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Ranger Wrap-up thread


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Ho there, fellow Rangers! This is the end of challenge thread where you post your results. Let us know how you did on your goals and copypaste the summary in here with a link to your thread. If we can keep this thread mostly to wrap-ups and keep the discussion in the chatter thread that would be awesome. It seems like most of us had a hard time this challenge, but we all pulled through!


Helpful Links!!!
Here is the reporting thread from the previous challenge if you would like to see examples.

Grading Yourself and Awarding Attribute Points

At the end of the challenge, give yourself a grade on how you did achieving your goals. Then, based on how you did, award points. Partial points are allowed.

A - 100% B - 75% C - 50% D - 25% F - 0%

Here is a link for a chart to help with the math.

Remember to talk about your successes!!! This is how we grow, learn, and have the power to move forward!


Next challenge starts November 10th!!!

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Lvl 58 Multitasker

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Thanks, DR.  You're doing a great job as the Ambassador and Assistant Guild Leader.  And the PvP was a lot of fun.  This was one period when I don't think I'd have made any progress (and would probably have gone backward!!) without the accountability of my fellow nerds.



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Level 63 Human ... Oath of Ancients Paladin

"We are better than we know, if we can be made to see it, [then] for the rest of our lives, we'll be unwilling to settle for less."  - Kurt Hahn

STR: 14 | DEX: 14| CON: 17 | INT: 17 | WIS: 17 | CHA: 14


The SIde Tracked Quest (rough draft)



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Thanks, DR.  You're doing a great job as the Ambassador and Assistant Guild Leader.  And the PvP was a lot of fun.  This was one period when I don't think I'd have made any progress (and would probably have gone backward!!) without the accountability of my fellow nerds.

I do what I can. Appreciate your kind words


My wrap-up post is here

Lvl 58 Multitasker

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Darkfoxx 13: Because Dragons Grading


Overarching Goal


Hasn't changed - still trying to get my body comp where I want it through tight-ish metrics + building strength to be able to do all the OCR-related things I want to do.



How Has This Challenge Cycle Gotten Me Closer To My Goals?


I kind of feel like a coasted this challenge workout wise. I didn't really push myself too hard, outside the OCR and Color Run I did and I feel like I spent a lot of time in recovery mode. Maybe its the change in seasons, maybe its the chill in the air, or the fact that NF has seemed on the deserted side -- whatever it is, I need to get right the F over it before next challenge and get my ass back in gear. 


Other goals wise, I slacked a bit on metrics and paid for it and I got incrementally closer to having my paperwork ducks in a row + the noise of things for the sake of things quieted a bit. A tiny bit. 



What Needs Improvement?


All of it. This was not a BAMF-Y challenge for me. I type this on a Monday morning, as I'm falling asleep at my desk because I feel like I never recovered from last week this weekend. This is a crap trend and I need to do better. Can't go through the Winter like this. 



Goal 1:  Fitness


Choose Your Own Adventure-style  workouts 4-5 times a week, plus walks (preferably long) on the weekends. Merrill Down N' Dirty OCR + Color Run 5k in October.


N0qLdd2.png?2Week 1: A. I got my workouts in, though I feel like I need to push a little harder - essentially taking 4 days off from working out + only doing easy yoga 1 day is not going to get me where I need to go in any kind of quickness. I have all this week to go hard before I need to rest for my next OCR -- and I plan on kicking it up an extra day. Friday workout, here I come! 


6mwEp5X.png?2Week 2: A. I did good here. Didn't get my last "formal" workout in, but I did other things to make up for it. 


7BjUQGA.png?2Week 3: A. Did some great yoga and my last OCR of the year. Score! 


mSPQ0m6.png?2Week 4: I'm counting this week as a success. I got 3 solid days of yoga in after my mud run and had a nice vacation filled with a little toddler lifting. A. 


edJ02kn.png?2Week 5: C. I got three workouts in, but I was lazy a day and need to take a hit for that. That's not the kind of precedent I want to be setting.


eZfQik6.png?2Week 6: I'm going B here. The hubby and I were both exhausted all weekend and I had some dizziness-related drama to deal with on both Monday and Friday. Fun stuff. I also had zero desire or motivation to work out. 




Goal 2: Metrics


Metrics make me happy and they work for me, so I'm sticking with them. As a refresher, my metrics are: 100 grams or under of carbs, 70 grams or over of protein, under 100 grams of fat and around 1500 calories. Water is the recommended by FitBit 64 ounces, and on the weekends I like my step count to be over FitBit’s recommended 10,000. 


