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Baton Rouge!

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Welcome to the great state of Louisiana. 


I don't live in BR, (I live in North Central LA) but I've been to BR several times.  Not a bad city.  It does have a really cool water park (Blue Bayou).  It's also not that far from NOLA so a trip to there is pretty easy. 

Btw...I hope you like purple & yellow, it's the colors of choice down there, also the colors of lsu. 

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Good to meet you! That's one of my goals this year is to start lifting too. I have my sandbag and love it. What gym are you thinking of joining?



I actually just decided yesterday, I went ahead and joined the Definitions at Southgate on Nicholson.  


It's really close to LSU (I'm a student there).  The park by the LSU lakes on Stanford/LSU Avenue is really great for bodyweight stuff.  


I also used to run the lakes, but I took a month off and now I'm focusing more on strength so I would probably die if I tried to run the four miles!


Are you in a gym?

Goal: Deadlift a (Female) Wookie (100 kg): 65.8%

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