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Project 365 - Becoming Batgirl

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Project 365 begins with 365 days until I turn 40... Duh.


I have made starts but lack commitment. I like deadlines and right now I feel blobby after a winter patch of emotional malaise and currently having a arm in plaster and been out of action for 5.5weeks so far. 


There are about 22 days until start... I will be counting down as 40 is blast off into a heathy future!


So, preparatory thoughts... Day 387:


There will be many changes to cope with in this time but that is the way with life. Overarching goals are attached to becoming batgirl - less that 20%BF, progress with fighting skills, strength, and the cardio fitness to be able to do those things. Progress towards this goal will involve shorter periods of goal based activity including month long or 6 week challenges etc. as well as a grand plan of no zero days. 


No days where I let it all go... At least one thing that is good for me every day for the following year.


Given the broken arm, first goals will probably involve rehab and diet tracking and getting good baseline figures. 


Progress might be measured at pagan intervals with quarters of the year being solstices and equinoxes.  I thought about 100 days but whilst this ends at the end of the calendar year it's not an even division. 


Things this battle log may contain (there will also be a paper version):

  • Tracking numbers 
  • Measurements
  • Exercise
  • 6wk challenge goals and progress
  • Inspiration
  • Recipes and meals
  • Sleep
  • Mood/ emotional state etc.
The next 6 week challenge will start before this does, but it is all part of the one thing... Progress towards a healthier lifestyle and healthier me.


Things to investigate:

  • DEXA body scan
  • Nutritionist about macros
  • Rehab plan for arm :(
  • Plan for dealing with emotional eating

382 - getting mojo back, head in the game, out of the pit of despair...


Cooking and cutting still challenging... But I can measure. I need to recommit to healthier eating. Lets start small somehow... Coz I don't like reflux and headaches.

Rehab exercises... Do em as specified. No more, no less.

Exercise - as much as possible. Walk every day?

Nice things that aren't food to make me feel good...


366 - Day before start... 

Did not want to still be in a splint and have a crappy arm starting this but it is where I am at and what I have to deal with right now. Walked 5km yesterday, got stuff done it was nice. Worked out what caused two days of headaches... Head banging at a school disco! Heh.


Day 365 - it begins...


Weight 92.3kg

BF%  33.8

Bone 6.8

Water 48.3%

(From home scales)

Waist 106cm 

Neck 36

Hips/belly 116

Top belly 105

Chest 105


Photo taken :( 


Not happy. But maybe that is a good starting spot...2


Walked lots. Rehab done. Bat cave rubbish and recycling. Gluten not so great but not terrible... 1/2 mud brownie, 1/2 Nutella pizza & two slices toast. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change and if you can't enjoy your birthday when can you indulge?



Walked 3km. Only meal with gluten as lunch was offered at a friends place. Later after walk made the good choice with cuppa of cantaloupe rather than biscuits when offered. We talked about resetting taste buds... Have to do that soon.

Hard not indulging being on holidays, catching up with people... Just got to keep the eye on the prize and keep moving forwards. Each day better than the last. Guts are feeling better already from gluten reduction. I know I don't need to be totally gluten free but need to find the level that works best for my innards. 

Had bone density scan done this morning, results in 7 days.


Plans for 363: ask about swimming with splint at hand therapy session. If yes, get $10 for 10 days at local gym with pool and hope it includes classes. Eat well until dinner at the pub (also for my birthday) and don't drink too much. Catch up on Batcave things... Finances, grocery shopping, washing off line & away.




Walked a few km... Maybe 4? Just get counter back and powered up or buy a new one. Got gym membership anyhow. Hand therapy moved... 

Pub meal was gluten free but I ate a pie crust on a quiche for lunch. Didn't drink too much... (This is all relative). Finances and shopping done.



Ate a roast beef roll at the rugby. It was awesome. Walked about 8km. Went to the gym and tried some stuff. Failed at skipping. Rowing a bit of a risk. Cycled for 1/2 an hour on random program at level 4. Had meeting with government agency that can help provide extra assistance with caring for the Queen Mum.



Hand therapy - can swim w splint, but time to make an appointment with a hand specialist... :(

Went to gym for PT session. It was great to be back! Also went to electronics shop and got pliers that worked to fix the bent charging pin for my fit bit, with my left hand. Pretty pleased with that too!

Got home and was tired in the evening and wanted pizza... Made a stir fry! Win.



