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So I will gain more weight if the 150 cal come from alcohol (red wine) than if it came from food? I don't want elite body building results, just looking to gain some muscle and strength (was very weak and no muscle before- so 5 20 min dumbbell and bodyweight workouts a week consuming 2500 cal (130g protein)). 

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I had a friend who is a bartender and in a good shape. I saw him drinking a lot sometimes as well. so I think it won't affect that much. 


Volume makes a difference, but so does regularity.  If you binge drink every night, you're gonna have problems.  If you binge drink once a month, you're far less likely to have problems. 


By the same token, if you drink one beer a day you might be ok.  If you drink one beer an hour, you might not be.  


The TL;DR is: less is better, but more won't kill you [immediately].  

"Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back." - Captain Malcolm Reynolds


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Also, I Agree With Tank™

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Regular alcohol consumption can inhibit testosterone production in men.  If there is alcohol present in your system, it will be burned as a primary fuel source before anything else.  Thus if you are in a caloric surplus, it can lead to fat gain.  In the bigger picture though just treat it as a calorie source.


 I was saving alcohol for refeed days but now I only drink on special occasions/nerd nights. 

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