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I have a question million questions :)


I joined 3 weeks in, and have just started to settle into a bit of momentum with what I'm doing. Ultimately I feel like an Assassin (now there's something I never thought I'd say), but my goals are strength related, and I'm going to keep battering away at them over the 'party season' (I work through this time of year so not really bothered about it).


Do I go to the assassins? Do I go to the warriors? Do I stay here because I joined in late? And do I do it when the next challenge starts, or when this one finishes?


Sorry for all the questions! :)


Actually, ignore all that, I know where I want to go, so I shall go there! CONFIDENCE! ;)

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Jumping in late to respond, and I see you already decided to join the Assassins, too.  Good for you!  But I wanted to say that your class isn't set in stone, once you make a decision.  Maybe you would like to try a different class each 6WC, and that's perfectly okay in this community.  Most long-time mebers would rather have you see which group feels like it fits your personality the best.  And even then-- we grow, we change, our goals aren't static.  Neither are our interests.  So as your life and your workout interests expand, maybe allow your class to change along with it.  Since the friends you make here can follow you whichever class you go to next, you don't lose anything by changing classes at the end of a challenge. That's the only caveat, though:  you can't change classes in the midst of a challenge. 

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