Oh the glorious DOMS! So much sore stuff, upper body in the morning then legs. Walked a little to Footy Grand Final BBQ at a friends place. Gluten 2 slices of bread, 2 cheese muffins. Alcohol, just over 3 std drinks according to the bottle,shared with a friend. Very light for me at such an event! Win. Ate lots though, felt very full and only had 2 small carrots for dinner because my teeth wanted to crunch something. Hand washed 3 pans and put a load of dishes on. Batcave needs more work...



Windy and warm here today. Farmers market and then pool to see what I can do and ease DOMS a bit. Aim to get washing off line before it blows off! 

Make plan for next week and do more dishes...


Some thoughts on rewards...

DEXA body composition scan - <25% BF? By home scale reckoning 

Compression pants (maybe top) - red belt?

Tailored suit - size 14? Sustainable body comp?



  • Ate toast for breakfast had reflux within an hour. Guts not happy with yesterdays food either. 
  • Swum a bit, used the kick board for a bit but eventually got up to a bit of freestyle. Win! I'll see how the hand feels tomorrow. Some rotations in breast stroke variations pull a bit much on wrist. Walked to pool and back bit over 2.5km. 
  • Got 2 loads of washing done and probably off the line too today. One load of dishes.

Meals I can do... One handed!

Mexican mince

Tomato Italian mince

Stir fry

Chicken, mushroom, bacon, pineapple thing

Chicken kebabs and salad


Scrambled eggs

Chicken soup (yet to be proven)


Snack bags

Cottage cheese and...

Fruit and yog.



Trip to the city today. Beautiful weather. Walked lots, ate well including visit to Thr1ve (new paleo place in Melbourne Emporium) and the fancy version of a food court! Did have two scoops of icecream and enjoyed them by the river (and earlier, a single tasty thin Japanese biscuit GM was given by a visitor). 


Made a good chicken and veg soup with stuff from freezer and prechopped veg and pre cooked chicken. Really happy to find lots of small containers of pre cooked pumpkin in freezer! Also made a noatmeal type desert/future breakfast option. Banana from freezer, butter, couple of tbsp of almond meal, small hand full of broken walnuts and 2 eggs. Wonder if I can reheat for work...




2 doughnuts and 100g cookies and cream Lindt chocolate... Aftermath? Really bad reflux no appetite for dinner. What started this? The weather maybe? Sunny gorgeous day suddenly dropped 15 degrees and started pissing down with gale force winds. I was going to go for a walk and have a coffee. To wild even for me to go out. Sulk, sugar & gluten are not a great combo.


On a positive note: swam today and did 1km of freestyle. In the splint and slowly but done. With a couple of kick board warm up laps and a couple of breaststroke to make sure it still hurts... It does.

Also, got referral to specialist for wrist and found out bone density is normal. 


Got several jobs done in the Batcave. Found gluten free paleo style museli at local health food store to eat with fruit and yog for breakfasts. Also positives. 


Watching Jamie Oliver do comfort food... Now I'm hungry enough for dinner!



Got up and went to a cycle class. It was tricky not being able to really hold on and push hard but I sweated all the same. Same bikes as I have free access to at work so good to know it can be done. Walked a couple of km as well.


Ate well until dinner... Well, desert really. Went to pub with friends, drank a few glasses, had some great conversation, had my steak cut up for me in the mixed grill, enjoyable evening that might not happen again for a while. Worth it! ...and no after effects except in the GI tract which could have been yesterday's processed gluten...




Gluten free all day did not save me from reflux... Processed carbs are also the devil methinks - lollies, soft drink, 4 pieces of gluten free bread, rice crackers... 


Didn't exercise, got my nerd on.... Had a lovely day with a friend from my previous workplace catching up and watching another 3rd of Firefly (2 eps and movie to go) and Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (which I'd heard of but realised it was considered a nerd crime that I still hadn't seen it).  Her fiancé was out in the shed building a Tardis shaped planter box with storage... 


I wanted a burger on the way home during the sugar crash but told myself as I'd spoken to them of Nerd Fitness I had to stay strong for the rebellion and thus went home and ate chicken and veg soup and was satisfied. A win there! 



Hand therapy today concluded with a new set of exercises and a neoprene contraption that gives me more wrist movement but still restricts thumb movement. Problem is now considered to be in thumb to wrist joint. Went to PT session. Win. Able to hold on better with new strapping but some stuff still sore.

