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[Deathosaur] Day 1 of a new lifestyle

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I lost a ton of weight before by majorly cutting calories and sporadically exercising. I started up yoga and stopped obsessing over calories. Fast forward a year and now I'm in yoga teacher training. Between moving, the stress of this intense program, and a continuing love affair with sugar, my weight has spiked back up. I need to slim down and build strength to continue seeing progress in my practice. There's no better day to start than today.


Main Quest: Slim down and build muscle

LifeQuest: Meditate every day

SideQuest: Track food in MFP every day

SideQuest: Stick to Stronglifts 3 times a week every week

SideQuest: Stick to IIFYM at or (preferably) below maintaining

Motivation: Them flow throughs: 


Starting measurements: 5'6" 178.4lbs Waist: 33in Hips: 42.5 



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