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So I'm coming back to this, after a...month and a half?... of hiatus.  Augh, I'm a Rebel level 0 again, since I didn't make it on my first challenge, but I'm okay with that, I think.  Starting somewhere is the important part, right?


I figure I'd reevaluate my goals, you know?  I'm doing a Diabetes Prevention Program/class thing through work, though I'm not pre- or currently diabetic, but it's a good thing for me.  Most of the information is stuff I know, though, so it's not super exciting, but it's another layer of accountability - one of the ladies I work with runs the meetings, so it's easy for her to come to my desk and ask me about progress or lack of reporting.  It's...interesting.


Anyway, so goals: My main mantra is something like "Training to be a Hunter" (Supernatural).  Duh, show's not real, I'm a fan, not a lunatic.  But I want to be strong like them, and be able to kick ass and be physically strong enough to take on demons and stuff, just minus all the dying (looking at you, Dean!).  I'd like to be able to eventually run for a long distance without feeling like I'm dying, haul big bags and shove bodies around, all that good stuff.  Mostly, I want my body in good working order to be able to do something physically demanding.  Plus, if I can eventually have something that even resembles Winchester abs, hells yes I'm in.  So here are my baby steps, all portioned out for a short-term goal of 1/1/15. 



  • Lose 10 pounds/one pants size by Jan. 1st, 2015:  This will give me approximately 8 weeks to lose 1.25 pounds a week, which seems reasonable. It also will bring me 1.5 points lower for my BMI (47.1 to 45.6).
    • Be more stringent about tracking - use the DPP class handout to more accurately track my calories (which means actual measuring, not eyeballing) and eat around 1800 calories daily (which is approx 600kc deficit)
    • Do resistance yoga with the family 3x/week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - already doing this, woot!)
    • Do weekly boxing unit at local dojo (Mondays)


Mental (pending gym membership, maybe?)

  • Run a 35-minute 5K on the elliptical by Jan. 1st. (I consider this a mental one, because I've rarely been able to run a sub-12-minute-mile, so this will help me grow in my confidence and self-esteem)
    • Run 5K 1x/week in November, 2x/week in December
    • Interval training program on the elliptical 2x a week (add a day each week until 5x/week, then reevaluate)
    • Steve's Mobility Stretches 3x/week (add a day each week until 7x/week)


  • Work on getting a solid 7 hours of sleep a night (usually I get around 5-6)
    • No fussing with electronics after 10PM (no matter how many episodes of Supernatural I wanna watch, dammit) (and no phone at the bed, ya idjit!)
    • Dinner finished (and hopefully eaten) by 10PM
    • Pack my bag and meditate/quiet time for 10 minutes before 10:30PM (bedtime)

Starting weight: 310


Okay.  Okay, so those are my goals for now.  I'm doing No Junk November and cutting out candies and soda (again) so that will be super challenging.  I /was/ going to start yesterday but was eating cake while I decided, and it all... went downhill from there.  Sigh. 


Things I've got going for me/resources available to me:
    Weekly yoga with family:  Free
    Weekly boxing unit: $10/week
    Weekly weigh-in at DPP: free
    Fitbit (that I don't know how to use): Free

    Gym Membership: ...$117/month?! I may have to reconsider the Mental goal.


Okay.  So, yeah, there's that.  I still have some needs, like, I need to get myself in the habit of doing weekly meal prep, and get new running shoes, and maybe invest in some dumbbells and/or resistance bands, but I want to be as low-key and not crazy as possible. 


So, here's my log.  I'm going to try again, and by god, if Castiel can drag the boys outta Hell, I can drag my sorry ass to these goals.

Elliott - Alaskan Half-Orc, working toward benevolent polymorph spell |  Aspiring Warrior - Ranger


Level 1 Newb: STR 1 - DEX 1 - STA 1 - CON 1 - WIS 1 - CHA 1


Serenity and change, one day at a time. 





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So last night was a bit of a bust, but I tried.  Friends got married last night, woot!  Potluck dinner, had a little bit of some awesome not-good-for-me food and some fruits and veggies, and split a slice of cake with a friend.  I feel like I did my best, but really, that's just me justifying. 


But I didn't pig out! 


Okay, so today, wow.  I just learned SPN is having a convention in Seattle next March - hot damn, I wanna be there!  Hot DAAAAMN I wanna be there!  Augh!  But the ticket package I superduper want is $700, buuuuut it's the closest a con will be to me for, like, forever.  (Living in Alaska sucks sometimes.)  So I guess I'm gonna ramp up my stuff and go for it!  I wanna be feeling good by then, you know?  I'm gonna try to go.  I'mma do it.  Maybe it can be my reward for something?  haha.  Pipe dreams from the oil state...  Maybe I can go to one farther away later in the year! (Yeah, that'd help make things a little more realistic, timewise and y'know, money wise.)


Anyway, so I've taken to eating a good breakfast every day, and making some okay decisions for lunch, but I suck at dinner and stuff since I'm rarely home.  I bought some ingredients yesterday and will be doing some food prep tonight after yoga class, and will be going to bed at a reasonable hour.  I was in bed by 10:35PM last night!  A first!  I took .25mg of melatonin, which never really kicks in super fast but leaves me a little groggy in the morning, but it works.  The plan was to wake up at 6:30AM instead of 7AM (or, rather, instead of 7:20, because that's when I drag myself out of bed), but despite not waking up that early, I still got my stuff together and out the door.  It was nice.  I feel like I got a good amount of sleep last night, which is great.  So, as long as I can keep doing that, I think I'll be good on that front.  I'm hoping that maybe tonight or tomorrow I will be on a schedule of sorts and not have to take the melatonin, since I don't wanna get dependent on it, but I have SUCH a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep!


I'm thinking of investing in a couple kettle bells and dumbbells and resistance bands - figure something is better than nothing.


Prep to do tonight:  Slow cooker lentils; oven-fried chicken tenders (with falafel breading!); stem and clean/shred kale; steam broccoli; cube the butternut squash; maybe grab some sausage some more veggies and make some lentil stew?  Something. 

Elliott - Alaskan Half-Orc, working toward benevolent polymorph spell |  Aspiring Warrior - Ranger


Level 1 Newb: STR 1 - DEX 1 - STA 1 - CON 1 - WIS 1 - CHA 1


Serenity and change, one day at a time. 





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