can decrease the amount of assistance again. 


Personally, I like to set up my challenges so that I am doing:

  • One diet change.  You can't outrun your fork - so this has to be a priority
  • One strength goal or process.  Pullups are my current measured goal, but I do a lot of other exercises - bodyweight and free weights too
  • One stamina/cardio goal.
  • One social goal .... since I've folded into a very little world and need to get OUT more

If you want to toss around ideas, let me know!!

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