Ate well until I went shopping after PT... Although I'd had a snack of nuts and dried fruit, I sat with a coffee and ham&cheese croissant. It was gorgeous! ...but I kind of wish I had made a better choice of where I ate. GM wanted me to try a biscuit, it wasn't that great and confirmed what she thought of it. Then I didn't really want dinner... Ate cheese! Weird end to the day.



First Parkrun! 45:56 for 5km walking so happy with that as a start point. Seeing all the jogging people made me want to strap my knee up and move faster! Might start C25K again... Lovely place for it by the creek, very supportive environment and a great reason to get up and moving on a Saturday morning! Win.



I am learning about how my sugar/proceeded carbs/salt &fat cravings interact with my mental health... That is good. I have a lot of changes and complex situations coming up in the next couple of months and feel like I need a plan to make sure whatever else is happening in my life doesn't derail any progress I've made so far in Project 365. 



- bloody wrist/thumb (ongoing saga)

- parents come home (shared living spaces) 

- school camp (or not?)

- look for new accomodation (yuk)

- pack and move house (double yuk)

- get settled in new place (yay but stressy)

- end of work year (uncertainty)


These will not be made into excuses! You know they are coming and can plan for them... Time to re read the Donkey Kong NF article and look for barrels (probs) then strategies to jump or smash them.


Lunch good, chicken kebabs and salad. Dinner not bad although some crusting on chicken then alcohol x4 and tiramisu (felt a bit queezy form the cream I think...). So not much gluten but plenty of sugars. Walked a bit more, played in park with 22mo and caught up with a friend. Saw a great show in the evening.


352 - Sunday last day of school holidays :(

4 glasses of wine... No gluten but it's not enough. Can't fit into last summers shorts. Feel fat. Don't want to go back to work tomorrow. Cat on my lap not enough to make me feel better. Woke up late after being out last night and now daylight saving losing me an hour. Not happy.



Weight 92.3kg - 91.65

BF%  33.8 - 33.7


Some small improvement... Over 2 weeks. Not that happy at less than a kilo but 1) it's a start and 2) I haven't done anything but eat less gluten and exercise a little... And drink more booze than I have in weeks! 


So, what next?

I feel like I've eaten everything today but it has all been home made/constructed. Perhaps a bit higher in dairy and processed than ideal but it is a start. 

I didn't go to TKD tonight as my hand has been achy after a day back at work in the new neoprene brace. Think I will need the plastic back on for teaching. Am at over 8000 steps but can't generate the enthusiasm to do anything more today. 


Tomorrow is PT day! 

Maybe TKD on Wednesday and Yoga on Thursday.



Sorry, that was over 2 weeks all in one go!







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Project 365 - Becoming BatGirl

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Thanks for reading!


Tuesday - long day at work then to the gym for PT. Frustrated I can't do as much but its better than nothing. Hand very achy with new brace at work, might need to spend most of work day in plastic rather than aggravate it further :( Ate well but times seem messed up as we have just gone to Summer Time and I am not only out by an hour and used to eating when I please, but have 2 weeks of sleeping habits to undo. Bit of reflux but it could be either back at work nerve or too much dairy in the day. Will keep an eye on that. 
Yesterday did dishes, nothing Batcave like today but will do bins and recycling tomorrow. Looked at rentals where I might like to move when parents come back... Looking forward to really making my own Batcave soon.

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Project 365 - Becoming BatGirl

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Another Epic Long Catchup - Sorry...



Starting to feel like a zombie at work ate a small block of chocolate then felt bad, then realised it was 60g, the equivalent of 3 Freddo frogs - not worried. Daylight savings always throws me and going back to work had been unusually tiring. No gluten, a little sugar. 


6000 odd steps but couldn't convince myself to go to the pool or even for a walk as I was so tired (discounted going to TKD for a number of reasons). I decided to look after myself this evening by having a bath and an early night. Very sore from PT like when I first started training. Probably a good thing...


Completed task I set for myself on day 365... compile at least 20 reasons why this change will be a good thing.


Batcave/Batmobile got recyclables out of both cars and house. 



Still tired despite 8+ hours sleep. Will try to go to yoga tonight.... Nope. Late meeting at work productive but very late and tired home. Spent a little time with Grandma and my Uncle and ate a weird dinner before a night with ipad and tv in the background later. No gluten but chicken kebabs ans ground rice pudding with butter and maple syrup not the healthiest of dinners. No aditional exercise either.


