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Taking the leap: hope these goals aren't too big

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Main Quest: To build strength and muscle so that I look good.


Missions: Do 3 sets of 8 reps with 15 lb dumbbells.

                 Do 15 pushups in a row.

                 Work out at least 5 days a week for 20 minutes.


Life Quest: Be more flexible so I don’t stress and sweat the little stuff; ‘Go with the flow’


Motivation: Be stronger physically to be better mentally

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So far I can do 1 set of 4 reps with each arm and then 3 reps in the 2nd set

I am still stuck at 5 pushups

I worked out at least 5 days last week 


I feel like I am getting stronger as I can see some muscle and lifting things is easier. 

I have been doing really well with eating a lot of protein (>110 everyday) and have been limiting myself to 1 'treat' per day, everything else has been modest in added sugar and bad fats.


I am going to have to re-evaluate my goals for the weekend I believe as I am going home for thanksgiving Fri-Mon. I won't have weights and I will be expected to eat a lot of foods I have cut out. I am going to try to do some body weight exercises every day (atleast 10 minutes) and to make 3 healthy choices a day or stick to my high protein/whole grains/low sugar and fat diet at meals that are under my control.


I think a main thing will be my life quest. I have been doing really good at relaxing and going with the flow. I have been trying really hard to not get worked up about things and to just do what I truly want and to have fun. I will have to continue this over the weekend. Friday and Monday I will be travelling (5 hours in the car) but I will have control over more of my food intake so these days shouldn't hurt me. The other 2 will be tough. But I need to just go with the flow, have fun and enjoy my time with family. My family eats a lot of junk food and does not exercise (yet all are not overweight-but neither am I, I just am adopting a healthy lifestyle). So I will not make them uncomfortable or cause friction by turning down food. I will enjoy my lifelong favorites. I can have a couple indulgences over 2 days. It will not affect me body longterm right?

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