N0qLdd2.png?2Week 1: A. This week was good overall. I wasn't perfect over the weekend, but I managed to balance my alcohol & carb intake fairly successfully.


6mwEp5X.png?2Week 2: A. I wasn't perfect this weekend, but I made a concerted effort to not go crazy - and I didn't, at least not on carbs.


7BjUQGA.png?2Week 3: Whoo. Look at all that weekend red! There *was* some method to my madness, though. Saturday's carb overage was half planned - I opted for the quinoa bowl because my calories and carbs have been low all week and I wanted to make sure I had enough juice for Sunday's run. Especially because of being worried about healing in time. Sunday was post-race indulgence. I was alone, so I nommed everything in sight -- and I didn't get my customary post-race steak, because a: I was alone, b: I was freezing to death, and c: I took the train. So, I had half my bun and half my fries at brunch. And they were delicious. And I was so slam-ass full from lunch, that I went to bed uncomfortably full. Seeing as I went to bed uncomfortable and the Flax bar turned out to be a dumb decision, I'll rock a B for the week. 


mSPQ0m6.png?2Week 4: I'm counting this week as a whole lot of win. I wasn't perfect while on vacation, but I did damn good - it helps that the friend I stayed with has my exact taste in food and I never have to worry about having non-compliant meals while I'm there, since they eat mostly paleo as well. Whoo! Whoo! A!


edJ02kn.png?2Week 5: I'm going C here. A red weekend and I remember reds at the beginning of the week, too. 


eZfQik6.png?2Week 6: B. I had some off days and some non-protein-having days. I paid for them. 



Goal 3: Get Your Shit Together


Fill out the Get Your Shit Together stuff + enter all my other important crap into Evernote so I can actually find it..


N0qLdd2.png?2Week 1: Will: A. Did I get my will written, power of attorney assigned, and living will completed? Yes. Have they been signed yet? No - waiting to do it all at once. 


6mwEp5X.png?2Week 2: Living Will: A. Did I get my living will written, medical power of attorney assigned, and funeral stuff completed? Yes. Have they been signed yet? No - waiting to do it all at once. 


7BjUQGA.png?2Week 3: Life Insurance: B. I have life insurance already, and did half the research on whether or not I want to add disability. 


mSPQ0m6.png?2Week 4: Money: I have a budget I don't strictly follow, I have a general picture of my financial situation, and I have no buffer but plan to start re-building it once we get the little bit of debt we have built up on the credit card paid off. No set plan, but we're chipping away at it as we can. We also have IRAs and I signed up for Acorn (an iPhone app that lets you roll over your rounded up change from purchases into the stock market). So, overall, I'm not looking too shabby here. A. 


edJ02kn.png?2Week 5: Details:  I'm going here, too. I did some work but I didn't finish. 


eZfQik6.png?2Week 6: Personal Items: A. This goal is something I do anyways, so I didn't really need to do anything additional here. 




Other Goals


Reduce Household Crap


Keep Attempting IRL social


Work on knitting scarf


Continue streamlining & fixing wardrobe


Get rid of the clothes I've decided I'm going to donate


N0qLdd2.png?2Week 1: A. I made some progress here. Some things made it out of the house, even more got bagged up to go, I culled a few more pieces from my wardrobe, worked on my scarf, and was even social. Look at me, leading a full life and shit. 


6mwEp5X.png?2Week 2: A. Making progress here, albeit slowly. This week, I worked on my scarf, decorated 2 walls, got rid of a few articles of clothing, and donated some bags of stuff.


7BjUQGA.png?2Week 3: A. I continue to chip away at these larger goals. 


mSPQ0m6.png?2Week 4: I socialed my ass off this week. And I identified a few bags that can go to Goodwill. And I got mommed. A. Bam.


edJ02kn.png?2Week 5: A. I did some work this week - not a ton, but some. 


eZfQik6.png?2Week 6: A. Even though I only did a tiny bit here, something is better than nothing. 



Cycle 13 Scoring: -5 total points: + 1 STR  + 2 DEX  + 1 STA  + 2 CON  + 2 WIS  + 2 CHA

Level 87 Wood Elf Druid

Druid: || 59 | 60 | 61 | 61.5 | 62 | 63 | 64 | 65 | 66 | 67 | 68 | 69 | 70 | 71 | 72 | 73 | 74 | 75 | 76 | 77 | 78 | 79 | 80 | 81 | 82 | 83 | 8485 | 86 | 87  ||

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STR: 57 || DEX: 59 || STA: 52 || CON: 47 || WIS: 59 || CHA: 59


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LadyShello seeking balance


Wrap up


Be a Smart Companion - Increase rest days from 1 to 2. Part 1 – Strength Training 4x/week YAYOG, Cardio of some kind at least 2x/week, focusing on intensity rather than distance.