Am wondering if the additional pain load the work day is causing on my wrist is more the true cause of my exhaustion than daylight savings or being back at work...



Slow start to the morning and reined in urge for Maccas when I had to get petrol on my way to work but succumbed to the lure of a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich on white bread... not the best start to the day when followed by a sugary chocolate drink of Milo. Kind of sets up for the carb and sugar cravings and crashes throughout the rest of the day. Ate the rest of things I brought from home plus another milo but have been hungry all day. Will get some walking in after hand therapy today as the pro football (soccer) season starts tonight and I am headed into the city for that.... and I may eat less well... I think it will still be an improvement on last week though.


347 - Friday 

Ate everything. Was feeling very low emotionally. Struggled to get out of bed, got a sanga from servo which I really, in my heart, wanted toasted. 

Walked lots, 12000+ steps, but ate... Maccas Big Mac medium meal with coke zero, sausage roll with sauce, choc iced donut, hot jam doughnut, corn jack, bottle of coke zero. Trying not to feel bad about this... Emotionally, rather than the mild reflux that did occur.



346 - Saturday 

By about 2pm had some gastric distress... Not comfortable.

Much better day of eating although over ate at lunch and helped friend with her chips which wasn't necessary. Lovely walk in the sun with her and her dog and brilliant meal. Half a brownie at the end was the worst of it but not bad...

The sugar though... By the time I got home I was tired and wanted pizza or something but wasn't really hungry early. Resisted and made baked cheesy vegetables (frozen veg, cheeses, phili light cooking cream) and had it with a frozen lamb shank. It wasn't the best meal but it wasn't pizza and I still can't use a knife except on soft things. Friend was quite impressed at my improvement when I managed to cut the chicken in my salad at lunch, couldn't cut the pears... But it's some improvement! 



345 - Sunday 
Have to shop for foods for the week today...

Thinking about less snacks...

Thinking about honey soy chicken...


Cooked chicken - random and with baked veg

Beef strips/chunks for curry

Stir fry veg 

Chicken strips

Soy sauce


Meat! Kabana?




Ate a pulled pork and slaw roll for lunch at the market. A few hours later minor level reflux... When will I learn? Shopping done, now to cooking and cleaning :( beautiful day here and lovely to be out and about.


Meals this coming week 

Tonight cold chicken and salad


Chicken and cheesy veg x3

Lamb and veg pumpkin curry x4

Honey soy sesame chicken stirfry x4


Breakfasts - fried egg rice

Bacon, lots of omelette, mushroom, spring onion, peas, rice.


Snack bags



1serve of paleo pancake, yog left

2 serves of cantaloupe 

Cottage cheese and celery

Egg and feta spiced in lettuce


Ok, get going on the Batcave so you can cook this!


Batcave - dishes done.




Lettuce cup in my burger was the best I did.

Btw 345 & 344 full of chocolate! Mid cycle so no excuse really!




So over the pain today. Feel overwhelmed by life. Work has lots of competing things that need to be done and I can't get my head together to do them and then my class is behind because they don't get algebra in all it's abstract glory and I have to hurry them up because we are behind as a class. So I feel frustrated that I can't teach them as they need to be taught. Angry and frustrated with the education sausage factory. Have a really big Can't mood happening. Have PT next which I am dearly hoping will help. I do ok with the eating then can't restrain the miseries and go for sugar. Which starts a cycle of feeling bad physically and that I can't follow through. Don't know what to do about it and feel like I'm up and down all the time at the moment. Haven't done wrist rehab in last 2 days which is really unlike me. Been in pain catching my thumb on things. Almost tempted to go to dr and ask for a couple of days off but I don't know if that would make things better or worse. Parents back soon and really just want my mum to look after me for a bit... What a sook! 


Did feel better after PT. Went early and kicked the bags for a bit. Although I ate 200g of snakes for dinner had lamb curry for second dinner. This is good because I told myself I could have Maccas for dinner after PT if I wanted as I'd bypassed it on the way home from work. Ate less chocolate today.


When I am sooking I eat sugar. How can I make better decisions?




hmmm... how to count the no zero. maybe some days I do more than I think perhaps. I got around 8 hours sleep and I did all my hand therapy exercises. That counts right? Feels like cheating but maye I have to recognise all the good stuff I do for myself. 


I ate really badly and watched a DVD. It was good to do for myself but can't be repeated often.



Not heaps of crackers at morning tea, or lots of chocolate. Did well for moderation I think. Going to try yoga with crap hand tonight see how I go!


