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TaTanka's First Challenge


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This will be my first challenge.  I have only been on Nerd Fitness, for about 2 days, and I plan to start my challenge as the next challenge begins.  But, first...


I have never actually been an athlete.  I used to work out about 18 hours a week, all in various martial arts.  Then, work, school, and life...a few years later I've lost a lot of muscle and put on a more than a little fat.  I'm not in horrible shape, but I am no longer in the shape I want to be in.  My wife currently rotates around family, school, and gaming.  Time to get up and get moving again.


For the past few years my job has kept me in a car more than not.  School keeps me at a desk both in class and at home.  DnD is all sitting, and when running Heroclix tournaments I sit more often than not (teach your players well and judging becomes cake.)  The only real physical exertion I get is trying to keep up with an incredibly hyper 3 year old.  Part of my goal is to not tire out as easily as I do now, though I last longer than most dads I know, which I see as a hopeful sign. 


Here we go.



Main Quest:  Be in top shape for next convention season for some killer cosplay, oh...and, get down to 280--currently 342.


Life Quest:  1. 1000 words at least every day, on top of school writing assignments.


Diet and Fitness:  2. Keep a food log on my battle log.

                             3. Work out each day for an hour. -- explore a different work out each week until I find one that I like.  (if I don't enjoy it, I won't do it.  I know this) Record it in the battle log.

                             4. Cut down the soda each week, and be at 0 sodas a day by week 6.

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