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NordicGiraffe Gets Up and Tries Again

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Hello!  .


Greetings from the Last Frontier - I'm Jill from Alaska.  I'm a 33 year old accountant and actor (one is my passion, one is my profession - give ya one guess which is which!) and I have felt myself slipping farther and farther from where I want to be in the last year.  I used to do long distance running, completing several marathons, but I never got very fast, and became very frustrated about a lack of perceived progress and basically gave it up.  No more running + late night pizzas = finding myself up 20 lbs from my usual weight.  It seems so silly to be concerned about 20 pounds when so many here have so much farther to go. But since I've quit running, my body doesn't feel powerful and useful like it used to. 


I say NO MORE - Tired of feeling tired and sluggish and soft.


Main Quest:

Like Steve tells us, "appearance is the consequence of fitness" - so I want to get fit and drop these excess pounds


Side Quests:

- I will strength train at least 3x a week

- I will walk at an agressive pace for at least a mile every day

- I will have at least one vegetable with every meal


Life Quest:

I will make it a priority to take care of myself - that means brushing and flossing every night and washing my face (no falling asleep reading with a glass of wine!)


I've tried the challenges in the past, but got burned out too quickly.  This feels very approachable for me as far as a sustainable challenge.  I look forward to going through this with you guys!

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Hi Jill,


I've also had difficulty keeping up with challenges. I feel that this is more doable and I like that it's over the span of six weeks. It feels a lot better than a year. I love how your goals are easily trackable and are not tremendously over the top. My goal is also to strength train 3x a week. We're in this together! 

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Fellow accountant here (I've actually taken the first step in starting my own business this challenge) and I know the consequences of a sedentary life.  I'm sure you'll get back up to speed again in no time at all :D


You might notice that I've added tags onto your thread.  This is not to pigeonhole you into a specific guild, but rather to attract the attention of the guild ambassadors because of your lifestyle or a grouping of goals, so that they might be able to motivate, encourage and advise you of anything during your challenge with us.  You don't even need to wait for them, you're welcome to pop into the Scouts and/or the Rangers to say hi and introduce yourself and to see what they're about. Also you are more than welcome to drop me a line at any time if you need anything.


Good luck

AB xx

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Yum!  I'm making a stew and roasting some chicken thighs for random protein.  I used to have a major mental block about eggs and not really be able to tolerate them in the mornings.  I have only recently been able to enjoy scrambled eggs in the morning.  Hard boiled and runny yolks are going to be the next hurdle to clear :)

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 Week One - NordicGiraffe gets SMART


  1. Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)?  Is it reasonable?  I believe my quest is reasonable.  I have a number of pounds I would like to drop that is not excessive and more than that, I would like to move toward increased fitness: move faster, lift heavier, compare body measurements throughout the challenge.

  2. Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Do your quests have sub-quests or is it just one thing to focus on? My quests definitely build toward my main quest in very approachable ways.  In the past I have taken on too much and get frustrated and give up.  I have been trying to go further than my stated goals (not just eat a vegetable but limit sugar/grains, add in running as time permits), but for this quest, I wanted my baseline to be easy to accomplish and the biggest challenge being to just do it.  No real subquests with quests - just get it done.

  3. Are your main goals realistic? Can you scale them to smaller steps to fit your life better, even if it will make it take a little longer to achieve them?  I feel like my main goal is realistic.  It might be a little wishy-washy ("get fitter"), but I didn't want my success or failure tied to the scale when there are so many other ways to be improving.  Main goal may evolve, but it felt good for a first challenge.

  4. Are your goals able to be measured and tracked?  What will you use to track them?  I made an Excel spreadsheet with each goal and the date and it gets a Yes or No as to whether it was accomplished that day.

  5. How are you grading your goals?  Are they pass/fail (“every dayâ€, “not even once over the six weeksâ€)?  Is there a reward for the effort, or are you only grading yourself on whether or not you “lose the weight†or “run the distanceâ€?  It is a straight Yes or No, and final grading is a percentage of completion.

  6. What is your plan for continuing/altering/grading those goals if you become ill or injured?  Diet should be able to continue regardless of circumstances.  Unless some major illness or injury occurs, walking should be within my abilities.  If I were to get injured, I would adapt the weight training to continue without aggravating any condition.

  7. Did you take into consideration any special occasions (Labour Day, Independence Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc) that may occur during the challenge?  What modifications do you need to build into your goals for those?  I knew that this was not the best time to start a huge major life change (holidays, heavy rehearsal schedule through Christmas) so I made my base goals simple enough that it shouldn't take a huge amount of my time even when things get busy and I could still enjoy in holiday meals without feeling deprived.

  8. Do any of your main goals conflict with each other? Will one goal make it hard to do another?  I feel as though my goals compliment each other toward my overall goal

  9. Do you already have the time in your schedule to actually complete the goals you’ve set?  If not, what are you planning to do to make time for them?  I have been scheduling in my workouts at least a few days ahead of time before I have an excuse not to do them.

  10. Are you trying to build multiple habits, or is all your energy focused on your main quest?  Both?  I am building multiple habits that are encouraging my main quest.

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hi Jill, just swinging by from the Rangers Guild to say hi and see how you're getting on


And I see you're kicking ass!


It really resonated with me when you said your body isn't as powerful as it used to be - I'm in that boat to - kinda feels like your trapped in someone elses body sometimes doesn't it?


With you fantastic goals and great start to this challenge I am sure it won't be long until you are more powerful than ever before

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Hi Gang - still going strong!  Haven't been able to check into the forums as much as I would like due to 16 hour days at jobs (!!!), but the words of encouragement are super helpful.  It's been a good week on diet, and been keeping on with strength, though not pushing myself too far as I'm compromising on my sleep quite a bit.  This challenge for committing to basic goals and following through - next challenge for getting some serious work done when I have the time to commit to both training and recovery.  More details during my weekly check in this weekend, but just wanted to wave a flag saying "I'm not dead yet!!"

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Walk Everyday:  91% successful

Strength Training Every Other Day:  100% successful

Vegetable Every Meal: 84% successful (up from 78%)

Life Goal:  91% successful


Weight: Down 4.6 pounds

Other cool stuff:  Waist down 1", hips down 1"


This week was hectic, so instead of doing the dumbbell routine I had been doing, I was doing bodywork exercises sprinkled throughout the day.  Focused this week on diet particularly, since I was going to be so busy and knew that good food would be good fuel.


For next week: Hit exercise a little harder since I have the time, keep up with diet focus, try not to let Thanksgiving's (moderate) indulgences throw me off track.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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