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List of what I want to accomplish! I used to do my maintenance of the list on pen and paper, but I've decided to make an online one, too, so that I can

1) access it anywhere, 2) make the editing job more convenient, and 3) utilize the power of the digital panopticon.


Each small goal (practice the playing the piano an hour per day for a week or beating 10 wild pokemon to level up) accomplished will increase the YAY! counter by 1. Each big milestone (like, completing my first dragon flag or accomplishing my first handstand or beating a gym leader) will increase the WOOT! counter by 1. Each REALLY BIG milestone (like, winning a spot in an orchestra or publishing a book or beating the Elite Four) will increase the AW YEAH! counter by 1. These counters already have numbers because I started my quest around two years ago. Things I have accomplished which did not appear in the list (like, capturing a shiny unexpectedly or finding a hidden item) or happy things that happened to me (like seeing a random shooting star) will be added to the SQUEE! counter.


To level up, I have to collect 100 experience. Points from different counters have different values. A SQUEE point is worth 0.1 exp. A YAY is 0.5 exp. A WOOT is 1 exp. An AW YEAH is 5 exp.




SQUEE! Counter: 42


YAY! Counter: 37


WOOT! Counter: 4


AW YEAH! Counter: 1


TOTAL EXP: 31.7!



Just finished my first semester in college. After looking back on all of my actions during that period of time, I've picked up on things that I need to work on better, both fitness-wise and academic-wise (#1 is my time management skills). There are places where I knew I could have done better, but didn't. So, my quest right now consists of using the 3-week break I have right now to work on it and things that I've wanted to accomplish for the lulz.



My second semester starts tomorrow. Goals will be more focused in not drowning in homework and keeping up with my fitness goals.




1. Become a firefighter

2. Increase my upper-body strength/break my pull up record

3. Learn time management

4. Eat proper food

5. Have a consistent bedtime (preferably 10pm)


These are the particulars of those goals (side quests that build up to the main quest) (blue = complete):


Training Goals


1. Stick to the Start Bodyweight Program (each completed week- 3 sessions done between Monday to Sunday- merits a YAY point)

2. Carry sand pills during my commutes (1 YAY per 7 trips)

#Walk 10 minutes a day from October 26 to November 9 (merits a YAY point) DONE

#Complete the scaled-down PLP challenge- merits a WOOT point ON HOLD

Food Goals


1. Eat a serving of vegetable a day each complete week merits a YAY


#Make a Paleo Pancake (Deadline: November 9) merits a YAY point DEAD

#Make carrot fries (Deadline: November 9) merits a YAY point DONE


Academic Goals


1. Study at least 30 minutes a day (each complete week merits a YAY point)

2. Get an 'honor' (that's worth an WOOT point)

3. Get A's in tests/projects (every 2 A's merits a YAY point)

#Study Calculus at least an hour a day until November 9 (each complete week merits a YAY point) DEAD


Skill Goals


1. Write a post for my wordpress blog merits a YAY point for each post

2. Master a piano piece will be judged on a case-to-case basis

3. Practice sketching merits a YAY point for each bond paper filled up


~Practice portrait drawing (30 minutes a day until November 9) (each complete week merits a YAY point) DEAD

#Finish my orchestral arrangement of The Christmas Song (Deadline: October 24) (1 YAY point) DONE


Adventure Goals


1. Attend a medical school tour (merits a YAY point)

2. Learn how to drive. merits a WOOT point

3. Complete a 6-week challenge worth 1 WOOT point per challenge done

4. Explore Hinulugang Taktak Falls merits a YAY point


# Attend a seminar about firefighting (when the opportunity presents itself) DONE

# Explore a large park near my university DONE


Lifestyle Goals


1. Don't read fanfiction for a year (started: September 5) worth 1 AW YEAH! each month is worth 1 YAY!


There are a lot more goals I haven't written here. The ones above are the things I want to focus on right now. Here's the complete list.

JL: Level 3 Turtle Tamer


"I didn't come here for the easy life."


current challenge thread | daily battle log | epic quest


The One-Year Fanfic Ban (START: 6/8/2015)

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Got 2 long tests with nice, shiny A's +1 YAY

I finally got to explore the park! +1 YAY

I completed a six-week challenge! +1 WOOT

4th and 5th Monthsary of my fanfic ban! +2 YAY

Rode a firetruck! +1 SQUEE

Started a wordpress blog! +1 SQUEE

Donated blood for the first time! +1 SQUEE

My arrangement was played in a concert by an orchestra! +1 SQUEE




YAY: 4







SQUEE! Counter: 42


YAY! Counter: 37


WOOT! Counter: 4


AW YEAH! Counter: 1


TOTAL EXP: 31.7!

JL: Level 3 Turtle Tamer


"I didn't come here for the easy life."


current challenge thread | daily battle log | epic quest


The One-Year Fanfic Ban (START: 6/8/2015)

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