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Teas' 60 Day "Insanity" Challenge


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I just got my hands on "insanity" a 60 day DVD workout program.

Now I don't know how well recieved this will be by you all, because I don't know if they're looked down upon by the community. But it's hopefull something that can hold my intrest and develop more explosive power by the end.

Anywho, I shall be starting the program on Monday, they consist of 6 days workout a week, a nutrition guide (which I wont need, I eat well enough as it is) and varous other bits an bobs.

I'll be logging my efforts, and this is a first for me and hopefully I will find feedback useful.

Keep you posted.

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i can tell you what i've experienced with insanity...i did it for 23 days...then i shreded my ankle and that put a stop to insanity

now, i don't think i'll ever go back to more than maybe doing 1 program ('pure cardio' to be exact) once in a blue moon for my "sprint" day to get the heartrate up into the 160s-180s

but, regardless of my position, be ready to do more cardio than you've (probably) ever done before...go at your own pace and take breaks when you need to take a break...don't try to keep up with ShaunT

you'll soon see the people on screen gassing (is that a word?) out all over the place

best of luck to ya!


ps: when ShaunT says "i'm afraid for what's to come next" then you can be afraid too...lol

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