Yoga was ok it body is really tight and out of condition. Felt good to be back. 

Did a load of dishes - go Batcave!


Decided I was probably not coping with change to daylight savings/summer time as I wasn't spending enough time outside in the evening. Will aim to change this and get myself reacquainted with the rhythm of the earth.



Don't ask about the 3 cinnamon donuts... But they were good. Slight reflux after adding cheese and crackers to that mix and a bastard of a headache with the glass of wine. Woke up with a headache and sinus pain but it is way worse now.


Wrist can mark math tests for about 30mins at a stretch before needing a rest. Hard to get a run going. 


Had a thought about the way I am approaching things at them moment partly inspired by JoeDog on NF and a reply to an FB post about going back to yoga that resonated... He said: Nice one! One step closer than you were this morning ...

I have been bothered about putting on weight, but really that isn't the biggest thing that is important to me. Being healthy is. I have to get the focus out of my head on being guilty about food and work on making myself happy with a healthier body which will make my food choices better as a consequence. I have been trying to start rehabbing in the wrong spot which is why it isn't working and it is making me more unhappy with myself. Reverse it and get outside, get moving however I can, if I can't go back to the old routine, make a new one... Get a healthy body and mind first. That is what is important. 



Headachy. Will get neck looked at during massage a very sore spot in there this morning. Did parkrun PB for run number 2 - 40:42. A 5 minute improvement on previous time of 45:56. This PB thing could get dangerous trying to do better every week or so! Hand best in plastic for this though caught thumb a couple of times to wincing when it hit and bent on my leg with swing of my arm. :(


Did another 10,000+ steps and 7 odd km this evening keeping me in a decent mood and ready for an early night.  School's junior production was ok, then off for a massage then went to the rugby and caught up with a mate. Bought a milk/sugar/coffee drink and later had roast beef roll and chips... But not really hungry again before bed. Drank heaps of water and tea today but very headachy and itchy, bloody spring!


338 Sunday

Home day... Shopping, cooking, dishes and clothes washing. Lots on the necessities of the bat cave. Short walk in the sun but didn't get the swim in, I'd hoped for as I got caught up cooking. Not gluten free as I had a slice of bread. Somewhat bothered by all the packaging of the food I am consuming at the moment but pre cut is still a nice alternative to frozen.



No gluten today! Up at 6 and went for a walk before work. Light at that time felt right. Hand appointment, getting stronger but thumb still a problem. Dinner outside on friends deck then chatting and a walk home in the dark. Felt great to have dinner as sun set and get back into rhythm with the light. 12000+ steps today. Feeling good. Did not weigh or measure today.



walked in AM again this morning. Gorgeous light and bird noises along the river int he gum trees. A bit brisk but not too cold once moving.

A few (3) small bits of caramel slice at work, half a savoury croissant, a small muffin and then a pie my grandmother and uncle brought back from a day trip to a bakery in the hills.

Did too much math marking and wrist is sore, lots on at work ATM. 

PT cancelled this evening so I went to an aqua run class. Got my heart rate up, felt good in my pecs for a bit with the foam dumbells until my hand had enough and it was nice to be in the water.

Now eating PB and a small banana before bed.

Feeling good!



Oops... What did I do today?

I walked in the morning. Full day of work, then graduation mass and dinner. Dinner was ok (standard reception centre food) and drank only 2 glasses of wine. 

Walked then worked. That's what I did today.



Day off work and off to specialist. Lots of walking today. Great for thinking. Pie for breakfast... Wasn't a great choice. Lunch at Richmond Hill cafe and larder, somewhere I have always wanted to eat. More bread but it was tasty! And cheesy! And great ham and an egg! With a dirty chai which was too cardamom-y for me and milky and 500ml of bubbly water, I was very full for hours! 


The benefit of seeing a specialist is they take a look and then point out exactly what the problem is in seconds... But then they may not be able to fix it! Well, they can't fix it but they are about pain management. *sigh*


Things I have learnt about my wrist:

  • The pain on the right hand side with rotation happens and should take 4-6months to settle by itself.
  • Wrist injuries often exacerbate thumb issues you never knew you had...
  • I have a subluxed thumb joint that has sweet FA in the way of cartilage left where it rubs wrong (who knew?)
  • If this hadn't of happened I may not have known for 10- 20 years til it developed painful arthritis there (which it will... Well, it is now!)
  • This bit is now very unhappy and requires intervention. The first step is a cortisone jab into the joint and a truck load of anti inflammatories for a week to try to settle it.
  • Give it 4 -6 weeks and if it doesn't settle... X-ray and back to specialist to look at surgical options :(



Made sangria after getting through Annual Review Meeting and feeling like I had to justify my existence without begin given the framework to do it on. :( 

Nice salad for lunch. looking forward to salad season! just wish I could cut steak! Ate 2 doughnuts... But otherwise pretty decent eating til the evening. Walked in the AM. Got over 9000 steps. 


