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Caprarius (Half-Elf Ranger) - Hunting the Great Jaggi


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I know I'm a bit early for the Oct 27th to the Dec 1st Six Week Challenge and way too late for the current party, but I might as well throw up what I have before I forget or the IT's bring down our internet for "repairs" and sometimes no one knows when it'll come back on. I'll repost this again when the next one is up. Thanks for understanding!


Name: Caprarius

Age: 22

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 180 lbs

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Ranger



  • Strength (STR) - 0
  • Dexterity (DEX) - 0
  • Stamina (STA) - 0
  • Constitution (CON) - 0
  • Wisdom (WIS) - 0
  • Charisma (CHA) - 0


Main quest:

  • To get stronger, better, faster. (And to kill that Great Jaggi!)


  1. Do the beginner bodyweight work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Starting at 4 sets and ending at 9 sets on the sixth and final week.
  2. Do 30 minutes cardio on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Jump on the treadmill, cycle, swimming, or just running around in a circle. If I can move, I will!
  3. By the end of the sixth week, my main source of hydration will be water and hot tea, with the occasional beer or glass of wine.

Side quests;

  • Life Side Quest: Save $4,000 for downpayment on a new truck.
  • Fitness Side Quest: Achieve good or above in the Navy PFA.


I don't want to be the weak one of the group anymore, I want to stand up and become strong and fend for myself and the ones I care for.

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