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Adventures in Kid Yoga.

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I made a status yesterday that I was going to try starting morning yoga with my almost 3 year old and her 3 year old friend that I've started babysitting 3 days a week. Today marked the first day my daughter has even seen yoga. (She's mimicked my squats and lunges around the house and even has her own toy kettlebell, but this is new territory for us!)


So, I Googled. I YouTubed. I came across the video below and figured it was worth a shot! Bright colors, friendly presenter, easy poses...



Yep. I did the whole 20 minute video myself. I pretended to be a lion that couldn't roar, stand tall like a giraffe and bend back like a camel. And the kids moaned for fruit snacks and 'Pocoyo' and I had to suck up all of that sadness that this would be a great way for all of us to do something together. I'M A PROUD LION, DAMN IT.


Everyone starts somewhere. I guess I start with kids yoga. Let's see if it gets any better tomorrow. ;)

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I know this is an old topic but I figured I'd respond anyway.


My daughter has watched me doing yoga here at home lately. She also has been mimicking some of the yoga moves I do. I found the Cosmic kids yoga videos recently. Both my daughter and my son have really had fun doing the videos. We've only done about three, but everyday so far they have begged me to let them do yoga.


I'm not strict and make them do the whole video, their attention span comes and goes so they do the moves when they want to. I even took my old yoga mat and cut it in half so they each have their own little mat to work on. I hope my kids continue to enjoy doing yoga as much as I do.


Good luck with your yoga kids :D

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OMG, my 4-year old does this almost daily.  He LOVES Jamie.


"Wisha washa wisha washa, wisha washa woooo."   :D


*I'm glad this got necrobumped just to get that song stuck in my head.

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