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*sneaks in* err... Hi guys.

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Hello everyone, don't worry, I'm not here to cover you in plastic and chuck you off a boat. I'm quite friendly. Also quite awkward at introductions (if that wasn't already evident!). I'll keep it simple for now so here goes.

Hi, I'm Paige and I'm 25 and live in the UK. I have a 5 (almost 6) year old son (yep, started early, I know) and I'm a self confessed nerd. Like an actual nerd, not one of those girls that wears a grey tee with "nerd" sprawled across the front in big bold writing and wears buddy holly style glasses with the frames popped out and read half a spider man comic that one time. A real nerd. My interests include games, comics, lego, art. Just to name a few.

I'm here purely by a complete fluke. I was googling away and boom! Read through some posts and y'all seem like a nice, like minded bunch and I thought well the worst thing they can do is tell me to go away right? So Here I am and my story is, I've recently had quite the health scare as well as being diagnosed with "potential" rheumatoid arthritis. My Dr has advised weightloss may ease any symptoms (or what I like to call, the thing that's worse than childbirth) And at 205lbs I'm not really in the position to argue with that. Obviously any hardcore excessive exercise is out of the question and quite frankly swimming lengths (or in my case widths, lengths are just too long man!) is boring. I've tried yoga and honestly it's all I can do to keep myself from farting. And I gave it a good go too. I just need a kick in the arse and a push in the right direction.

My work requires me to spend the vast majority of my days sitting and contorting my body into occasionally, very odd positions. I'm a tattooist. So I'm either sitting at my desk drawing or sitting at my station. I get very few breaks and will honestly grab whatever junk I can get my hands on that I can scoff as quickly as possible. Luckily, this whole arthritis mumbo jumbo has killed my appetite for anything other than fruit. So I don't think changing my diet will be an issue.

I just need help from someone who may have some experience or who might be able to help me. Thank you in advance for those who take the time to read my ramblings and those who reply.

If you feel I'm probably in the wrong place then please tell me also. I'll mosey off into the sunset to continue my quest for a skinny butt.



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Welcome TheDarkPassenger


Also a newbie here. You are so in the right place you gonna scold yourself for not finding this place sooner. I did. 


You might feel overwhelmed with some of the Rebellion concepts here. If you do, don't run (unless you wanna run around the block for some fresh air). There's help forums/ threads and a lot of posts to guide you, but you can also just ask your question right here on this thread and one of us will point you in the right direction or help where we can. I actually regained faith in humanity thanks to the Rebellion because of their helpfulness.


As a tattoo artist you might want to look into one of the art threads and share your creative work there for the people to see or start your own thread. The Rebellion isn't just about fitness - it's about lifestyle and amazing people to root for you.


Remember: The Rebellion doesn't care where you are (aka we don't judge) we care about where you are going (aka the best groupies you ever had)


Keep levelling up  :triumphant:


See you around

Chris Brooks



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