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2 Week Break Mini Dungeon: Diet


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I'm pretty sure I've shared this somewhere before but I'll share it again. My favorite recipe is banana egg oatmeal in the morning. I never eat instant oatmeal anymore- it tastes bad and has a lot of sugar in it. But plain oatmeal is boring, so I dress it up with banana and egg. Here's what you do.

Makes one serving.

Cook oatmeal on the stove top as per instructions.

Mash one ripe banana and whisk one egg in a bowl.

When oatmeal is almost done cooking, add in the egg mixture.

Cook until egg is done, transfer to a bowl, and enjoy!

I add cinnamon and sometimes nuts or honey. I've also added peanut butter, which was less weird than it sounds but still a little weird. It's a really great breakfast that's sweet without added sugar and fills me up for a few hours. Try it!

Egg, in oatmeal!! That sounds great!

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