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NordicGiraffe Gets Up and Tries Again

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Walk Everyday: 89% successful

Strength Training Every Other Day:  78% successful

Vegetable Every Meal:  75% successful

Life Goal: 91% successful


Weight:  up 2 pounds

Other measurements basically the same


Rough week this week - I was sick for several days and could have eaten better while I was missing my workouts.  Plus, you know, Thanksgiving. 


SO! Back on track today - ready to go into the weekend kicking butt


How was your week??

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First long run for my marathon training program today.  Got up early since I have a busy day today and was out on the local trail by 7:00.  What an amazing way to start the day - my headlamp and occasional street lights to light the way, soft falling snow, hardly anyone out on the trails, quality audio book listening time, my water getting slushy in my waist pack.  Even with my studs, the slight accumulation of snow made it pretty dang slow, but really, that's what you want on your first long run back.  8 miles this morning and I feel great - probably be driving everyone nuts with my resulting runner's high all day long!

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Allocating Stat Points:


Strength Train:+2 STR, +1 DEX

Walk a Mile: +2 STA

Vegetable at Each Meal: +3 CON

Life Goal: +1 CHA, +1 WIS


Mid Challenge Summary:

Strength Train: 90% (+2 STR, +1 DEX)

Walk a Mile: 80% (+1.5 STA)

Vegetable at Each Meal: 78% (+ 2.25 CON)

Life Goal: 91% (+1 CHA, +1 WIS)


Awarded +1 CON in last week's challenge

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Friday Check In:


Walk Every Day: 96%

Strength Train: 82%

Vegetable Every Meal: 76%

Life Goal: 92%


Measurements:  Have been disheartened by the fact that my weight is right about the same as when I started the challenge.  All week was feeling a bit defeated - why work so hard and deny myself when the scale isn't moving (even though workouts are going well and I'm feeling better - vain, I know)


When I measured myself today, found I've lost 2" off my chest (sigh - always the first to go!), 1" off my waist, 1.5" off my hips, 1" off each thigh, and added 0.5" to each bicep - NICE!


Still hoping that eventually the scale will start to move a bit, but it certainly perked me up this morning!

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Hope you've had a great week! One more to go. Sounds like you are a little frustrated with the scale bouncing around, but I think that's pretty normal. Do you weigh yourself just once a week? Do you always do it at the same time of day?


I've started tracking the three-day average of my weight rather than just single measurements. It helps filter out some of the short-term fluctuation.

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Rough week!  No real movement on the scale or the measurements - which is not surprising as I have not worked out and have been eating pretty randomly.  I am hanging onto this challenge by my fingernails.  The only thing keeping me from completely giving into eating whatever I want though, is the thought of the work I have done so far.  So I try to get at least one good meal a day instead of going through Taco Bell, go for a five minute walk instead of getting a candy bar, bust out 10 pushups instead of just sitting right down.


Yeah, disappointed, but I knew going into this that the last half of the challenge was heading into an incredibly busy time of the year for me (I am home and conscious for about 60 minutes a day - mostly dominated by caring for pets and actually seeing my husband occasionally) - but I am surprised at how knowing this challenge is out here has affected my behavior even when it is far from ideal.  Hoping to hold on through the end of the year and really excited for having time again to cook clean foods and get back to my work outs.  Shocking how you feel crappy when you do them and then eventually you feel crappy when you don't!

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The last week was messy and hectic.  My show had 8 hour tech days on top of regular work days and new habits were mostly (but not entirely) set aside. Disappointing but I knew going into this challenge the last half was going to be rough and I didn't want to wait until the next challenge to start.  So, yeah - excited to have the time to dedicate to my new challenge in 2015 with the Rangers.  Hope everyone had a great challenge and a wonderful holiday season!

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