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Traveling Solo

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Five years ago, I realized my lifelong dream of travelling to the US. I went by myself and was both terrified and super excited at the same time. I rented a car (a Mustang convertible!) and drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, down Route 66 to L.A., and then headed up along the coast to San Francisco. From there I took a plane to Portland, Oregon, where LeakyCon was taking place (a massive Harry Potter centric convention) where I made many friends. And lastly, I flew to New York City.

It was honestly one of the best times in my life, even though I was by myself. I felt free and totally in control of the journey. Ever since then, I can't get enough of travelling. I want to go EVERYWHERE!

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All my travel has been solo so far and I've loved it, but I really want to travel somewhere with a friend or someone to share the experiences with.

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