332 - Saturday

Headache from too much red wine (750ml) combined with tim tams and a packet of pizza shapes! Don't eat crap! Didn't go to parkrun but will walk lots later.

Did walk lots. No further alcohol but plenty of sugary sports water and a roast beef roll again w chips then Parma &chips. Happily I can now cut up my own Parma! Nice day out in the fresh air yelling at sports teams and catching up with a friend.



Looking for the positives on first day of shark week... Sleep; cooked and prepared healthy food and snacks for the work week; got some fresh air; hung out washing; took some off line; did two loads of dishes; took rubbish out; did all my rehab exercises. Did not overeat on anything. I've gotta kill the 'shoulda'! It was a rest day that went ok. Finally had my first crepe from the fortnightly farmers market, banana and Nutella. Very nice. Reading bio of Portia de Rossi 'Unbearable Lightness' and rather cautious about getting too hooked up on what I eat.


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Project 365 - Becoming BatGirl

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This was a challenge I set for myself a while ago... Think about the reasons that making this change is important. I was aiming for 20 and keep adding as I think of them...


In no real order of importance...
  1. Less pressure on arthritic knee
  2. Better for lung function
  3. Less middle fat better for organs
  4. Less pain in knee - better muscle structure
  5. Less GI tract problems/discomfort/GERD
  6. More active middle/old age than average
  7. Fit - Able to enjoy active pursuits not out of breath
  8. Strong - able to help myself
  9. Strong - able to help others
  10. Set a good example/be a role model for others, especially students I teach
  11. Feel more confident about body shape
  12. Do the things I enjoy better - Cycle 
  13. Do the things I enjoy better - Swim
  14. Do the things I enjoy better - Walk/hike 
  15. Do the things I enjoy better - Taekwondo 
  16. Do the things I enjoy better - Kayak
  17. Do the things I enjoy better - Yoga
  18. Recover from injury more easily with improved musculature and CVS
  19. Prove to myself I CAN meet my own goals, have self discipline
  20. Value myself as worth the effort
  21. Be confident of my body's ability to do things - try parkour
  22. Tuck shirts into pants neatly.
  23. Recover from illnesses better (heard some science on the radio today about this)
  24. Squeeze past people in crowds more confidently

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Project 365 - Becoming BatGirl

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Monday... Ate 2 small choclates and banana bread. Otherwise, just what I'd brought from home. Didn't walk in the morning due to thunder storms... Cleared by arvo and had a lovely walk by the river. Dinner with friend putting the world to rights. Apprehensive about jab.



Didn't sleep particularly well last night. Might before it was storms at 2 am, last night slight anxiety. Tonight it will probably be elevated HR as I metabolise this cortisone. Walked to and from train and in city but moped, ate lots of choclate whilst in pain. Jab was fascinating but not enough to counter the pain and shock reaction after. Amazing how sugar settles the system after that sort of thing. Tried to have a nap in arvo... Dozed through pain. Starting to settle this evening thankfully though swollen and starting to bruise. Back in plastic cast. Parents back tomorrow which I am looking forward to. FB convo with one of head trainers at TKD and will go back gently after long weekend... In a week :) 



Didn't sleep well. Really agitated today. Walked in am but it didn't calm me. Went out for lunch with work mate. Wrap with good contents and then ate 5 slices of pizza because it tasted so good and I was so exhausted in the evening with parents. Early to bed.




Walked in am. Ate ok at work. Peice of cake for workmates broth day and coke zero for a boost. Sugary dirty chai with breakfasts becoming a habit. Choclate in evening feeling anxious and stressed. Need a break but packing for it seems overwhelming. 

Hand therapy today sees me back in restrictive support and less exercises of hand for a couple of weeks to let thumb joint settle. Then into a smaller joint support and abck to strengthening and stretching. Therapist seemed happy than the answer was something we could deal with to recover from and make ok for the future. 