This goal had some mixed results.  Maybe that's a result of having two parts or the way it was structured? 

YAYOG - This was the easiest to follow of all the goals, and quite challenging at the same time.  I am 1 workout away from rung 7.  This is an A.  +3 STR and +2 Dex

Cardio - Some weeks were better than others.  The average comes out to a B.  +2 STA


Fish Fingers and Custard â€“ Log food on MFP sticking to 1450 calories a day.  About 1 cheat day/week.

Overall this goal went pretty well.  Logging my food on MFP was very helpful for me.  I am glad I did it for the entire challenge.  I was able to find some foods that are not contributing and make some tweaks.  I think having a better handle on how all this stuff adds up and what works for me I can move forward with making some more changes for the better.  Average for the challenge is an A-.  +1 CON, +1 WIS


Flexibility â€“ Yoga routine on rest days.  This needs to be only 5-10 minutes.

This goal didn't work out well.  I think I did yoga once over the last 6 weeks.  I made the goal since I felt I wasn't keeping myself accountable on stretching and warming up and I thought it would help.  I haven't had any issues with stretching but I am still a little sketchy on this.  I'm sure there are benefits to be had from yoga but I also don't feel like I am missing anything here.  At least not right now.  I have so many other things to work on.  But, for this goal - F.  No points awarded. 


Life Quest: Tardis maintenance - The Tardis is a mess.  It looks like no one has cleaned in weeks (6 weeks actually).  As this challenge is about balance I plan to tackle different projects around the house that have been ignored.  Some of these areas need cleaning, others need organization.

A lot got done this challenge.  I feel more in control of my household and other responsibilities.  Not everything is under control but when is it ever?  A +2 CHA


As for the balance that I was seeking, this goal was not achieved but I did learn more about myself and what works (and what doesn't).  I'll be thinking on this a lot over the next 2 weeks with the writing of my next challenge.  I did get more balanced but it's more likely that I overcompensated.  I figure I'll go back and overcompensate on the other side for the next challenge and continue to do this until I get closer to this elusive balance - which is probably a moving target anyway. 


A note on extra-curriculars.  This probably says more about me than anything else.  In a challenge about seeking balance I bit off more than I can chew.  I did have to drop one of these groups during the challenge.  I get something different from all these groups and I feel like I need all those. 


Measurements -

weight - 16 pounds lost

Body fat percentage (calipers) - 44.2% down to 42.4%

Body fat percentage (expensive equipment at gym) - 45.4% - 41.6%

biceps - 1/2'' lost

waist - 1''

hips - 1''

calves - 1/2''

thighs - 1-1/2''

chest - 1/2''

Race: Amazonian Ogre Princess | Class: Ranger | Profession: SuperHero | Affiliation: Doodlie and Pancake for Life

Respawn Challenge Arcs: 2021 | 2022


I am not saying I am Wonder Woman. I am just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman together in the same room.


Original Spawn Challenges 2014 - 2020: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 789, 10, 11, 12 , 131415, 1617181920, 21, 2223242526272829303132, 33, 3435, 36??

Roadmaps: 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020

Starting weight = 290.4 (2014); Current weight = 241.2; Total pounds lost: 49.2

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This was a very successful challenge for me when I look at my spreadsheet, which sort of surprised me. By the numbers and the physical results I have had, it is probably my best, but it has also been a hard, hard grind. I was sick, stressed out, and I had huge work demands. I struggled almost every step of the way. It was not much fun, and I feel like I failed in several areas, particularly in keeping up with my accountability groups. I had to cut back on a lot of the social aspects of NF partway through the challenge, because I just couldn't keep up. And while that sounds like a negative, looking at it now it was probably just the sort of "life lesson" I really needed!



I am right on track for my 40 week fire fit main quest

My lean bodyweight is now within about a pound or so of my old firefighting lean weight and I am still putting on muscle, with about 19 weeks to go until academy

I lost ~6 pounds of body fat this challenge

I'm stronger and faster and more flexible, and I'm injury free - a big improvement over last challenge!

I improved my sleep, my macros, and my household systems

I created cool stuff  - writing, artwork, and my "Fight the Fire" app is ready for submission to the App Store


I accomplished the goals I set for myself and then some. I earned all of my stat points.


With an eye to the future, I intend to be much more careful and conscious about how I structure my challenges and be more cautious in my commitments, so that I can enjoy the process more!


Detailed Wrapup

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All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity:

but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

~T. E. Lawrence


When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands,

flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty. 
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