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Limited equipment at gym

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So in a nut shell, my university gym is like Planet Fitness (mostly smith machines with some free dumbbells) with less pizza. I'm broke, my school is in the middle of scenic No Where, TX and the nearest gym is 20- 30 miles down the highway so no gym memberships. They have another, more fully stocked weight room but its for athletes only. 


I was able to work around this and put together a workout plan based on the free dumbbells alone but they only go up to 50-55lbs.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday its:


Dumbbell Squats-3x12

Dumbbell Bench Press-3x12

One Arm Dumbbell Rows-3x12

Dumbbell Deadlifts-3x12


Right now I really have no idea what to do if I pass that. I've never been part of a gym long enough to encounter this problem. 

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