No yoga tonight to rest thumb more in case...




Not a bad day at work just CBF. Walked in morning. Left almost on the bell and finished packing for weekend away. Nice time in car with mum. Set up in Maldon. Commenced eating poorly very shortly after! 425ml of cider - headache.




Ate some things my guts didn't like. Think it was the spinach was too fibrous in the gozleme. Lots of carbs. Walked to top of the hill. It was lovely where first the music disappeared, then the sound of children, then it was just the wind in the trees. Been thinking about boobs... And came to the conclusion that I am awesome and any change I need to make has to be for my health rather than appearance or to be something/someone who is/looks different. My habits may need to change but who I am is just fine. It is really hard to hang on to this thought sometimes. So nice to be away and have time for thoughts. 2 glasses of white wine - headache.




Starting the day with epic carbs sets one up for an interesting day. Banana and maple syrup pancakes followed by bacon and an egg in white bread.... Followed by sausage roll and then a baked potato. Then a glorious steam train ride! Train trip was fun with a family on a birthday treat for master 3. Was really in the moment for those 2 hours. Will do a different walk after dinner since I have already notched up over 10k steps getting around this festival. Been very cold and thus been eating extra... Tasty are the carbs. No alcohol today

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Project 365 - Becoming BatGirl

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Tired today. Didn't go up the hill but did 12000+ steps. Had a nap after a bit of hayfever during the early evening. Going to sleep around 12 this weekend... Hope it will be easy enough to pull that back for work. Sleeping 8-10 hours which has been good. One glass of wine. Happy to have been able to cut up a whole steak for dinner! Yay thumb!





This weekend has been good for my mind. Distraction with music, entertainment, friends and time to clear mind with time in the bush and walking. Feeling lots calmer and ready to take on the next step of things... 

Goings for a walk up the hill after packing up a bit more and breakfast and then kickback until my wonderful drivers come to take me home.


Next... I will need a plan! (Food this week, house hunting plan, ideas for next NF challenge).


 Walked up hill. Ate badly. Not very organised for this week. Tired but buzzed (not in a good way) for work like its Sunday night...



Tired after work. No TKD yet... Went for another 30+min walk with mum this evening. Ate better today including random stew from the freezer with extra veg and a little rice. A small amount of m&ms... Oops remembered the biscuits, maybe 4 of them. Hungry after work. Need to have good snacks in. After walk had banana and PB, yummy but high energy for sleeping on. Trying not to stress about the house hunting thing... Am bad at managing anxiety with change.



Emotional eating... stressed this morning with marking student work inefficiently with sore wrist and uncertainty of looking for a new home. Craving given into for morning tea of hash brown and egg & bacon & cheese muffin. Still want more... that is the problem. Anxiety eating needs to be planned for! 


And the rest... Muffin for lunch, Started house hunting, came past Cedars bakery a place that does Awesome freshly heated Lebanese pastries. Haven't been there for years! Tastes just as good. This means I didn't really need the small Big Mac meal :( coke zero, but not great choice. Was going to go to yoga but after I got my clothes on, I fell asleep! Early night for me after one more snack of banana and PB.



Lots of chocolate in the last couple of days. Am struggling with the anxiety of moving... Even looking for a place is hard, I don't like what I've seen that much but feel pressure to just get it done (and I only started looking yesterday!). I am trying to let my gut decide and imagine living my healthy life in those places...


Ate better today so far, except for the chocolate after I made kids cry in math class with their results. Probs more sugar(honey) than ideal but better than yesterday so far.


New NF challenge starts on Monday and ends near the first quarter of this 365 project. Don't feel like I'm getting very far yet and it's frustrating.


Ate more choc icecreams and a lovely wood fired tropical pizza.



Breakfast of fruit, nut museli and yog didn't keep me going long under the stress of house inspections. Ate a little of egg, ham, bread, cheese bechamel dish and then chicken salad (best of the day so far) then ate two more choc icecreams :(


Found 3 places I want to apply for but can't find last rental agent details and Optus Internet is down - these annoyances may have lead to icecreams... This emotional eating is a prick. And this is despite me feeling much better for seeing some places I think I could be comfortable living in.


Going to walk down to friends for BBQ later and watch fireworks. Should get my extra steps in but have enjoyed the sun this morning. 



Great walking around in sun at local festival. Could have been worse food wise but have good things prepped for the week ahead. Got things done today and had fun. Felt good.

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