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   This is my first quest here. Guess I should go into my past a little, might shed light as to why I am seeking help on the internet. As an introvert, I spend a lot of time alone, on the computer, playing video games. This lifestyle led to a near fatal embolism in my lung (more than one, actually, but whatever) about three years ago. I was nearly 300lbs, pack a day smoker, and about as lethargic as a brick. Since then I've decreased my weight over 50 lbs, am in the best shape I've ever been, I even quit smoking for over a year. I'm still an introvert in an extroverted world, which brings a fair deal of depression, and for that I started smoking again (this was a year ago). 

   I exercise at least five days a week, for more than hour a day, I aim for all 7 days, however. I really do not have any one goal I am trying to reach, the journey is the goal itself. However that said, there are many many many things I wish to accomplish. Such as:


Being Smoke-Free.

  I think the most important thing, right now, for me is to free myself from this addiction. It's a definite obstacle to my progression. The hardest thing I ever even tried to accomplish. So, any support is very appreciated. My family smokes, so reliable they are not in this department. (They also have terrible diets, but I won't go there...yet) 

  Quest 1: Mindfulness. Staying mindful of the addiction. I am addicted to nicotine. Awareness of cravings. "This is not a panic attack, this is addiction."

  Quest 2: Meditation. Useful to overcome the cravings, temporarily. To meditate morning and night, and when sudden powerful cravings hit during the day. Nerve calming tool, anti-anxiety.

   Quest 3: Exercise. Meditation is great for a temporary fix. Exercise is the ultimate tool. Who can smoke when you're jogging around the parking lot at lunch time? My biggest challenge is smoking right after I wake up in the morning. I am hoping 20 push-ups and 40 sit-ups will break that habit for me.


Life Quest.

   Being smoke free will enable me to save money, but one would have to be able to control their finances to even notice. So my life goal is to have more wealth. (not to be confused with earning more) I want to be able to spend less, save more, and not wonder where my money has gone.


Phat Loot!

  So there it is. I would think the rewards could speak for themselves. In case they're not:

  1. Enhanced state of being.




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Quote: "The path is the goal." 


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Hey! Glad to hear you are trying to quit. My Grandfather smoked a lot to. He tried to quit several times and the final time he managed it he put his cigarettes into a drawer and told himself if he wanted one they were right there whenever he felt the urge. Somehow this worked, but I cannot imagine it is that easy at all. If I find anything on helpful tips and such I will relay it back to you (Although I imagine you have probably already looked into it by how ambitious you sound about being free of it)  Hope you haven't given up on this goal and I would love to hear if the exercise trick has been working to help you with the smoking problem.


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So I went on a chat room thing and asked around for some ideas on helping to quit smoking. Here are the two replies I found:


So I was in NF chat tonight and saw your question but I was sadly in the middle of a trivia game with some other Nerds and wasn't able to get you an answer before the game finished. Sorry about that!

My mom has smoked my whole life and I took up the habit in college and have been an off again on again smoker since then. It's a really hard thing to quit, worse so if you're heavily addicted to it.

What worked for me was to first make it hard to smoke. I threw away all my lighters, left my ID at home whenever possible and told all of my friends, family and co-workers that I was quitting and ask them to NEVER ask me if I wanted to go out for a smoke break, or to say anything if they were going for one.

I wrote out a list of reasons why I wanted to quit and made it my desktop background on my home computer and the wallpaper on my cell phone. I even posted it on the back of my front door so it was the last thing I saw when I left the house. It took me a few weeks for it to really start to work, but I quit in winter and made sure to leave my gloves at home. It's a real bitch to go for a smoke with no gloves when it's -25C outside.

My cousins have had a lot of luck with the gum you can buy, but I was personally too broke most of the time to be able to buy enough of that to work for me.

Another good alternative is those vapour contraptions. They still have nicotine in them so you can weak yourself off of it and they come in neat flavours.

No idea if any of this will help at all, I'm crazy tired but I figured it was worth tossing an idea or two your way if it would possibly help your friend :)

Have a good weekend!


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